Pup Pus Explosion!

Gone To The Dogs! Video 3!
(keep watching all week and beyond for more doggone videos!)

***** WARNING!! *****
Graphic Animal Pus!!
Sensitive Members, Please Consider Carefully…
Viewer Discretion Is Advised!
***** WARNING!! ******

Its looking gross, looking gross, squeeze… squeeze a bit more… a little bit mo… KA-POW!


Aren’t you consistently amazed by the sheer patience and calm nature of these dogs and other animals? If I were a dog, one squeeze and those fingers would be scooby-snackified! (I love you, my fur fur sweeties!!! I really really do!!!! Don’t sback on mommy’s fingers, please?) Smile, my friends, and give your dog or pet of your choice a big hug!

“Dog back being popped horrible cyst nearly hitting the camera”

RUNTIME: 1min 17sec

TITLE: “cyst explosion on dogs back”
YT INFO: Published on Dec 20, 2012 by matthewbarton180

17 Comments on “Pup Pus Explosion!

  1. I don’t think either of my canine babies would sit still for me like that. I have 2 chihuahuas, mother and son, and both are big babies. LOL

    I think when a dog is that calm it shows how trusting he/she is of it’s human pet.
    Nice find Poppintime!

    1. @Twinz
      I have a little Chihuahua too! I don’t think he would sit still either. I would have to get a doggie Straight Jacket ;)

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    That loaded weapon went off on to someone……………..

  3. That was some old lookin’ pus in that poor puppy!!!
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

  4. Whoooooohooooo doin the exploding zit dance! That was THE BEST zippedy doodah baby! Love them pus rockets! Fur baby sooooo calm, love it!

    Yeeeeeeehawwwwwww aye chihuahua mama!

    Thank poppintime, you kick *ss!

  5. Pudgy, yer cyst made squilchy sounds! Ohhhhhh pudgy! Luv ya, pudge!

  6. poppintime, terrific find as always!! Apparently, dogs handle pain better than old poppy here….

    1. Your so sweet @popfiend ;) Thank you for all of your nice comments!

  7. unclelarry says:

    Nice little pop from a well behaved pooch to start the day. Thanks poppintime.

  8. pussbuster says:

    All I could think of is, last night I tried to cut my cats nails.
    I got five nails done before he went from being annoyed, to seriously pissed off and ready to slice me up so I better let go.
    I’ll try to do the other front paw today, I won’t even attempt to do his back feet.
    Dogs are great.

  9. Great post, Poppintime! Wonderful Pudgy! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pet owner or even a Vet go after a cyst sac in a loving pet. Are their cysts different from ours; do they just grow back if the “sac” isn’t removed? Just wondering.
    Thank you, Poppintime.

  10. Loved the little explosion :)

  11. What a sound effect! How can this only be a 3/5?!?!?

  12. Hope it squirted right in the guys eye for being so irresponsible to do this in such an unhygenic manner to a helpless animal.

  13. Zit Obsessed says:

    I believe from the narration, that “Pudgie” is the name of the dog.
    Poor Pudgie – but he or she is very well-behaved.
    I would hope the owner would take the pus-ball off of the dog after the explosion. One would think.

  14. I think the behavior of the dog has a lot to do with the breed. My sister has a lab and a dachshund. The lab will allow anything and the dachshund will yelp/squeal sometimes just because she was picked up. Our other dachshunds have all been the same way…

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