Eddie the Dog’s Shooting Cyst

BigTull Presents: 3 Videos Combined…
“Giant Exploding Dog Zit “

I found this by accident because of the lull in ENT videos. ENJOY!

(uh-oh! Even BigTull has gone to the dogs! Its spreading… RUN!!!!! LOL – good find, BT! Awesome! ~ H.S.)

Removal of Animal Cyst, Abscess or Other
Pus Producing Lesion or Growth.
May Be Very Bothersome
For PTZ’s Sensitive Viewers.
Please Watch At Your Own Discretion
And Remember to comment With Respect.
Enjoy, and Thank You!

YT Commentary:
“I combined the three part video so that you wouldn’t have to scramble all over youtube to see the beginning and end of Eddy’s giant back zit.”

RUNTIME: 4min 56sec

TITLE: “Giant Exploding Dog Zit Compilation – 3 parts combined”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 14,3013 by iansebastian

19 Comments on “Eddie the Dog’s Shooting Cyst

  1. BigTull, I adore Buddy the dog and his patient attitude!!! Thanks so much for sharing these terrific posts.

    1. westiegroomer says:

      I am a Professional Groomer for an animal med center. These are considered sebacious cysts and don’t hurt too bad actually. It may very well fill right back up. The dog looks to be part Schnauzer, and this is very common for this breed. You are all correct in that less wiping means less irritation. What a great dog that obviously is very trusting of his owner. Kudos to “Dad” for taking care of his furkid!

  2. Oops, I mean Eddie!!! I thought the owner was calling him Buddy. My bad!

  3. 3cysterscafe says:

    Hey Popfiend, he did call him buddy a couple of times, so you’re not really wrong…..lol. I saw this a couple weeks ago and it kinda made me upset. He literally rubbed poor Eddie raw. He may as well used sandpaper instead of a tissue! Poor puppers! Eddie was the perfect patient though! Such a sweetheart! Thanks BigTull! Great post!

  4. prunesquallor says:

    I agree 3cysters. When I saw how he had rubbed Eddie’s cyst with the tissue paper, I was literally shouting, “Stop, What the f@~k are you doing?” Yes, he seemed to be generally concerned with his dogs health. He was just ignorant of the pain he was obviously causing. Glad the pup is better. Thanks for the vid. Bigtull. Pop on .
    Caio Prunesquallor

  5. Ditto on the hyperwiping. It’s like taking a bath in the Ganges river, you ain’t never gonna get it as clean as you’d like, you OCD clean freaks! Let it fly then clean up after unless the goop is hindering the view! Geeeez!

    Anyway, loved Eddie’s sweet little cyst. What a doll he is! Reminds me of my furkids.

  6. Nice find BigTull, you may become an expert at pet videos as you are with nasal videos. :)
    What a good little dog Eddie is. He knows his pet human would make him feel better.
    I am a bit surprised the cyst didn’t come back a 2nd time.

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Lots of love in that home……….

  8. crazy4cyst says:

    Good pup very calm

  9. Must be man’s best friend! Normally a popper would recoil when receiving a splat of pus on the hand, but this guy was only concerned about his pup. The mark of true devotion!

  10. what a sweetie!!! now he is all better!!

  11. Love this little Dog! Nice find BT you have done it again! Very nice find!
    5/5 for me! :) :) :) :) :)

  12. Eddy is such a SWEETIE!!! Wonder if they have doggie Proactive? I use Neosporin if my babies get an Owie – they like to like it. Vet said it was safe. Eddy has such a little heart breaker face :) very good daddy for him :)

  13. Pop, goes the puppy (poppee)!

  14. Thanks BigTull! Not only is Eddie a sweet dog, but his masters lovely abs were nice to look at too!

  15. My dogs mad look shows teeth only. Eddie is so cute and i am glad his parents love him. good video peggy

  16. Eddie is so adorable!!!

  17. IStillGotEm says:

    wow, didnt know that animals can get them too…

  18. As soon as I started watching this, I remembered this dog. I saw this video a few months ago and you can see how much Eddy is loved! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toIus8tt4vI

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