Short-n-Sweet Squirting Zit

A little over 40 seconds of pure bliss!… Audio shows enthusiasm ~ “Treasures beneath my skin”! Pop on!
~ Aye chihuahua! ~

3…2…1… ACTION!

RUNTIME: 0min 47sec

TITLE: “Dr Mike Busey Zit / Cyst Popping Squirter”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 25, 2012 by Mike Busey

19 Comments on “Short-n-Sweet Squirting Zit

  1. Hahaha!!! Great vid :)

  2. Thunderstruck says:

    Great squirt. Video needed a bit more profanity, though.

    1. ya think? har har har

      My first post! I’m so surprised!

      Aye chihuahua (my catchphrase for years now)

      Deb P.

      1. diamondgirl says:

        Great find Deb P.! This guy would fit in perfectly in this group of squirtin’ puss poppers!!! LOL

        Thanks for posting!! <3

    2. The F word is my favorite word but it loses its power when it’s overused.


  3. The Treasure of Derma Madre.

  4. That was a two-fer! Nice post!

  5. That was, like, the perfect pimple. Not a cyst or an ingrown hair, mind you. But a good old fashioned nitty gritty zitty. Excellent spew! Bravo!

  6. floradestroya says:

    Welcome home, pus enthusiast.
    Welcome home.

  7. A pus sprinkler system!

  8. SHOOTERS!!!!
    (Man, what a great night)
    Excellent find Deb P!!!

  9. yankeedoodlepus says:

    I just love a good bedtime video.


  11. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Would this be a case of peer pressure?

  12. LMAO im always the first to rip a video apart but how can you with this guy he is great maybe a curse word or two less but hes great !!!!

  13. “She puts the lotion on the skin or she gets the hose again”

  14. Bartender, get everybody a beer, on me.

  15. Maybe he’s practicing for the next f-bomb Olympics. I’m sure he would be a contender… :shock:

  16. Zit Obsessed says:

    Doesn’t take alot to make that guy happy, does it?

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