Russ Hamstring #11: “Pimple Popping Art”

Russ Hamstring’s
“Pimple Popping Art”

Sorry for the wait. I had to save up for a new computer.

This video is version XI in the my educational series. Yet again, I used a basic wire type comedone extractor for extractions and a USB microscope/camera to film the video (both can be found on ebay). These extractions were done on my nose and face over several sessions. Please note the proper use of the comedone extractor.

This video showcases a not so well known group with a great sound – for more information on the music check out the video’s YT page: Please enjoy. If you don’t like it, feel free to play your own music along with the video.

I would like to give a special thanks to for their excellent support and great website, the showcased band for their great music and you, my viewers. Thank you!!

~ Russ Hamstring
PTZ’s Extraction Master!

RUNTIME: 13min 56sec

TITLE: “Pimple Popping Art”
YT INFO: Published on Feb 13,2013 by RussHamString

54 Comments on “Russ Hamstring #11: “Pimple Popping Art”

  1. MistressOfSqueeze says:

    I’m in love…happy Valentine’s Day, Russ.

    And thank you.

    1. Russ, you must have the cleanest pores in America! Thank you for your videos… they are awesome!


      Russ Hamstring’s primary YouTube Channel was closed by YT… he got “TUBED”! But never fear, he has a secondary channel under “zitsqueezer” and ALL of his videos have back-ups and will be FIXED ASAP. :)

      We love ya Russ!!! Our condolences on the idiocy of YouTube. Bah on them… yeah, it is great they are there, but I wish they were not so quick to pull videos, close channels or accounts.

      You’ll always have a home at PTZ!!!!

      Thanks all.
      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin

      1. diamondgirl says:

        I can’t get this one to play :( :( :( :(

  2. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been, but this was worth the wait! Lots of pore noodles, yipee! Is your new love a PTZ fan? I sure hope so as we’d hate to lose your wonderful videos.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Haha! Thank you for the nice comment.

  3. Bravo!! I like the music as well. Thought was Nirvana for a minute ;-)
    Great work!~!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      The zits and micro-concept are wonderful!

      The music …………………….. not so much

    2. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you!!

  4. Well that was certainly worth waiting for, thank you Russ!! It has to be your best crop yet I think, definitely at the top of my favs list…

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you for that. More to come. After YouTube lifts my 2 week suspension. Another week to go. Thanks for watching!

  5. Oh Russ. Glad you are back bringing you goodness with you. I know that it takes a great deal of time and discomfort to puts these videos together. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy them. Thank you.

  6. Another high quality video from Mr. Hamstring, gotta love it!!!
    Thanks for posting Russ Hamstring!!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you so much!!


    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Right back at ya! Thanks!

  8. oh thank you thank you for being here – just when I needed you most! You are wonderful!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      I try. Thank you for watching!

  9. Russ – are you familiar with Wayne’s World? Garth and Wayne’s awestruck with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith? If so – picture this:

    “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy!”

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Hahaha!! That was good.

  10. Oh how wonderful! Have you been cultivating those little pockets of cheesy goodness just for us? This goes to the top of my favs list…thanks so much for the lovely entertainment! Keep up the great work!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you!! More to come!

  11. I like the video, but everyone of them is identical. He could rename the first video as new & I wouldn’t notice. He needs a new patient.

    1. I agree that a new patient would be great. Anyone know “where” on the body all these goodies are coming from?

      1. Russ Hamstring says:

        They are all from my face and nose. Thank you for watching!

  12. Omg the wait was sure worth it. Those pores sure were full. Had to watch it again just to see the ones I missed the first time. I’m soooooo in love with ya russ

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you! I have more videos waiting to upload.

  13. lovethatcreamcheese says:

    Another excellent video, and I enjoyed the music, too. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Russ!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank and it was my pleasure!

  14. There was one approximately 1/3 of the way in that looked like a Dr. Yadiv blackhead. It was awesome. Thanks Russ.

    1. Yes that was an extremely impressive blackhead!!! It should be listed as one of his Zit Trophies. :)

    2. Russ Hamstring says:

      That one was hiding behind my ear. The rascal. Thank you for watching!

  15. It’s always a pleasure to watch one of your videos, Russ.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thanks for that!

  16. Good show, Russ. I gave you five stars. And I thought my Saturday night would be boring! I can watch your videos for hours and not get bored. High five!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Wow! Thank you! Much more to come.

  17. I have to say that this gentleman’s skin looks a bit irritated after all that pressure. I’m hoping that the redness showing was due to steam, and not because of all the pressure.

  18. Great work!!


    1. Russ Hamstring says:


  19. Xander Kelly says:

    These close-up videos are interesting and everything, but I don’t know if they’re worth mashing one’s face for fifteen minutes at a whack. That skin looks super angry once it’s been strip-mined with that extractor. I’m not trying to be mean in the least, but I’m also not sure this is healthy.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you fro the concern. People have been wanting me to make a video of me in the ‘real’ dimension. Well. I’m making one now. It’ll show me and how I hold everything to accomplish what I do. It’s not leaving anything permanent as of yet. Thanks for watching!

  20. After watching this for like the 10th time, I’ve decided your video’s are the best on PTZ. The thing I appreciate is that from your very 1st video, you listened to everyone’s comments, perfected your technique, and now consistantly give us exactly what we want, every single time. Thanks for all the long hours & hard work, just so we can feed our need for squeezing blackheads, pimples, etc.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you so very much for that. Making my videos would be worth it if you were the only viewer. I try to listen thank you for noticing. Thannk you again and thanks for the dedication.

  21. The reservoirs of oil in the corners of the extractor, the frustration of the missed blackheads, the Buffalo Bill dungeon music, and the never ending puss supply from seemingly every pore makes me really want to see what Russ looks like and what his diet consists of. I do really love these videos though, I’m just thoroughly disgusted after I watch each one. The camera fixed to the extractor is brilliant and solves to the 2 major downfalls of almost every zit video: zoom and lens focus. Plus there’s no screaming noobs at the first sight of puss.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      I’m making a video now that will show me in the flesh. I’ll explain everything you want to know. Thanks for the wonderful comment!

  22. Russ, I’m so glad you are a member of our club! You get as much enjoyment out of making the videos as we get watching them!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you!! Thank you!!

  23. That is just an amazing amount of gack!

  24. I hate those extractor thingies. Squeeze em!!

  25. My comment is gone :(.
    I wrote that Russ and Dr. Y should do a collab video.

  26. Can’t see the vid. It says the account it is associated with has been terminated. :(

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Yes my YouTube account has been terminated and I have been banned. The site admins are working to restore them here. Sorry for that.

  27. Why won’t his videos play anymore?!?!?!?!? PLEASE PUT THEM BACK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      They’re working on it. Sorry for this. My YouTube account has been terminated and I have been banned from putting videos on. For now (while PopThatZit fixes this, you can see another (Strangely similar account to RussHamString and with all of his zit videos) YouTube account called ‘ZitSqueezer’. Just type that in on YouTube search and you’ll find that handsome guy they call me pop up. (Sorry admins. I’m not trying to take people away from your site. Just giving them their Hamstring fix.)

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