Roommates VS Back Cyst!

We may never know the final outcome of this battle, but you have to admit, seeing a great pus explosion that marks up the wall is worth a minute of viewing time. :) :) Ka-Boom!

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“Popping a giant zit on my roommates back.”

RUNTIME: 1min 12sec

TITLE: “Biggest back zit 2013″
YT INFO: Published on Feb 11, 2013 by FlounderKA

22 Comments on “Roommates VS Back Cyst!

  1. 3cysterscafe says:

    Wow, this was pretty amazing. I wonder if the poor dude was passed out or in a coma cuz he didn’t move a muscle the whole time. They sure got some distance on that second squeeze, too bad we didn’t get to see the whole thing! But it was great just the same! Thanks for posting this lovely cyst Justsqueezit! Great video!

    1. I believe a pulse check was in order there.

      1. Or a bucket of cold water!

  2. Justsqueezit, if ya sneeze ya miss it!! I just had to watch it a few times to get the job done!

    1. Sounds like good work if you can get it. ;)

  3. PAPOW
    Good one…….but so much stuff in there still

  4. Pops in the dorm room are just too cool!!!
    Excellent find justsqueezit

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I wonder if beer was involved…..?

  6. I wish just one of the really good videos like this one would go all way to the end.

  7. Stopped too soon as there was tons of infection left to splat against the headboard wall.

  8. misspopington says:

    Oh… were is the rest of it? :(
    Need to see more!

    1. I agree need part2

  9. Whatta awesome money shot! Going into the faves! Thanks justsqueezeit. Stellar post. :)

  10. wish we could have seen more for sure!!
    Good shot tho :)


  12. Ah, the flower of youth….And in patterns on a white wall, no less.

  13. Oh, to be a fly on that wall…

    Kudos for presenting such a satisfying short, justsqueezit! They’re hard to come by, but you have gifted us with a perfect specimen. Thanks!! To the favs it goes.

  14. well,well,well Marigolds are such a class act are they not?

  15. They’ll need to repaint that wall if they expect to get their security deposit back when they move out.

  16. AH, nothing like good old fashioned wall splatter!

  17. That was awesome, but I wish they filmed more. There was more in there, plus there was another purple bump just waiting to explode!

  18. stop wiping and keep squeezing….. lol

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