How To Pick Up Chicks.

The doc is one of us.

(Well said!!! Thanks, masher!)

Surgical Procedure
Cyst Removal
May Contain Blood and / or
Other Disturbing Content
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

RUNTIME: 11min 02sec

TITLE: “Hot doctor gets his sac!!”
YT INFO: Published Jan 28, 2013 by Andrew Garchik

12 Comments on “How To Pick Up Chicks.

  1. Nice cyst but has the doctor ever used a scalpel before?

  2. I thought this was well-executed. Thanks for the post, masher.

  3. great removal!!

  4. Nice post Masher.
    Funny thing I was watching this same video on YT this afternoon. I like that the Dr is a potential PTZ fan. At first I was a big wary of her scalpel use, but once I saw her remove the cyst all in one piece I realized her technique was not to slice to deep as to puncture the cyst.

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Both the Dr. and the cyst sac were as cute as a button……

  6. Sweet job Doc!!!
    Excellent find masher!!!

  7. no need to be sorry you did great.

  8. It’s like ‘Jersey Shore’ meets ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on PTZ.

  9. That was one angry looking cyst!

  10. Fun to watch, fun to listen! Someone get hold of the doc, and see if she’d like to do some kind of feature on here…

  11. This was great!

  12. I want to see someone lock a dude with a cyst in a small room with a rooster now. *dying*

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