Here Comes The Pus!

Absolutely lovely, huge forehead sebaceous cyst gets the I&D treatment… and is well worth the wait to see all the “D”! LOL! Kick it, Cysters and Blisters, this is what we love!

Plus, is it just me, or do I spy with my little eye… a second cyst??? WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! teeheehee!

**** WARNING! ****
Surgical Removal of Sebaceous Cyst
May Involve Blood, Necrosis, or Other Disturbing Contents
Also May Contain Loud Noises of Discomfort or Pain
Viewer Discretion Is Advised
**** WARNING! ****

RUNTIME: 13min 02sec

TITLE: “Large Head Cyst Removal”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 6,2013 by fernando andrade

44 Comments on “Here Comes The Pus!

  1. MistressOfSqueeze says:

    It’s a third eye!

  2. Staring at that spot above the cyst….a bald spot, or another one brewing. I shall wait with baited breath! And wow! Way to get the sac out!
    Skip to half way mark for the most action.

  3. He ripped that sucker right out of there!!!!

  4. Wicked pop, it was like Christmas waiting to unwrap a present!

  5. I think the “surgeon” may have been trying to take that cyst out without bursting it but the cyst had other plans. And then, the “surgeon” got the last word.

    That was the best action thriller I’ve seen in a long time.

  6. Wow! I’m just saying, if he would have just left that alone for a few years & to allow that thing to calcify, he would had good shot of becoming a human unicorn. Now he’s got a sinkhole in his head. But it was good tho.

  7. justsqueezit says:

    I think someone is still getting his doctor stripes – but compared to that last guy, this one is lucky…

  8. It this guy was a doctor he has a hack, if he was just a friend who had watched a few youtube videos then he did an alright job.
    He didn’t do a very good job of injecting the lidocain
    and the insision should have been eliptical but I do have to give him
    props for getting the capsual out

  9. eye eye captain, all cysts aboard……the doc needs more practice :)

  10. Fernando says on YouTube a second and third are coming soon!

    AYE chihuahua BABY!

    This had it all, ribbons of pustulance and a big fat capsule! What more could we want?

    Doing the happy zit dance!

    1. It isn’t fair — 3 cysts?!? If I could just find a small one – how lucky can you be to hit pay dirt finding 3 on one person!

      1. You are so right! It just ain’t fair!!!

  11. fantastic! although I was a bit nonplussed when I saw the bathtub! LOL

  12. Straight down with the scalpel dude, then pull out the sac!!!
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

  13. Tater Face says:

    I would have scooped it out with a melon baller.

    1. Another good one, TF!

  14. unclelarry says:

    Magnificent cyst! That thing was a monster. Another video for my favorites vault.

  15. I kept asking myself when will the Dr start using forceps to pull the skin away from the cyst. I agree with rosy that the Dr may had been trying to get the cyst out in once piece.
    I think there is another brewing like pussrn stated.
    Great find Poppintime a 5 star for sure!

  16. mrtasteless says:

    Very nice indeed. I loved the zest he demonstrated when yanking the capsule out.

  17. ODM! (OH, DIOS MIO!) You can darn socks on that thing!

  18. Growing a three inch hen egg size cyst and hatching two others!!

    I kind of cringed when the cyst was pulled out. He packed it instead of sewing it up, interesting.

    Fantastic find – made facing hump day less painful knowing there may be additional videos to come home to!!!! :)

  19. Pretty sure I will get a thums down or two with this comment but here it is….decent pus….but really, I am pretty sure my tax dollars would have paid for this guys free hospital visit to get this fixed so he didn’t have to endure his Dr. Wannabe friend’s hack job on his face!

  20. Thanks dear poppintime for another wicked find!! I’ll be right here in the front row waiting for parts 2 and 3 when they arrive!!

  21. This Doc seems more concerned with pain than most have seen…Kudos…Without all the medicine that could have been torture!

  22. My Husband has a HUGE recurring cyst on his bum (By recurring I mean at least twice a year) that he stabs himself. He won’t let me see or help at all, I can only speculate at how awesome it must be…All I know is he locks himself in the bathroom in agony and comes out like a new man…I WANNA SEE IT!!! He swears he will never ever let me…and to think I have the motherlode in my own house and I am not allowed to see :(

    1. Hmmm… spycam? J/K – wouldn’t want to betray his feelings of fragileness during that painful time. But perhaps if you studied up on Pilonidal cysts, you may be able to offer help that will make it so much less painful he won’t be able to resist… or recyst! LOL, a lil’ popology humor. :)

      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin

    2. Tell him that he can have that muscle car or motorcycle if he’ll let you just watch – no touching – just viewing!!!!

  23. Interesting concept on using Q-Tips to try and remove the sac, lol. Watching that sac being removed from that crater on his head was almost bordering on brutal!!!!!

  24. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the video, it did have it all, a gigantic
    F’ing cyst filled with the cream cheese and to top it off it ended with a
    thick walled “cyst mellon”. oh and (TATER FACE) I loved your comment on using a mellon ball scoop to remove the cyst…LOL
    BUT…..I think I got the thumbs down on my last comment because
    I commented on the Doc’s technique…I can and will enjoy a video even
    love it but still comment on how it was removed, to me thats what makes this site fun……look forward to more from this cheese head.

  25. Zit Obsessed says:

    Oh yea! This is my top 2 videos! Thank you for the post! The cheese and sac cannot be beat! Woo hoo! And is that a bald spot or a new cyst? Now that’s what I’m talking about!

  26. comedoness says:

    Oh joy! Oh bliss! Aaaaaahh… (satisfied sigh.)

  27. wow wow wow what a great find wow it was awesome just very confussed on all the comments about the doc. ive watched a gazillion vids and IMO this man is far from a hack if anything just the opposite the breast vid for starters now that was a hack! removing the sac with q tips? if you understand spanish he wanted them for a culture . where hes gonna do that in a bathroom has me but he was not trying to remove the sac. as far as the lidocaine if youve never done it before it can be tricky and difficult at times that thing looked very hard and difficult to penetrate anyhow like i said in the beginning just IMO thats all what really matters is that this man is ok number one, number two we were able to see it because of poppintimes great effort in finding it (clap clap wooo hoo standong ovation ) and third and mostly that there will be at least 1 to 2 more WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO GOD IS GREAT!!!!! ( IM DOING THE PTZ SHAKE WOOOT WOOOT SHAKE SHAKE WOOT WOOT )

    1. Thank You Joe! Very cute comment there at the end @joe Hahahaha!!!!!

  28. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I could care less if he got out the sac with a weed-eater, HE GOT IT OUT!

  29. Awesome cyst. But I have to wonder why he let it grow so big. It also looks as if there is another one brewing just behind it.

  30. A bloody long drawn out mess. And who walks around with that on them?

  31. I wanted to see him saw that thing in half! I feel jipped but man he tore that out of his head like it was a grenade that had the pin get dropped!

  32. Wow, that was huge! I was a bit surprised to see all the cheese….the way that the cyst was shaped I was assuming that it would come out as one huge sac, which eventually it did. Great find!!!

  33. cherry cordial says:

    Anyone remember the one (it’s an old one) withe the guy getting on of these popped outside a tattoo studio? He cries the whole time and maybe pukes a little at the end. Would love to see again.

  34. I want to see the other one on his head get popped!

  35. wanderingpopper says:

    very nice. thankyou poppintime

  36. Popizgood says:

    I wish we could have viewed the other cyst removal.

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