Press Harder!

Sometimes extracting a big blackhead isn’t easy, and you just want to reach through your computer screen and help push down on the extractor tool!! But perseverance pays off, and the popper gets the blackheads out – definitely not small ones either! Now if only they’d harvest the rest!!!

Harvest! Harvest!

YT Commentary:
“this is a friend of my son ,he’s 14 and has a forest, but he moved so much, that we could not film”

RUNTIME: 1min 59sec

TITLE: “blackhead boy”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 13,2013 by Chris Michel

18 Comments on “Press Harder!

  1. Looked like they had a new “toy” to try out–if I’m right, then they definitely have a bright future ahead of them! (And us) That one bad boy had been there for a good while, from the size of it–almost as big as one of Dr. Yadav’s comedomes!
    Seems like they need to improve their aim a bit….center the tool on the blackhead a little better, but, nice job nonetheless! Thanks Poppy!

  2. When they figured out how to use the curette they got nice results!!!
    Excellent find popfiend!!!

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Looks like they’re gonna be there for a while………….

  4. Russ needs to get them a lesson how to use the loop!!!

  5. Good find. Thanks PF

  6. misspopington says:

    I really hope he can learn to stay still because the payoff in filming these blackheads would be epic!

    1. The black heads on the cheeks! Comedone gathering ground!!!

  7. there could be a 20 min vid on him

  8. Say, I think the poppee has enough for us all to keep busy while being shut in (a nod to my Canadian popper pals). Thanks for the comments! poppy

  9. a sense a new rising PTZ star.

    1. i sense a rising new PTZ star.


  11. What a great friend to have a pop play date with!

  12. Oh, how I love the blackhead extractions. And oh, how this gentleman could use some good extractions. But I’d really like to see this poppee steam his face before extraction, like Dr. Y said to or use a toner with a gentle exfolliant, like AHAs. Either would help open his pores so they don’t have to push so hard. Easier extraction means he’ll be more like to make another movie and be in less pain. WIN-WIN!!

    Great find, popfiend! Here’s to the hope that this dynamic duo makes a series of films. Thanks for posting.

  13. Big fat juicy one! More, please.

  14. I hope they film more. They certainly have plenty of blackheads to keep us entertained for a while! :D

  15. i guess guys feel pain differently than women do,but then again in the name of beauty what don’t we women do?

  16. Mike Smith says:

    That face is full of black gold but at least clean the dirt from under your finger nails before you go popping.

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