Neck Pimple Pop

Looks like a badly ingrown hair or an old blackhead. Pretty deep, too!


RUNTIME: 1min 01sec

TITLE: “Neck Pimple Pop”
YT INFO: Posted by PayPahChasa on April 12, 2013.

11 Comments on “Neck Pimple Pop

  1. Cochore, you’re back!! I am happy to see a new post from you. There’s goop left in there, so I wonder if they’ll make a sequel.

  2. I demand a sequel!

  3. I want a squeesequel! That was a great post, thanks!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      A “squeesequel” Hahahahahaha………………. excellent tamara!

  4. Great start for the morning!!!
    Excellent find Cochore and Welcome Back!!!

  5. I agree with you, Cochore. I think that was a deep, deep old blackhead. It was slow to move but had a lot to give. I appreciated the camera operator’s great close-up shots!

    I too hope for a Part II, if not a Parts III & IV!! (A gal can dream, right?)

    Thanks for this thick-pus-pop find. Good to see you around these hallowed zitty halls again, my friend!

  6. Not with the nails!! You, bad woman :(

  7. OHH! Why couldn’t they have shown the whole thing? I was just starting to relax and enjoy myself when it just abruptly ended! Damn! I want to see the WHOLE thing!!

  8. thought i saw sumting on side his face :)

  9. OOOHHh!! I almost skipped this video. So glad I saw it. SOO much more came out than what I had expected. Thank you!!

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