Lancing a Huge Cyst

At first I thought it wasn’t real, but I was wrong!
The doc was just very fast.  A bit messy, but it got the job done.
Although the title relates it as a cyst… I think we are all thinking abscess.
Enjoy the gush!

~~~ WARNING! ~~~
Professional Surgical Drainage of Abscess
Gushing and Graphic Bloody Pus and Contents.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
~~~ WARNING! ~~~

RUNTIME: 1min 57sec

TITLE: “Lancing huge cyst”
YT INFO: Published on March 8,2013 by jacksontodd79

24 Comments on “Lancing a Huge Cyst

  1. WOW! That is a nice gush Masher! I agree is looks more like an abscess then a cyst. 5 stars for sure!

    1. wow… great explosion… thanks

  2. 3cysterscafe says:

    Wow! Nice squirting action with a lot of blood and pus!
    Thank you Mashe, great video!

  3. Good one! Did you hear that gurgle? I agree as well with abscess. That was too runny, bloody and brownish and one point to be a cyst.

    1. Wonder if laying on the side had anything to do with you fast it poured out of the incision.

      Doc didn’t look for a sac – agree it must have been an abscess.

      1. The gurgle was the best part of the whole video!!!
        Excellent find masher!!!

      2. mrtasteless says:

        What in god’s name were those black things coming out of that abscess? WTF? I’ve never seen a black loculation… What the heck were they? I wonder if those were foreign bodies which caused the problem to begin with. Also, the gurgle was hilarious and classic…

        Very interesting… I shall dub this “the wonder spigot.”

      3. @mrtasteless – the doctor said it was ‘serosanguine’ a mixture of blood clot and pus.

        Incredible the guy could sit down with that monster!!! OMG – what if it spontaneously ruptured on him while he was at work, home or shopping? I would be scared senseless to see my whole back side covered in blood and those huge black clots!

  4. Terrific post, masher… I admit I prefer the goop to be any color but blood red, but I recognize I can’t have everything my way!!

  5. That was so freaking cool! Huge gush with gross particles and tiny chunks mixed in with all that blood! Gurgling was an added bonus (hee hee)! What part of the body was that? Now, shouldn’t he be flushing that thing out before he packs it? I’m just curious and who knows, maybe he did and we just didn’t get to see that part. Anyway, I really like that one! Thanks for posting it!!!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      I say it was his right butt cheek.

      1. At one point, I saw the guy’s left arm and a plaid shirt. I’m thinking this was a pretty big man and the abscess is in the upper part of his left inner thigh. I all happened so fast…where have I heard that before?

    2. I thought it might be inner thigh???

  6. It gurgled.

    1. Yeah…it made me giggle a little.

  7. unclelarry says:

    Thar she blows! Wow! Nice abscess. Thanks Masher! Good one.

  8. Wowzies! It was talking (the gurgles) freakin awesome! Yeah can’t figure out location either, but nice fleshy place that’s for sure!

    Aye chihuahua Masher! ……applause…applause!

    Deb p

  9. it’s alive!! great squirter!! ty for posting!!

  10. John da costa says:

    AAARRRGGGHHHH..My Player wont play…Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

  11. That gurgling sound! It made my skin crawl, but like a car accident, I couldn’t stop watching. I think it was on his lower abdoman on the side.

  12. Too bloody and thin.

  13. cheezysqueeze says:

    I have no idea which body part, but the doctor reached under the swelling to squeeze the liquid out, so I’m more inclined to go with butt cheek for some reason. I was also annoyed that when he went for the loculations, he only poked in one direction (down) and not up, but no matter. that he was going to run the lab test on the stuff is my clue that this was an abscess and not a cyst.

  14. Where was the footman with his lump of gauze or bowl? Manners these days, I do say! We’d not have been allowed to just gush all over the place thither and yon in my day!

  15. Sounded like a drain unclogging….hard to tell where it was located at. Stomach???

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