Glorious Gout Goo

A swollen and painful looking heel lesion being drained. Some amazing white stuff and blood comes out by its own volition and then the squeezing begins. I bet it feels so much better after. Great video and camera work and the facts in the screen were neat. Done by Neuhaus Fit and Ankle.

Unusual Subject Matter
Drainage of Gouty Tophi Contents
Some May Find Procedure Graphic
Sensitive Viewers, Take Heed
Viewer Discretion Is Advised

YT Commentary:
“Dr. Neuhaus of Neuhaus Foot and Ankle drains a gout lesion in this procedure video. Gout can be an extremely painful condition. It caused by the buildup of the salts of uric acid in the joints. ”

RUNTIME: 1min 58sec

TITLE: “Drainage of Gout Lesion Procedure”
YT INFO: Published on Feb 14,2013 by NeuhausFootandAnkle

20 Comments on “Glorious Gout Goo

  1. Nice!!! You’ve made my day, thank you!!!

    1. Why would someone dislike my post??? **smh**

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I eat all of the stuff that causes gout.

    …… and I got gout.

    1. Me too!!! I also drink the stuff that causes gout!!!
      Excellent find Marcella!!!

  3. Only 1 thing more painful than uric acid crystals in the joints and that’s those same crystals in the kidneys. OMG, MG! It’s “out of your mind” pain. They’re like shards of glass, they get clumped together and form stones. I suffered with them for years; I even had them in my palms and soles under tiny blisters. I think that was as near to death as I’ve ever experienced. Then they suddenly stopped; I don’t know how or why, but I’m not complaining.

  4. Marcella, thanks for this amazing, informative post. I did not realize how serious this disease is. The patient’s whole foot seems to be affected. Welcome to our group!

  5. Did you see that giant swelling on the top of his foot? Wonder if that holds more of the crystally gold we love so much. That was some awesome gack for sure! Hope the poor guy does what he has to o to stop this nastiness, but not before the doc expresses a few more gack-holders…

    Aye chihuahua

    1. I love it when you say, “gack.” I giggle every time. What a perfect word.

  6. unclelarry says:

    That’s incredible. This person must have been in agony. The payload is excellent and I bet the patient felt much better. Nice post Marcella. Thanks! :)

  7. Nice find Marcella!

    I have heard how painful gout is. I had no idea gout could get under the skin and not in a joint.
    Did you see the huge lump on the top of his foot? I wonder if that is gout as well.

    1. I see what you mean

  8. goodtimebob says:

    The drugs to control uric acid levels can have side effects. Before using them there is a documented natural treatment. Tart black cherry juice. It comes concentrated and a couple tablespoons in a glass of water a couple times a day will often control gout in a few days. I’ve used it on flareups and can then go weeks without a recurrence. Plus it tastes good. Dried cherries will also work. Just be sure to eat the tart ones.

  9. 3cysterscafe says:

    I have never seen gout like this before, actually, I never knew it could get like that. My dad has gout in his left foot and when it decides to flare, omg, I fel so bad for him! He can’t even walk and the pain is off the charts! I hope this person gets some relief and is doing better now!
    Great post Marcella! I learned a bit more about gout from this video, so thank you very much!

  10. holybejesis says:

    I started a new job in a clinic, and I’m now ringside for all kinds of glorious goo! Today we lanced a cyst and a blast of pus hit the operating lights! I wish I could record them for you all!

    1. @HolyB.J. – since you are blessed with medical training, I was wondering if you could shed some light on that astounding profile picture of yours. What the heck is going on there? I had to look up your profile to see it enlarged – apparently it is a foot!?!

      1. I’m thinking it is a “Hammer-toe” (don’t know the medical name)–my Gramma had one removed. Not nearly that extreme, tho!

  11. Well damn! I didn’t know Gout got like that. Is that goo considered to pus or something else? Put me in to the know…save me from my ignorance.

  12. They must be in agonizing pain!

  13. Is Tofi the plural of Tofu cause it sure looked like it.

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