BTE Infection Oozer

BTE pus. An imperative to be shared with Popologists the world over. You can skip ahead about halfway – oh, say something like the 2 minute mark? That is where the caera begins to swing around for a great view of the action. Have fun!

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This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
DIY Medical Treatment of Any Kind
Is Not Recommended By This Site
As a Substitute for Professional Medical Care.
IOW – Don’t Try This At Home!
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
*** WARNING! ***

YT Commentary:
“Stuck on camp with a ear abcess”

RUNTIME: 4min 37sec

TITLE: “infection home operation”
YT INFO: Published on Feb 2,2013 by Noel un temps

29 Comments on “BTE Infection Oozer

  1. Whoa! That’s a big knife to wave in front of all those mirrors! I gave him three stars because that was a difficult solo gig, but I do wish I had a chance to see the other side squeezed out; I think there were more hard pus-pellets ready to launch out of all that free-flowing blood! Well mined, diamond girl!!!

  2. It’s not easy to film and squeeze at the same time so kudos to him for his perseverance. There was some nice, chunky pus in there too; it must have been a relief to get it out.

    Nice find!

  3. Dude, butcher knives belong in the kitchen, not used to cut into your ear bte cyst! He made me nervous with that knife. That was just too big a job for 1 person!

    1. now THAT is the knife the “make the hole bigger” dude needed!!!!! hahahhahaha

  4. OMG OMG OMG!!!!
    Good find Diamondgirl.

    Using a chefs knife to lance that thing? I was laughing at him the entire time. I have never seen such a big knife used before.

    I know I have a warped way of seeing the world…..that said, near the end when he shows us the sink with all the pus….I swear the pus pile looks like a rooster. LOL LOL

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Yup, right tool for the right job, and ya gotta admit he got the job done.

    1. Nah he needed a machete

  6. Thanks for your great post, diamondgirl. I’d lose an ear if I tried to use that large a knife on my own owie!

  7. cheezysqueeze says:

    he likely doesn’t live on the west coast, especially California, where the sound of running water not in use has just been drilled out of us due to droughts. otherwise he made a good effort, and it’s hard to tell if that knife helped at all. but he did get a good output for a while there.

  8. I want one of those tri-fold mirrors!!! That helped him by tons!!!
    Excellent find DiamondGirl!!!

    1. I had one like that at my house before I moved in with my hubs. I never ever thought to use it that way and now I’m kicking myself. All the times that would have been so helpful!!

  9. what a hottie! I had to watch twice b/c the first time I was too busy looking at the most handsome guy I have seen in a veeeery long time! I wish I were dexterous enough to pull something like that off…all those mirrors and the cell cam. my hat’s off to you…and to you DG, great post!

    1. I think he was nekkid too…whooooooooooeeeeeeeeee

      1. I noticed his nakedness, too! We got a quick unintentional flash towards the end…

  10. I must agree that was a heck of a large knife to use to open up the zit. Not only could the tiniest slip become a major disaster, it reminds me of trying to cut your toenails with a machete. It really is important to use the right tool for the right job. The “patient” quite probably has a larger assortment of screwdrivers or pliers than he does of knives.

  11. Needle nose pliers seem to do a great job if you get the nose long enough and just go to it full force…if I ever get a whack at one of these babies, i have a pair in reserve, brand new!

    Ahhhhh the dreams…

  12. unclelarry says:

    Excellent payload. Looked like he was using a two-handed Claymore Sword to cut that thing. But, it got the job done.

  13. Pure gravity free fall – new technique.

  14. Yup, that was a big knife. Lord knows if I tried to use that big of a knife, I would have taken my BTE and my ear off at the same time! But this gentleman did a fantastic job with it and made a perfectly sized incision. Kudos to him for doing such a great job. (And as an aside, man o’ man was his bathroom clean. Compared to most we see, his was sterile like an operating suite!)

    And kudos and my thanks to you, diamondgirl, for this beauteous BTE. The payload was big and the technique was efficient. I even liked the sink shot! Great find, my friend!!

  15. I just had another thought about this popper. It is a darn good thing that he was able to locate this gigantic knife or he may well have been tempted to reach for his revolver.

  16. Looking at the first part of the video I could not imagine that we’ll see some close-ups of this BTE. However, the recording angle with these mirrors, the knife and tattoo, gave me an artistic (a horror type) reason to keep watching. :) Later, when I saw a close-up and all that pus, figured that this work deserves four stars.
    Thank you, Diamondgirl!

  17. Tater Face says:

    “That’s not a knife.” – Crocodile Dundee

  18. Let me see…what shall I pop this beauty with? A pin…no. A thumbtack…no. A swiss army knife….wait! Knife! Perfect…now just let me find the biggest one I can, and I’ll get to it!

    1. Yes, it is the first time a huge knife has been used to open a BTE that I can recall. It got the job done and with as little trauma to the skin as possible.!

  19. I do so love a behind the ear one! I gave him big points for doing it all, the filming, the producing, directing and staring in! As well as all of his own stunts! It was a pretty good gooper! Thanks for the post!

  20. GREAT VIDEO!!!

  21. yes that was a big knife but it got the jobdone I like the fact he used mouthwash to steralize the knife.I also liked the plopping noises the pus makes as it hits the sink

  22. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    His nipples were pierced!

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