House of Weird!: “Check Your Meat!”

Unusual Subject Matter
Some May Find Content Too Graphic
Sensitive Viewers, Take Heed
Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised

Again, we are provided with a whole new reason to really “Watch What You Eat!” This is not exactly the marinade you’ll see being touted as the next delicacy addition on the Food Network. There is no combination of spices that can possibly help this sauce reach the point of edibility! No “BAM!!!”, no “Just a pince” and absolutely not “A Good Thing”… sorry, Martha.

Anyways, I stumbled over this while checking recent submissions… I couldn’t hold back, had to share the pain. Edification for newer popheads – this is not the first roast/cut of meat with hidden abscesses… Yeowzers, right? We’ve said it before ~ “Can you imagine getting home with a huge roast and cutting into this?!?”

The real question I have is… would you film it and share? Would you secretly be thrilled but outwardly show disgust to your family? Or despite your love of the pop, would it turn you into an instant Vegetarian? Be honest now! I’m really curious!!

Me? Oh yeah, camera time!!! Slap the slate and roll ‘em! :) But, that said… I’d draw the line at cutting out the offending area and then cooking the rest. Nope, I’d be on the phone to the store before you could say “Pus Plucking Pimple Poppin’ Professional Popologist!”

~ H.S.

“Ce boucher a commencé à préparer un bon gigot lorsqu’il a vu des bulles sous la surface de la viande. Il a alors percé celle-ci et à découvert une véritable réserve de pus verdâtre. Cet animal devait etre malade et avoir une infection. Miam miam!!”

“The butcher began to prepare a good leg when he saw bubbles under the surface of the meat. He then pierced it and discovered a real reserve of greenish pus. This animal had to be ill and have an infection. Yum yum!”

RUNTIME: 0min 55sec

TITLE: “De la viande de cheval contenant du pus ”
YT INFO: Published on Feb 25,2013 by Frap Uniccore

22 Comments on “House of Weird!: “Check Your Meat!”

  1. The ambulance could take the meat back for me when they came for me to treat me for vomiting and trauma!!!!!

  2. thedixiecrystal says:

    Oh wow!! Good thing it was at a butcher & probably wasn’t sold, at least I hope not. I would flip out if I found that in my food. I would record it so I could gross out my family lol I would take it back to the store & find out what farm meat came from but it wouldn’t stop me from eating meat, just that particular one. lol

    1. USDA inspectors are greatly under appreciated!!! I hope the butcher called the source and showed them this video. Where is the pride :(

    2. And people get upset that animals raised for human consumption are given antibiotics!! I know people who raise their own animals don’t always give meds (antibiotics and dewormers), but I’m all for HEALTHY animals entering our food chain.

  3. I love this video, the butcher has a great sense of humor. Too bad the steer wasn’t treated for this abscess before it was slaughtered. Now all that meat is wasted.

  4. Halphie, thanks for the unusual (I hope) find…I can’t think of anything to say about the situation – my fingers are tongue-tied.

  5. Pour some bleach on it and ship it out!!! NOT!!!
    Excellent find H.S.!!!

  6. yankeedoodlepus says:

    Judas Priest!

    I am soooooooooooo glad I went Vegetarian.

    1. I was just going to say the same thing! That is so discusting! It makes me feel like I’m going to loss my lunch!

  7. 3cysterscafe says:

    From his comments it sounds as though this is very rare. (No pun intended) pretty cool video! I hesitated about watching this because I passed on others pstedb here. I don’t know what Possessed me to watch this one, but I’m glad I did! Thanks for posting Halph!

  8. A friend of mine was a butcher for a long time. He used to cut huge tumors off of carcasses that came in. He would never eat beef.

  9. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    As a meatatarian, I would want that shank a little more “Well Done”..

  10. And did the US Gov’t. just announce they were cutting back on food (meat) inspectors?!! Oh GOD!!! How would we even know if something like this ended up in hamburger?!!!

  11. I am now, officially a vegan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG in Heaven !!

    1. Why a vegan? Don’t you like eggs?

  12. This is not good. This butcher isn’t on my list of shops to go to. Instead of filming this for his minute of fame, use the phone and call the right authorities. And squeezing the pus out the meat on the table where the meat get prepared for sale? That’s just sick.

  13. kina Sweaney says:

    Actually, I think he was pretty clear about how he was going to handle the situation, and it sounded proper. He spoke of throwing it out (I hate to tell you, but some wouldn’t), and he said he was going to sterilize everything, I think he sounded very conscientious. I’ll bet his boss would have cut the cyst out and said “It’s good enough” to save $! Hope not, but realistically. I was glad to hear that it was a rare find, I mean, cows get cysts and boils, etc. just like any other mammal. It was really gross though! I remember after/during anatomy class cadaver dissection in nursing school I could hardly eat meat, I still sometimes have a hard time, not for any stupid “PETA” type reasons, but because of the knowledge of the bacteria, and much worse, the parasites that you learn about. All we have is cooking with fire, and our hopefully healthy immune systems to protect us fromn these things. Happy eating!

  14. Oh dear, that is so gross. And as kids from way back used to say, that would “gag a maggot off a gut wagon”.

  15. misspopington says:

    How the hell did this get past food inspectors and on to the butcher shop?

  16. I thought the funniest part was that the ad covering my video was for a grocery store.

  17. I don’t think I can face meat ever again, omg that defies description… How do you do a vomit emoticon, anyone know??

  18. Oh man I thought that was a inner organ on the outside after surgery, and now my breakfast (no meat) is in my throat after realizing what I was looking at …What do they say? All parts are edible! urp :(
    I agree with the above comment…where is the vomit emoticon?????? Going back to sleep and let my stomach settle…

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