Popping a Back Boil, Pimple, Cyst… PUS!

Nice amount of pus squeezed from what might be a deeper cyst in the neck. They termed it a boil… but it has pus, so its good!! You can see the cyst-like roundness when she gets her fingers underneath it – whoa! Decent popping technique! LOL! And you have to love the pretty pattern on the requisite paper towel used for DIY’s at home. :) Hey, all in fun when it is a good pop. And we have hopes of a sequel. How did they do it in Peter Pan? Clap your hands if you believe in sequels, Popologists!! hehehaha. Enjoy!!!

RUNTIME: 1min 58sec

TITLE: “Popping a big boil on the back! Pimple Poppin….”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 13,2013 by nicholas j

16 Comments on “Popping a Back Boil, Pimple, Cyst… PUS!

  1. This thing is gigunda. Needed NNPs (needle nosed pliers) for sure, industrial length! And Tada… a BIGGER HOLE!

  2. A small cut.

    A four-finger squeeze.

    Instant Mt St Helens. Just no lava, but rather cheese.

  3. yankeedoodlepus says:

    oh yeah- we ain’t seen the last of this.

  4. Ok Kids, I’m going to the kitchen to make sandwiches while we wait on part 2 for this vid!!! Name yer poison, chopped mutton or chopped pork!!!
    Excellent find Popfiend!!!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Mutton w/ Mayo please…………

    2. I’d like some chopped ham, please. Hold the cheese.

      And one of PTP’s weekly muffins, please.

  5. BigTull, how about cornbeef in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and thanks to all for the fun remarks!!

    1. That’s almost the best part, huh? I try to read those first, so informative and descriptive, but can’t be drinking anything or it may be shot out the nose with laughter…

      1. Deb: If I am not mistaken, you are not supposed to eat or drink anything for 8 hours prior to surgery. Whoops, its the patient who is supposed to do that. Sorry.

      2. The nose-spray has happened to me many times!!!!

  6. Snap, Crackle and Pop :)

  7. why don’t they ever finish…. there was a ton left…

  8. Popfiend, your introduction had me laughing. And I love your badge too.

    This was a lovely chunky full of goodness delightful cyst. Yea, I don’t think it’s a boil; I agree that it looks way more like a cyst. And what a cyst it is! Squeezing technique was great. Hopefully there will be a a sequel.
    Thanks for this great pop, Popfiend!

  9. sequels are great!!!!!!

    1. I agree, pokat70! Unlike the Hollywood redos and sequels, I always watch the parts II, III & IV of these beauties! Encore, encore!!

  10. Her squeezing technique was fair. I’d give her a 4 out of 10. You have to get UNDER the skin! Get a BIG chunk of the skin and put your fingers or nails up UNDER the skin and SQUEEZE!!! It’s SO frustrating when you see somebody doing something that you know can be done BETTER, but you have no control over it! It’s like, I wish I was there giving her instructions about how to to get the most pus possible out of a cyst!

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