In the Ear Blackhead

I love blackhead videos. I love ear zit videos. What a marriage when you have a blackhead in the ear. And such a zit —- it keeps going and going. Mute if you don’t like colorful language. It’s still very impressive when you are making your own noise while watching! :)

YT Commentary:
This is so gross but it gives all those pimple poppers soo much relief, after watching it once you will want to watch it over and over again.”

RUNTIME: 3min 16sec

TITLE: “Ear Eruption…It Just Keeps Going”
YT INFO: Published on Feb 21, 2013 by wellawella114

28 Comments on “In the Ear Blackhead

  1. Zit Obsessed says:

    5 stars! Wonderful squiggly pus worms coming from the ear blackhead!

  2. You had me from the start. I even leaned way into my monitor. I’m thinking there’s more in there. After such a good’n, I’d dab a bit of tea tree oil on it with a Q-tip.
    Great post, gimpysgirl! Thanks.

  3. That was a pretty big one! Got impatient at first but then it got good. Not having much success with my popping tool like that, my zits are usually on my face and you need a hard structure under the zit to be able to pop well. That’s why it works so well on the nose and in the ear like that. Love love love ear zits and blackheads- they can get so huge and juicy…

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      I think that lady dug out an ear bone or two………………..

  4. Sequoia blackhead for the ear!!! The comedone extractor was aptly used liked Dr. Y and Russ! I am definitely purchasing one. Thanks for the video! :)

  5. two thumbs up for this vid! I think they had the start of a great idea. we’ve seen other people’s reactions to vids…how about we find someone to film the poppee’s reaction to their first viewing of their own video? I think that would be pretty cool. :)

  6. Nice! That was one great blackhead extraction. That fella was a deep!

    Excellent find!

  7. My absolutely favorite of all…ear blackheads! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  8. that was a great ear worm!!!! awesome camera work!!

  9. gimpysgirl, thanks so much for a very enjoyable video. I love that type of owie – ya just know the person will be fine!!

  10. C’mon now, there’s plenty more in there!!!
    Excellent find gg!!!

  11. yankeedoodlepus says:

    That’s the way I like it, Uh-Huh, Uh Huh……………

  12. 3cysterscafe says:

    I loved it! I think there might be more in there! I loved it a bunch!
    Thank you Gimpysgirl You’ve been puttin some fantastic videos up
    Lately! Keep it up girl! Woo Hoo!

  13. That was a perfect specimen of an ear blackhead. The popper did an excellent job extracting it as well. Loved this video!!!!!

  14. Inside the ear blackheads are like the PTZ PEARL OF GREAT PRICE. They are absolutely beautiful, and yet so difficult to mine–like diamonds.

    I remember when I was living in Spain, I was teaching English at home to this kid who had a whole harvest of these IN BOTH EARS! Some were so ripe they were little mounds. Others were bug eyes buried deep in skin and cartilage. AAAAAAGHHHHHHHH! Just thinking about it brings back memories and pus lust! But alas, there are some borders one can’t cross with a teenaged student, and squeezing hard-to-mine blackheads is one of them. Sigh! They would have been so black and yellow….

    1. If you had been able to video and share those black “diamonds”!!!! Was it acne or a hygiene issue?

      1. I think it was a little of both because he also had acne on his cheeks and forehead. But he also did a lot of sports so he sweated a lot, so maybe he should have washed his ears a little better. I’m just surprised the parents didn’t do something about his inside-the-ear blackheads. As I said, his ears were FERTILE SOIL. I wonder whether the little buggers leave scarring after they have come out.

    2. That was a very nice thing to say. I’m glad you noticed my effort. We’ve all become such a family that I’d hate to disappoint. That’s why I dig for the most interesting. Thank you, 3C.

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        Trust me, your efforts do not go unnoticed. I used to submit a lot of videos, so I know the time and effort that goes into each one! I appreciate all the videos you submit, cuz I know they’re going to be good ones!!

  15. justsqueezit says:

    Hmmm, is the next step taters in them ears? The old folks will get that one and LAFFFF! Thanks fer a gud;n, GG

  16. That was an unexpected delight. Good job by the popper and the camera girl, good job to the poppee for growing such a nice one.

  17. Pure gold… thank you!!

  18. misspopington says:

    One of the best ear blackhead ever! :D

  19. that was a big BH in his ear

  20. Good, steady camera work. Decent lighting. Excellent viewing angle. It seems like in the ear zits and blackheads are some of the more difficult subjects to video. But these guys managed to not only pull it of nicely, they even made it look easy. The last bit of squirting worm was my favorite part. Lovely little payload.

  21. Great camera work, plus no heavy metal soundtrack. Just the cool sounds of Danny Devito in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I can’t place the episode. Anybody?..

  22. The best in- ear blackhead I have ever seen!!!!

  23. The best Ive seen. I wanted to grab a tool and join in. I only wish they had shown the pile of everything they got-would love to see just how much had been in there! My husband (RIP) used to want me to look in his ears almost nightly for blackheads, pimples and hairs, etc. I would have LOVED to have gotten to see some of them!! That would have been way cool!!!! :)

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