A Cyst as Big as My Chinny Chin-Chin!

Wow, this cyst is about the same size as the patient’s chin! Quick and efficient removal, just wish he could have popped it for us.

(Yes, unfortunately, popping was not an option if you listen to his dialogue in the video. Excellent vid regardless, really, really excellent, many thanks b-headmong.! ~ H.S.)

**** WARNING! ****
Surgical Removal of Sebaceous Cyst
May Involve Blood or Other Disturbing Material
Viewer Discretion Is Advised
**** WARNING! ****

“This video shows you a sebaceous cyst excision from chin… the area is first cleaned with betadine… Local anesthesia is infiltrated around the swelling and then elliptical incision is made and cyst is taken out with the sac. The suture applied here is subcuticular suture. Thanks to the Doctor who let me record and upload this video.”

RUNTIME: 3min 25sec

TITLE: “Huge Sebaceous cyst Excision from Chin”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 24,2013 by Vinod Mishra

25 Comments on “A Cyst as Big as My Chinny Chin-Chin!

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Pop that pirogi for us……

  2. WOW!! Talk about a double chin. LOL
    It would have been cool if the Dr popped the cyst after it was removed. Oh well, we still got to watch a cool cyst removal.
    Nice find Blackheadmonger.

  3. Oh I would have squeezed it silly before it could grow that large! Wow what a hole in the chin it left!

    1. Zit Obsessed says:

      To NMGAPAOH: You and me both! There would be no reason to go to the doctor because it would have been taken care of way before it got to that size!

    2. yankeedoodlepus says:

      add me to the “never woulda got that big on my body” team.

  4. Ladypusstulence says:

    Well done indeed. I don’t know how people let these things get that big on their faces! Something bigger than the size of a small dot and I am like GET IT OUT! Lucky for us there are people who let stuff fester and then film it eh?

  5. Dang!!! That’s the second time today I’ve been disappointed by a doctor!!!
    Excellent find BHMonger!!!

  6. justsqueezit says:

    Ooooooh, the meaness! Squeezess it!

  7. That sure left one big crater there…the doctor was very skilled. Closed it up very good. Yes I too, would like to see them squeezed. But they cant always be that way I guess..Thanks for posting.

    1. WOW…that left a huge crater! The doctor stitched it up really nice. Good find! I can’t imagine carrying that on my face for the time it took to get that big.

  8. Surpised she didn’t decide to have a shave before the op.

  9. Not so good!!! I wanted to see cheese!!!

  10. What an amazing find, blackheadmonger! I felt like I was witnessing a birth….

  11. That ended up being a beautiful job. I prefer a smaller elliptical incision, but given the overall size of the cyst and the stretch of the skin and therefore the excess of it, it was a stunning result.

    I do not like those type of cloth drapes, those little fibers can reek havoc if they get in the wound, no matter if they are sterile, the 1% – 5% of us that get granulomas from even the tiniest of foreign bodies. In this case it would ruin an outstanding plastics job.

    Great find blackheadmonger!

    1. Great find blackheadmonger! Ummm, I am very sorry if I offend, but I am certain that blanket is full of nasty germs. Why in the world would a doctor wrap up someone in surgery with a blanket such as this? What about the white sheet..Or white towels? Nope, the blanket is a horrific mistake.

  12. Janice Cox says:

    I kept whispering “Squeeeeze iiiiitt!” LOL But definitely better for the patient’s healing to do it the doc’s way. Very enjoyable.

  13. I know that the way the Dr removed the cyst was text book but admit it,
    it would have been much more fun to punch a small opening and then do the good old four finger squeeze on that fat chin cheese bag and watch the fountain of cheese explode into the air.


    If only the doc had removed it
    In the way that we would have choosed – it
    Would have made us all smile
    As big as a mile
    But the patient, she may have “losed” it.

    1. How about
      A woman with a beautiful chin,
      Grew a lump when a cyst moved in,
      The surgeon resected,
      But escewed to dissect it,
      Which made Popthatzitters most grim!

      1. pusareus says:

        Corklee: That was terrific. Far better than most drivel that I turn out. A couple of years ago, I was writing quite a number of limericks and many of them were pretty good (if I say so myself). Lately, I get an idea in my head and even if I don’t like it, I cannot seem to find a way to change it. I believe I shall start call it “limericist’s block). Keep up your good work. We love humor around here.

  15. Cut open the cyst next time….dieing to see whats inside.

    1. zittylover says:

      rahhh these doctors….. understand nothing :)

  16. zittylover says:

    it just enough to make a small hole quite simply! :)

  17. that would have been a do it yourself cyst, ,, much funner!!!


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