*EXTENDED* Squeeze of 3 yr old Back Cyst!!!!

Even though it isn’t a complete procedure, for a DIY it is well done, well filmed, and quite the payload for a first round of squeezing!!! Worthy share, enjoy!

UPDATE!!!! Complete Procedure!!!! YAY!!!!! Enjoy

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*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
PTZ Does Not Recommend DIY Medical Treatment of Any Kind
As a Substitute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

“Got bored and decided to have my roommate open a cyst on my back ive had for 3 years”

RUNTIME: 8min 42sec

TITLE: “Popped cyst” now “Extended cyst popping”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 20,2013 and Apr 21,2013 by Mitch Gentry

17 Comments on “*EXTENDED* Squeeze of 3 yr old Back Cyst!!!!

  1. Oh, such a tease!! :) Of course, I’m hoping there will be a part 2.

    The popper was doing a great job: the cut was slow but deliberate and most importantly, actually cut into the cyst! So much better than the short, hesitant cuts that don’t puncture the skin and cause the poppee extra pain. And then a nice, tough squeeze. I bet the rest of this pop was very well done. Cameraperson was doing a steady, focused job too!

    Rose, this was a short but very sweet treat. Like a fun sized candy bar. Hope there’s more to come, but either way, thanks for this little bit of fun!

  2. Just the kind I like….MORE, MORE, MORE, please!!

    1. Well they answered our reguests !! I Love it when they do that. Great video. And the guy that was doing the surgery, he was definately skilled. My guess he must have some medical experience. He was very good and percise. Got the sack out clean and efficiently. This should be the teaching video for all DIY poppers. It was that good, in my opinion. Thanks for submitting the entire video guys. Loved it.

  3. C’mon Man!!! We’re all on the edge of our seats!!! Show us the rest of the procedure!!!
    Classic find Rose!!!

    1. Happy Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!!!

  4. unclelarry says:

    The kid actually did a pretty good job. Knew to get the sac, knew how to numb the skin, shoot, I’ll call him next week for an appointment. Thanks Rose! Awesome find.

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    We have seen pros that didn’t do as well as this guy did………

  6. I wonder what the professional risks are for a medical professional that does a home cyst extraction for a buddy, posts it on YouTube and their boss or someone else at their workplace sees it and then reports them. Would their job or license be on the line? Or are they free to do free medicine for friends and family members as long as it’s on their own time and they are using their own supplies?

    Lou-Pus is curious…

    1. me double qurious….

    2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Although this doesn’t directly answer your question in the way you phrased it, the following is interesting reading on the subject of helping others and the legal position if doing so.


      Laws regarding your question vary state by state.
      Although lidocaine is fairly easy to obtain, it is still a prescription only substance in my neck of the woods.

    3. I think it might be hard to really prove who it was. I didnt hear any names being said and they didnt show any faces. It there are any legal problems regarding this…it would be hard to prove just who was doing the surgery. At least, I think so.

  7. I actually think that the “surgeon” is either a nurse, a med student or a vet tech. He is definitely in some medical based profession. First of all he said that he wondered why he was doing this and replied to himself “because I can”. Secondly, he had all the correct equipment to do the job properly. Also, when he prepared the cyst for removal, the method that he used to cleanse it, was “text book” perfect – from any medical or nursing book. Our young man did an excellent job and, if indeed he is a med student, he has a great career ahead of him. This was definitely a job well done.

  8. The sac was bigger than the contents!

  9. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    This is GREAT! Thanks Rose!

    But what the hell is that tattoo? Wolf man unfinished?

    Fav kind of gack – fluffy white with great big capsule!

  10. Finally, someone who knew what he was doing! Great pop!

  11. Well done!!!!

  12. This is what makes PTZ great! – Zit surgery in someone’s living room :)

    No exploitation – just pure fun!

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