Priming the Cyst and Surprise!

The cyst has barely been packaged
But squeezing I cannot resist
And then look! I found a blackhead
I popped it and twisted my wrist…

Aye yi yay ay
Pus is best from the back!
Do roo la roo la
Add oxygen and white turns to black
… Or is it Kerrrrraaaaatttttiiinnnn??

:) :) :)

“I had to stop popping because it started to be painful to the “victim” (-:
But i’ll keep popping it, stay tuned and subscribe, see you soon in a new video with this cyst.”

RUNTIME: 3min 06sec

TITLE: “One young cyst and one comedone on the back”
YT INFO: Published Feb 10,2013 by bugniabricco

17 Comments on “Priming the Cyst and Surprise!

  1. Tie the squeezer to your windshield when it rains. He’ll make sure to wipe every drop away. I hate hyper-wipers.

    But he at least got a big bug-eye looking blackhead out.

  2. lovethatcreamcheese says:

    Making a slightly bigger hole would have made it far easier (and more comfortable for the “victim”) to empty that cyst, but at least they were getting some good stuff out. No comment on the wiping except that it was so unnecessary with the little bits being squeezed out! I did like the blackhead, though.

    Her back looked to have all kinds of odd circular light areas all over it. Anybody have any idea what might cause that? It looked very strange to me.

    1. Those are probably scars from previous bacne. I’ve got a few like that. Scar tissue that is exposed to sun just after healing can become discolored. It’ll usually turn pinkish or white. That’s why doctors tell their patients to put a covering over the scar for the first year after surgery, because it minimizes discoloration of scars. She probably had bacne and liked to tan.

    2. misspopington says:

      The white patches are most likely Tinea versicolor witch is a skin condition caused by a yeast, Malassezia furfur. This yeast lives in our hair follicles, particularly in oilier areas of the skin like the chest and upper back. Malassezia furfur overgrows out of the hair follicles and causes a rash in certain people because of the composition of the oils their skin makes. Since there are more oils produced by the skin during hot, humid times of the year, this is when the yeast grows the most. This is also true when going on vacation to a warm, tropical climate. Selsun Blue is a shampoo that is often used to treat tinea versicolor. It should be used when showering so that the shampoo has a chance to work while you are washing your hair, etc. Then wash it off. Since Malassezia furfur normally lives in our hair follicles there is no way of curing the condition. Therefore maintenance is required to keep the number of microorganisms to a minimum. Info from Dermatology.

  3. where is the surprise? :)

  4. I thought it was a freckle – cyst and a big blackhead pop!

  5. That took me back 20 years!!! I used to do that for my wife!!!
    (What a great night!!!)
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

  6. yankeedoodlepus says:

    I love finding the little full blackheads-thanks for sharing!

  7. That nice and chubby little blackhead made my night.

    1. Wholeheartedly agree with you Comedoness, “chubby”(love the terminology btw) blackheads are the mutts nuts, imo also! Wonder why it was filmed upside down though? maybe the poppee was holding the camera/phone over her shoulder? Who knows, great vid find nonetheless!!!

  8. prunesquallor says:

    Not much in the way of cyst juice, however, the blackhead turned into quite a pleasant little/big surprise. I was interested in the light coloured ‘crop circles’ on her back too. Thanks for the explanation, Popthatpus. It seems there is always someone who has the answer to whatever particular query that may pop up in the wonderful world of PTZ. Pop on people
    Caio Prunesquallor

  9. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    That blackhead was a show of its own!

  10. Man…..what a super dooper hyper wiper if I ever saw one…Nice blackhead though…kinda makes up for the wiping.

  11. Are those spots from sun exposure?

  12. Wish there was a video with nothing but those freckle like black heads popped one after the other after another :)

  13. Another fun find for our viewing pleasure, poppin! The pin prick fooled me – I didn’t realize it was a cyst being worked on. I also loved the “full-bodied” blackhead!

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