Little Zit, Big Pus

I love surprises.
Do you love surprises?
I bet you do.
I love zits.
I don’t even have to ask if you love them, because if you are reading this, it is what’s called a “No Brainer.”
That is no disrespect to you.
We all have brains.
Big, pimple popping, zit squeezing, cyst lancing, pus exploding lovin’ brains.
I love surprises.
Here is one!
:) TGIF, Cysters and Blisters!

“My 9 year old had a place come up on his leg and watch what comes out of it”

RUNTIME: 0min 54sec

TITLE: “Biggest zit”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 13,2013 by micah hammons

21 Comments on “Little Zit, Big Pus

  1. What fun that was! Both the Mom and the little (boy?) were amazed at the amount of pus to come out. Wish they had filmed a bit longer.
    Nice find Poppintime.

  2. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    Hysterical conversation: mama you ain’t gonna put it on YouTube are ya? I might. But we’re talkin! Stop talkin!

    Nice plop!

    Plethora of goodies today, yeeeeeeeeeeHAW!

    Aye chihuahua!

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Hahahaha…………… kids

  4. poppintime, I want more!! That one looked like it could keep going for quite a bit longer! Thanks for the great post.

  5. Pop goes the zit! But i think it’s more like a abcess or a infected ingrown hair.
    But that pop, the reactions and excellent video makes this a keeper for a long time.

  6. Classic mother and child conversation and zit popping!!!
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

  7. GreenGoober says:

    That’s what we called a a riseon. Anybody heard that old fashion term?

    1. jordan1870 says:

      Yes!!! When I was young, my best friend (who also lived next door) used to get risons all of the time! I used to watch her Mom pop them even back then! Guess my obsession with popping started long, long ago…. lol

  8. Shhhhh… Ya’ll be quiet now! No talkin’!!

    With all the screaming and cursing we hear on this site… this was a nice surprise!

    Loved it!

  9. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    As they say, good things come in small packages!

    Good one poppintime!!!

  10. diamondgirl says:

    Great find poppintime!! The little kid was a hoot! His little gag was authentic, he just couldn’t help himself! It surprises me at how universal these things are. Any culture/language barrier is knocked down when we come together to pop these things! I do hope she follows up with the doc. This was very red and angry looking and MRSA/staph infections are way to common these days. Just best for the kiddo to have it looked at more!!

    1. so true. the first popping vid i ever watched was done by a friend in chile. i didn’t understand much but that was what got me into popping. its pretty universal i would say.

  11. Aye, momma, that stings like crap! I love this kid!

    1. Kid had me rolling…

    2. pashion4popin says:

      he said it STINKS LIKE CRAP, not stings lol!

  12. unclelarry says:

    Nice popper. :)

  13. populationcontrol says:

    Awww, I wish that video would have lasted longer. There was probably still a lot of pus to be drawn out.

  14. The kids got more sense then the mother.

  15. LOL love the things kids say! “We aren’t puttin this on youtube?…” “But we’re talking!” poor kid is being used for mothers sick obsession, and for that, we thank you

  16. great video!!

  17. comedoness says:

    Another great moment in ‘pus releasing’!

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