Nasty Earwax Crumbles 2

And now, the second ear!!!! Still wondering if you can hear me? Hello? Hello? How ya doing? LOL!


YT Commentary:
“Dr.Popov removes ear wax from another patients ear. There is a lot build up. Proper removal should be performed often.”

RUNTIME: 2min 34sec

TITLE: “Lots of ear wax from an ear”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 19, 2013 by zejono

8 Comments on “Nasty Earwax Crumbles 2

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Scrambled egg storage port?

  2. 3cysterscafe says:

    I’m always amazed at what our bodies can produce. Out of all of it, ear wax has got to be the most vial and disgusting of everything! Yuk!
    Well, maybe not the worst but it ranks right up there! Oops, I mean “rates” right up there! Although, it is pretty rank!
    Thanks Diamondgirl!

    1. I agree. Ear wax, snot and boogers are three things that can make me hurl. You would think that after years of doing home daycare, 2 kids of my own and 5 grandkids that snot/boogies wouldn’t bother me but it still does.

  3. Well, did anyone noticed one thing?
    Where is the fuse? This wax is great for a candle.

    How romantic; a nice dinner for two with candlelight.
    Fresh from the ear!
    Uhhh, honey! Cancel the restaurant, we are going to Mc Donalds!

  4. Not a pretty color, and better out than in, right? Thanks for the companion post, diamondgirl.

  5. How sad it built up to that extent :(. Wipe the scraper off, looked like some kept getting dragged back in :(

  6. It’s like bailing out a leaking boat with a coke spoon.

  7. Sadly, we Popologists will never get to see something like that on ourselves because we are too busy picking everything we find. I’m just amazed at how anyone could have earwax pushing out of their ear and not pick it. How does that happen?

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