Pigeon Pus

***** WARNING!! *****
Graphic Animal Surgery!!
Sensitive Members, Please Consider Carefully…
Viewer Discretion Is Advised!
***** WARNING!! ******

Yes, that is right. Pigeon… pus… birds get cysts, the most common are feather cysts. Most of the ones we have seen removed contain a very hard, chunky and kinda crumbly type of pus. However, this is more of the standard yellow lemon pie filling consistency, so it made for an even more interesting watch. Remember, my Blisters and Cysters, this is an animal, so please, for my sensitive co-popologists, think carefully before watching! Otherwise, may you learn and enjoy!!!!

“REMOVING GREASE cyst in the head of a pigeon.”

RUNTIME: 0min 46sec

YT INFO: Published on Aug 11,2012 by Fco. Javier Serrano Rodriguez

17 Comments on “Pigeon Pus

  1. 3cysterscafe says:

    That poor pigeon! It looked like mustard, eww! I’m glad those guys were able to help the bird and it didn’t seem disturbed at all! Thanks for sharing and posting Poppintime! That’s my girl!

  2. Wow looked great! Looked like a nice wad of chunky pus on the beak too, but I know it wasn’t…I can dream, can’t I heh heh heh

    1. Sounds like a good idea for an off shoot of “Where’s Waldo?”

      Whatever could the find the pus in the picture game be called?

  3. Tater Face says:

    So that’s where nacho cheese comes from.

    1. It’s “nachos his cheese” any longer :)

  4. That was very disturbing. I hope the pigeon survives.

  5. unclelarry says:

    Wow. All creatures great and small seem to get cysts. Nice, thick payload. Thanks Poppintime. Excellent post.

  6. And everything gets a cyst on the back of the neck or head!!!
    Betcha that bird had been eating Cheetos at the park!!!
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

  7. Thanks for posting, poppintime! This shows how all critters, even pigeons, have the right to a healthy life…just not so healthy on my car…

    1. The pus looks like some of the “presents” that they leave on cars :)

  8. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    That was about the size of a KFC chicken…. with gravy.

  9. Popamatic says:

    Good pop. I think the bird is an African Grey (Parrot) My sister has one that looks identical but swears like a sailor. BTW it’s about a 1500.00 bird he is popping on. I am from Chicago. We have pigeons everywhere and the last place I’d expect to find one here is being cared for.

  10. WOW! the pigeon has a personal dermatologist :)

    It sounded like the man said “ewwww” when the cyst was opened.

  11. justsqueezit says:

    Just a thought – ya know when they dart animals in the wild to do cares, get samples/measurements.etc – after the animals wake up all disoriented, do they think that they have had the equivalent of our alien abductions? Do they tell the others in the herd, “Really, George, I was abducted! There was a pain in my side, then I got all dizzy and passed out. When I woke up, I KNOW I was prodded, poked, and look! They put an implant on me so they can abduct me again!”

    1. pussbuster says:

      That’s funny.

  12. Eewwww thats disgusting

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