Pimples and Cysts – Ultimate Top 10 Part 2

Pimples and Cysts – Ultimate Top 10 Part 2

The long awaited part 2, only best quality pops!

The first video can be found here: ‘PTZ’s Advent – Dec. 20th: “The Ultimate Top 10″’


…And ~ start thinking about your own 2012 Faves…. PTZ’s Top Video’s of 2012 Coming Soon to a Computer Screen in Front of You!

~~~ CAUTION! ~~~
This Video Contains Unusual Subject Material.
A Compilation of Many Different Pus Videos…
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
WBC & CWR, Thanks!
~~~ CAUTION! ~~~

“The long awaited part II of this great series.”

RUNTIME: 4min 10sec

TITLE: “Pimples and Cysts – The ultimate top 10 | Part II”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 21,2013 by PastorDrMartens

23 Comments on “Pimples and Cysts – Ultimate Top 10 Part 2

  1. that…was…amazing…i want to go watch each of those videos individually now!!!!! i love it.

  2. Coincidentally, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor happened to come on my MP3 player just as I started watching this video. Perfect companion song (and actually fit the timing of the video almost exactly)

    Great compilation… I hadn’t seen a couple of these before.

  3. I like the compilation but I think #2 and #3 are not real. Both have weird edges around the pimple and the person(s) squeezing keeps moving their hand to cover most of the pimple. I could be wrong, I am new here, but 2 and 3 look fake to me.

    1. I rewatched the video and those 2 were done by docs and deff aren’t fake

  4. hmmmm i appreciate all the effort and hard work put in finding these and editing them but i think you really missed some great ones but hey its all in good faith!!!! thanks for the post!!!

  5. I love the compilation vids!!! They get to the meat of the matter!!!
    Classic post/find Franz!!!

  6. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Each one a 5 Star winner to be sure!
    My favorite was number…

  7. Franz, this a super compilation. Thanks so much for getting it for us.

  8. unclelarry says:

    **Standing Ovation** Bravo! Well done!!

  9. Aye aye aye super chihuahua! Fookin brilliant Franz! Adore these compilations, down to the nitty gritty YOWZA!

    Love the last line of #1-small pus and some blood HAHA that was NOT small!

    Takes me at least 5 minutes to scroll through my favorites list!

  10. Oops he said “pus along with small blood” hahaha understatement of the century!

  11. wondernurse says:

    Whoop whoop!!! These were awesome!!!! Thank you Franz for the killer post!!! Love them all!

  12. this video made my saturday!!! tyty 5 stars!!!

  13. austinclaire says:

    I had just finished watching a music video, so had my volume turned up when I started this (fairly rare for me) and so had an earful of the women screaming “Oh my God! AAAAAAHH!” at #9. I did get a good chuckle out of the guy who then responded, “*That’s* nothing.”

    A nice squirt, for sure, but nothing worth screaming over. Then again, we all know what a lot of these videos are like- so, volume alert! There be screamers here (at least two I heard of- I promptly cranked my volume down so don’t know if anyone else screamed or not. But Iwouldn’t be surprised if they did.)

  14. austinclaire says:

    Aside from the screamers it was a good video, with mostly good technique & some awesome payloads. They did get some nice distance on #9 (I do love shooters!), a very satisfying mirror squirt, and then.. well, #1 as mentioned was not just a little bit of pus & blood! I particularly want to go back & rewatch the toothpaste one.

    Thank you for another great vid!

  15. Great compilation!!!

  16. Christina Otani says:

    OMG, absolutely amazing! Where can I find #2 and #1 on YouTube?? Should I just search the names on the video?

    1. At the bottom of each post (after Jan 2011 that is, before that it was not a required feature) you will find the original title as found on YouTube, and the YT Username of the original poster. Should help you look them up. But just an FYI – sometimes users will change the name on YouTube, plus recently YouTube offered that people could change their usernames to their real names… so it has made for some confusion and difficulty in locating vids. Even though that is not common, I thought I’d include it. :) Good luck!!!

      ~ H.S.

  17. Letterman ain’t got nothin’ on this list! :D

    Delightful post, Franz! Thank you for sharing it. A good compilation is the best of thing when you need a fix but you’re short on time. Love it.

  18. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    Blood lake gawwwwwwwd awesome!

    1. Wonder what Dr. Y has to say about the new Georgia Pus River Gorge?

  19. The tattoo plug was totally….awesome!! I love the plugs!! Is that wrong?

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