Simple Shoulder Cyst

A well done – filming and extracting – of a back/shoulder sebaceous cyst. DIY, of course, with a nice full spread tattoo panoramic across the upper back. I don’t think it is that more people with tattoos get sebaceous cysts than those without them – its an age old quandary on PTZ, lol! Throwing out some working theories… People with tattoos are more bold and willing to be filmed… or More people in general have tattoos… People with tattoos have a greater chance of also being a latent Popologist? (kinda ties in with theory 1, in a way…) Ha! Enough stuff, let us watch, Cysters and Blisters alike! Have fun!

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
DIY Surgery of Any Kind Is Not Recommended By This Site
And Should Not Be Attempted By Anyone
As a Substitute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

RUNTIME: 2min 48sec

TITLE: “Lancing a Sebacious Cyst”
YT INFO: Published on Feb 5,2013 by Mario Nappa

30 Comments on “Simple Shoulder Cyst

  1. Nice little shoulder cyst. The kind I like the best. Back/Shoulder cheezy cysts. Of course I would love them all to be very big…but I love them all just the same. Thanks for posting this Poppintime.

  2. Nice little cyst and vid! Thanks for finding it and posting. :-)

    1. Yes it was a nice little shoulder cyst. The only thing they should have done was to get the whole thing out with the sac at the end, they left that in there.

  3. Ok, I’m going to the back and gonna start making chopped mutton sandwiches because I know this one is gonna come back real soon!!!
    ( Dang it H.S., I don’t mind you using my cracker box, but gimme back my corner!!!)
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

    1. Damn – nice day for people who are serious about squeezing. She had that puppy under two thumbs of iron ratcheting in like a vise – only to be foiled by ignorance of the sac. Thanks for the post…

  4. The camera work really was great. Very satisfying!

  5. This poor guy has been through this a number of times. You can tell by looking at his back.

  6. I believe if she’d just stayed with it for a bit longer, or had something to grab that piece of membrane with, she could have killed it for good. As it is, another to look forward to in the future! Thanks Poppin!

  7. left it in for another round!!!!! wooohoooooooo

  8. yankeedoodlepus says:

    It is my humble opinion that those of us who check every thing and anything for something to pop, drain, squeeze or be thrilled about never get anything good.


    just one freaking BTE. that is all I ever wanted in life…….

    1. My kids won’t let me near them now… I loved those early teenager years of zitty backs. I dream of a good BTE!!

      1. My mom used to corner me and pop my zits. I thought she was just being mean but now I realize she was one of us.

    2. @Yankeedoodlepus – Amen – I hear you!!! It was sacrilegious leaving that sac. Cyst of any size, big or small, are all beautiful in my eyes. :)

  9. For folks who didn’t know what the sack was I have to say they were really well prepared for everything! Nice to see a clean environment, great steady camera work and no dry hurls. They looked like PTZ Alumni except for the lack of Sack 101 knowledge.

    I’m on the side of tattoo folks (like me) are just a bit more brave and funky for this kinda stuff!

    What a nice little video. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, we could write a book, “How to Pop and Document Cysts, Blackheads, Comedones and Other Body Anonomlies for Dummies.”

      What do you think?

  10. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Does anyone else wish we had “Reach In And Grab-O-Vision”?

    1. @Pick_That_Puppy – that’s why my screen has so many finger prints on it :)

  11. People who are prone to cysts, they’re often lurking just under the skin, and having a tattoo can sometimes damage the sac causing inflammation and/or infection, which causes the cyst to “activate” or just become noticeable! I love getting tattoos for that exact reason!!!

    1. …having said that..this one’s nowhere near the tattoo so don’t listen to me! Nice tidy extraction! Lovely!

  12. misspopington says:

    Good squeeze, but I have to agree with both beamer and tickledzitless.
    If only they knew about getting the sack out and giving it a bit more time the popper would have gotten it done.
    Also, I wish more people had such good camera skills. I hate it when the cam moves of target and we miss the good stuff!

    1. The age old quandary of a PTZer- do we want a nice concise full extraction including the sac, or just be thankful for a decent emptying, hoping that another video will be uploaded once it refills? decisions,decisions!

      1. I personally love seeing a good sac removal!! nothing like a 9 inch sac full of the left over goodies being torn outta someones body hehehe

      2. @Joe – love seeing a sac pulled out too – the rare ones are pulled out WITH cheeze still inside :)

    2. Great avatar name! Missp Poppington

  13. Dear God please explain to me the people making these videos. Have they never seen or watched a zit or cyst video on PTZ or YOUTUBE? I mean come on! How many times do the say the same thing ” i think i got it all but theres something sticking out” or ” i think thats his inside skin you better not pull it out” WTH they have never seen the SAC before? Please God im a very easy and carefree man but this here gets me wanta go POSTAL ON THERE DUMB ASSES!!!!!!

    1. Sorry! meant to hit like but coughed so hard the mouse moved!

    2. Yes, there should be come kind of certification or license needed to drain a cyst. For example, required to view 100 hours of cyst pops on this site, then calling one of us who reside nearby to come and demonstrate. The next cyst they find, they can pop :)

  14. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Keep an eye out, popintime for Part 11. Maybe it will be bigger than this one.
    Good mining!!!

    1. @Gliss — great avatar name. Pus_Pure_Bliss

  15. poppin, my theory is that they were already planning the sequel before they issued their first movie. Or maybe they have their sights set on a series. ;-)

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