Abg Hashim’s Zit!

This one has some great pus & great camera work, it’s just cut way too short! There was lots more to squeeze out, but I’m thankful that they took the time to record & share what they did!!! :-) HAPPY POPPING!!! :-D

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This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
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*** WARNING! ***

RUNTIME: 1min 43sec

TITLE: “Abg Hashim’s Zit!”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 12,2012 by Rudy Firdaus

38 Comments on “Abg Hashim’s Zit!

  1. why don’t they ever finish….. sweet none the less

  2. Goo vid but there was so much more in there. That must have been a bite of some kind. I would have loved a good hard squeeze. You could cover a mirror with what’s in there

    1. “Goo vid” – great typo & so appropriate.

      1. LMAO, debbiedoes. That should be video rating here: Goo Video!

  3. That is a Diamond abscess!!! Remove the scab and give it a four finger grip then stand WAY back when the pus flies out like a volcano!!!!

    WOW – I would have been all over it before it got that big. I hope there is a part 2

    1. I’m for collecting all the gunk that would come flying in a paper tissue.

      Then weigh it. And then use a clean tissue to compare.

      1. Methinks you’d need a 20 gallon heavy duty trash bag…

    2. That’s what I was thinking: Four-finger squeeze. It would have made for good splatter.

  4. Yes, looks like there was a scab covering the opening. Gently pry that off and there’d be a gusher for sure! Awesome vid!

  5. Im always amazed that these things get that big…..of course Im only thinking of how it would be handled if it were on my face. I would have been squeezing that way before it got that big…but thats just me. I sure hope there is a part 2 somewhere out there. Would love to see more. Great find and thanks for posting.

    1. yankeedoodlepus says:

      my gawd- the day I ever have that kind of beauty on my face would be the day I am senile……….I think I check my face several times a day for any sign of anything……..

      you and me both.

    2. Who walks around in that condition?

  6. unclelarry says:

    That’s a ripe beauty. I wanted to reach through this computer screen, grab that critter, and squeeze it like a rotten grape. (sigh) Thanks for the post BP. Awesome find. :)

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      We all would love to see you do that Uncle Larry………….

  7. Tater Face says:

    Is that yellow matter custard?

    1. ….dripping from a dead dog’s eye….

  8. That must hurt like crazy!

  9. 3cysterscafe says:

    ……..sigh…….. I thought I was about to experience a pleasure beyond explanation! I quickly learned it was not meant to be today! This was just a sample of what’s to come down the pathway! Thanks Buford Pus-er

  10. Owwwwwwwww!!! A quick cut with a super sharp blade would have seen that sucker emptied with hardly any painful squeezing… Poor guy, that would be 15 out of 10 pain :-(

  11. Thanks for the find, Buford. It’s so well executed up to the end, so I’m sure they’ll be back with part 2.

  12. I agree with Ed and NMGAPAOH!!!
    Excellent find Buford P!!!

  13. Winner Winner Big Chicken Dinner! I wished that they just let the camera rolled just a Lil bit longer…am I being to greedy? But it was still a good video. I give it a thumb way up it!

  14. diamondgirl says:

    Great find Buford! These are the ones I hate! Frustrating me to know end. If they would have given it a hard squeeze, that stuff would have busted through his tissue leaving a nasty scar. On the other hand, they would have gotten it all out. If that popped up over night on me, I would put neosporin on it for a day, bandaged up, next day would be hot towels on and off, all day, 3rd day, all you would have to do is pull the skin tightly and MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!! Gloves next time y’all, alcohol, lots of cotton swaps or tissue, either way, just move out of the way because that puppy is gonna blow! Oh yeah, don’t forget the Clorox bleach to wipe up the counter and mirror after this thing gushes all over the area…If none of the above works, please go see a doctor…

    1. I could envision the 3rd day as you described it!

    2. Don’t forget the haz-mat suit…

    3. Boil-ease. My husband gets some large cystic acne-like nodules on his back. When they’re painful and just will not come to a head, he puts that on it for a few days. Brings all the pus and crude to the top of the skin so we (ahem, me) can get it out. Haven’t had to use it for awhile now, much to his relief! But on a monster like this one, I imagine it would do the trick pretty quick!

  15. Wowza-wowza!! Now that is a pimple of zitastic proportions!! What a find, Buford P. Thank you most sincerely, my friend. That put a happy cap on a cruddy day. Off to favs it goes.

    I agree with all the comments about removing the scab to increase the flow. I also noticed another “head” that was closing to blowing its top. Imagine if it blew and the scab was removed. Oh, the sweet river that mountain would run then. Sigh. I will dream happy dreams tonight.

    Many kudos and thanks to the pimple’s owner (Mr. Hasim, I presume) for letting us see this! I imagine he was in some significant pain. Hopefully, there is more to this pop and we’ll get Part 2. :)

    1. U Tube comments say they didn’t film the rest.

      1. Oh well. What they gave us sweet, if fleeting. Thanks for the update, beamer.

  16. I know that baby hurt like hell but it would have been epic to see the four finger SQUEEZE!!!!!!!!!! on that sucker, it would have been a life changer, people here on PTZ would have talked about it for years, songs would have been wrote about it.
    but they went a different route…….nice pimp!

    1. We could have told legends about it ’round the campfire at our next Cyst Campout!

      1. NMGAPAOH says:

        Dr. Spencer – what a FANTASTIC idea! The PTZ club could meet each year to watch videos and bring people in who needed cyst busting!! I nominate Lake Tahoe, NV for the first camping site!

  17. gee it was on the face!!! that was a grande volcano!!! part 2 please!!

  18. Too bad it didn’t get filmed–“The rest of the story” I mean. And if all the nasty remarks and comments over on Utube are any indication, there never will be another. Why bother with such a negative reaction? These are not professionals, they’ll only do another if they get positive reinforcement for doing it–all they’ve gotten over there is Eww nasty, and I’ll buy you some soap, and stuff like that. I’m going over and make a POSITIVE comment, and invite them to post it on PTZ if they make one!

    Hey, there’s an idea, we could ALL do it, and see what happens–it is after all, eight months old. Nice find for sure, Buford.

  19. Zit Obsessed says:

    Awww come on: either you’re going to pop it or you’re not! None of this sissy crap on a man! Come on guy, man-up! The lady should have popped it, plain and simple.

    1. That was a huge pimple. So big it had stretched the skin so tightly it was shiny. It was also really red, add the redness to the incredible amount of pus and I think we can safely assume that it was at least mildly infected. The face is a rather sensitive area with a lot of nerves running through it. Adding all those factors together, it’s pretty obvious that squeezing this thing without any pain medicine would hurt like the dickens!

      So maybe we can cut him a little slack for wanting it go slowly because grabbing that squeezing it hard would hurt really, really badly. Plus, everyone’s pain threshold is different too. Give the guy a break.

  20. How do you walk around looking like that? And too watery.

  21. hands down the best face cyst these eyes have ever seen, before it was popped it was worshiped in china as a god.
    when the video ended it still had enough content inside to fill 3 shot glasses

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