Dr. Yadav’s “Pus in Ear”

Dr. Yadav Presents: “Pus In Ear”
brought to you today by Pick_That_Puppy!
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Wax isn’t the only thing bugs like to eat in your ear…

~~ Thanks, PTP! Great Video!!! And of course, thanks, Dr. Yadav for making it!

“Pus draining out of ear canal is known as otorrhea, which is associated with CSOM means chronic suppurative otitis media, where a hole happens in ear drum (tympanic membrane) and bacterial infection occurs in ear. You should take care of ear, that water may not enter it. Give proper antiobiotics, clean the ear properly. Here you can see pus coming out of both ear canals.”

RUNTIME: 1min 25sec

TITLE: “Pus In Ear”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 22,2013 by Vikram Yadav

25 Comments on “Dr. Yadav’s “Pus in Ear”

  1. Owowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowo!!!
    (Rolling in the floor with sympathy pain!!!)
    Excellent find PTP!!!

    1. That kind of pain that would make you hurl in an instant!!!

  2. I wonder if you could stretch that across the room. A new children’s toy ear goo. Can be stretched and molded and is reusable

    1. Looks like the glue for sticky notes!!!

    2. Like, stretch it out across the room, stick the end of it to a can, and talk into the can and see if the patient can hear you: “Lou-Pus here. Can you hear me now?”

    3. justsqueezit says:

      Well, now we know where that goo came from that they used in the Lance Armstrong toys…

  3. More more! I wanted to see down in there!

  4. Pus taffy? What will they think of next? Great post from our beloved Dr. Yadav, thanks to PTP!

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    It’s either pus, silly putty, or hot mozzarella cheese …………….

    If it smells like anchovies, it’s probably the cheese.

  6. Zit Obsessed says:

    Poor kiddo! But thank you to Dr. Yadav for thinking of us at PTZ and filming the discharge of the pus onto the gauze. I especially liked something that I didn’t expect, a stringy part on a child! And the pus was in both ears. :( for the patient, but :) for us!

  7. Tater Face says:

    That stuff had some stretch like taffy.

  8. Wow, I had never seen a pus-bilical cord before.

  9. I’ve had otitis as an adult and I wanted to bang my head into the nearest wall; the pain was that bad. My heart goes out to the poor people in this video and I hope they got better quickly. :(

    Thank you Dr Yadav for the video and more importantly for taking good care of those poor souls!

    And thanks to PTP also!

  10. Methinks Dr. Yadav is running out of ideas for his videos.

  11. Elastic pus!! Never seen that before, lol… I had many, many ear infections as a child so I sympathise with the patients and hope they are better now… Thanks for the vid!!

  12. unclelarry says:

    Wow! That critter just didn’t want to let go.

  13. jordan1870 says:

    Oh, dear Lord…I can’t imagine how painful this is!! I, too, have had ear infections as an adult and they weren’t half this bad, I’m sure. I certainly hope this guy is well and feeling much better.

  14. WOW that is a lot of pus! Dr. Y always brings us interesting cases.
    Nice find PTP.

    The pus does look like mozzarella cheese and taffy.
    mmmmmmm Is that mozzarella cheese flavored taffy or or taffy flavored mozzarella cheese??????? LOL LOL

  15. Pass the mozzarella sticks please!!

  16. Looks like somebody uses a fork and a spoon to eat spaghetti.

  17. comedoness says:

    I see some blackheads in one of those ears…

  18. now that was painful to look at

  19. Brigette Bertelson says:

    I’ve had this happen to me. The nurse flushed my ear out, not sticking something in my ear like that! That would hurt so bad. It’s nice to see what the pus probably looked like inside my ear.

  20. Good Lord, bless the patient! That must be so incredibly miserable. Would the patient be able to ear with that kind of problem going on? I’d think not… I hope the patient has made a full recovery. And once again, Dr. Y is definitely a life-saver for his patients.

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