Why Mangoworms Must Be Removed!

Gone To The Dogs! Video 2!
(keep watching all week for more doggone videos!)

A question that has crossed all of our minds probably at one time or another… what if a Mangoworm gets left in? Well, usually they will exit on their own when large enough, but if one gets burst yet not extracted… not good, as you will see.

Be warned, my sensitive Cysters and Blisters, although this pup is sedated for a pain free experience, it is still a difficult video for tender hearts to watch. Remember, we care about your emotional needs, too! :) And hurrah yet again to Vet Clinic Gambia for helping another pup in need!!! Such a devoted team they have!!!

***** WARNING!! *****
Graphic Animal Surgery!!
Sensitive Members, Please Consider Carefully…
Viewer Discretion Is Advised!
***** WARNING!! ******

“Some owners don’t manage to squeeze out Mangoworms but let them burst inside the skin.
Unfortunately dead Mangoworms inside a dog cause abscesses. Some can be quite big and nasty.

RUNTIME: 0min 47sec

TITLE: “Mangoworm abscess in a puppy – not for viewers with a fear of pus…”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 12,2013 by VetClinicGambia

14 Comments on “Why Mangoworms Must Be Removed!

  1. Wow such a lot of pus from such a small mate

  2. 3cysterscafe says:

    GASP! I was simply shocked seeing this! I truly was not expecting so much to come out of that little puppy! Thanks Poppintime!

  3. aaahhh poor puppy. I have watched several videos made by vet Clinic Gambia. Their first concern is always about the animal in need.
    Good find poppintime. :)

  4. Poor, poor, poor little guy having those nasty worms pops under the skin!!! Squeezing those nasties are more preferable to allowing them to turn into large amounts of pus. I hope the little guy (or girl) is up and running around worm free!!! I pray someone finds eradiicate tyoe eps

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Note to self…………. Never vacation in Gambia.

    1. justsqueezit says:

      Unless wrapped head to toe in saran wrap

  6. poppintime, it looks like there was still more to come…It’s so sad. Do these nasties turn into flies like the botfly larva?

  7. Poor Puppy!!!
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

  8. After watching this, I gave my own pooch some treats and a great big hug. I hope the doggie feels better.

  9. I wish I could be there at the vet clinic in gambia just for the sole purpose of popping out the mango worms!!

  10. I called my cats over to cuddle after watching this. I love them so much.

  11. Zit Obsessed says:

    I had never even heard of a mangoworm. Poor pup.

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