Finger Tip Pus Bonanza!

This fingertip infection could definitely use some of E.T.’s all healing magically glowing touch… but where would the fun be in that??
And so much pus packed in there… wow!

*** WARNING! ***
~ Self Drainage of Finger Abscess ~
DIY Surgery of Any Kind Is Not Recommended By This Site
And Should Not Be Attempted By Anyone
As a Substitute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
*** WARNING! ***

YT Commentary: “triska v prstu”
Translation: “??”

RUNTIME: 6min 25sec

YT INFO: Uploaded on Mar 3,2011 by Svejkovsky81

29 Comments on “Finger Tip Pus Bonanza!

  1. Merry Poppins says:

    Okay, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the thick cheesiness of the pus in this vid; I vastly prefer it to fluidy abscess-type pus. That being said, this is one infected finger, and stabbing it to death is only going to introduce more bacteria! I swear to God, if he stuck that needle in just one more time, I would have reached through my computer screen and slapped him.

    1. That guy kept picking and picking at it. I think he should have borrowed the chef knife from the ear guy in the other video. heee heee heee

      Nice find Justsqueezit.

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Did that sliver cause all that fun?

    1. When I used to clean my glue clamp at work, I always managed to get one or two really nice pustules from the dried glue or a sliver of metal working it’s way into the skin on my arms.
      Excellent find justsqueezit!!!

    2. NO but being mindless does.

  3. Great post, justsqueezit! I didn’t think he would ever get it all out. I hope he will heal up nicely.

  4. the only time i ever saw the camera person get shot and not flip out
    true poppers right there
    nice vid

  5. The commentary translates to ‘Triska vs finger’ in Serbian according to Google translate.

  6. cheezysqueeze says:

    where’s the dramamine?

    I think the sliver and its shards were causing the biggest part of the infection, but it’s hard to imagine he will heal with no further complications given how sterile the OR was – not. and what was in that spray bottle?

  7. I’m sorry to say, but that video was about 6:20 too long, it would’ve taken 5 seconds to make a small incision and give it a couple of big squeezes and you would be done…

    1. You lose all the fun and suspence then, is it gonna blow now? how much? A gusher? For me some of the appeal is the tease, the build up to the great goo.

  8. Anybody remember the 1970’s TV show “Happy Days”?

    We just witnessed the return of Pinkie Puscadero.

    1. Best pus pun of the year.

      1. Thanks, Dr. Spencer. And we haven’t even finished the first quarter yet. Smile.

  9. Hnis = pus
    triska v prstu = splinter/ sliver(??) in your finger
    its Czech

  10. LOL: Your 10.20 am overhere is 16.20 :)

  11. unclelarry says:

    There was a lot more in there than I thought. Impressive payload. Awesome post justsqueezit.

  12. The finger tip took out the cameraman the first squeeze after the sliver comes out! Did I hear him say, “there it is!” in English?

  13. Had to watch this one a few times. Wow…from a splinter it made so much thick cheese. When it finally popped that was some chunky cheese. I like that !! Ive had splinters before and I never get cheese like that…Great find Justsqueezit. Thanks for posting.

  14. Yeah usually finger pus is runny. Especially liked the 2 horn effect and really loved the squirt. Awesome find!

    Aye chihuahua

    Deb p

  15. Pickle Chips, that was alotta pus!! Note to self: never remove splinters from fingers.

    Very, very great post, justsqueezeit. It’s already made it to my favs. Thank you!

  16. Camera work gave me a little motion sickness but at least the guy wasn’t afraid to go after that infection.

  17. About the translation.
    It is one of Slavic languages but definitely not Serbian (my first language is Croatian, which is almost same as Serbian, just about 2-3% difference). I suppose that’s Czech or Slovak, maybe some dialect near the border so Google can not recognize it correctly.
    A guy in the video for a little black thing says trn which also in the Serbian / Croatian means thorn. Furthermore, the first word triska, similar to Serbian treska, Croatian trijeska, in Croatian Ikavian dialect is same triska, Slovak trieska, Czech tříska means the wood shavings. And v prstu definitely means in finger.
    Therefore, the translation is
    A piece of wood shavings, or simply, thorn in finger.

  18. What a strange combination of infection! I didn’t expect the cheese at all. I thought that might just be a yellow gooey head showing through thin skin on a watery blister.
    I’m really curious. How long was that on there?
    The swollen bit under it looks really painful to me. I hoped there was more lose fluid in there that would deflate the whole thing, but it looks like the soft tissue was just super squishy from irritation.
    I’d have liked one good stab through the center/highest point of the infection bubble through the cheese into the squishy bits. A good firm squeeze to pop the cheese out, then maybe a drain and a stitch.

  19. cybersharque says:

    PT: You like that finger? Like, as in would just as soon keep it, it’s the only pinky you have on that side, you might need it someday? Besides, even if it’s useless, the way it’s going it’s worse than useless. As in septicaemia.

    This is a FELON. Go ahead. Google it. See where it says SURGICAL EMERGENCY REQUIRING I&D WITH WIDE AND DEEP EXCISION.

    Now please get this treated by a professional.

    1. cybersharque says:

      And the reason why you have to stab repeatedly is that the septa of the digital web will partition the infection off into multiple compartments. Similar to loculations that you find n big, effusive pusbombs, except in the finger, the septa are full bore fascia that attach your fingertips to the underlying bond. We spend much time studying this medicine in books. In my day, you could get through the whole of medical school and never see one, much less treat one. These infections are much more common these days and a major occasion for malpractice.

  20. Im a gardener, whenever i get thorns like this in my fingers, they always turn septic very quickly if not treated. i think its due to wild bird faeces/germs being on the shrubs the thorns are from, but its just my theory.

  21. littleangellove says:

    Loved it! Great surprise , when normally u see liquid coming out of finger abscesses. Excellent , had me excited the whole time! Thanks for posting!

  22. The idiotic giggling explains how someone could let a finger get to this stage. I was trying to figure out how you would go about your day using your hand in this condition until I heard the giggling. That says it all.

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