Dr. Yadav’s “Forehead Sebaceous Cyst”

Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav’s:
“Forehead Sebaceous Cyst”

While the standard is usually DIY’ers will squeeze a cyst, and professional doctors tend more towards surgical extraction – this is one of the things we here at PTZ enjoy about Dr. Yadav – he, too, knows the joy of a good pus cheese squeeze!!!


“This is a sebaceous cyst on forehead, sebaceous cyst usually forms from swollen follicles which may be initiated by trauma to skin, certain cells are formed inside follicles which start secreting keratin a kind of protein. Cysts are drained or excised, here you can see the keratin coming out of cyst in coiling form.
Do you know? Some of African Antelopes have horns made of keratin, keratin production also take place in process known as cornification. Keratin repels the water off from skin making it water proof.
Do you know? Spiders also form keratin in form of silk fibroins.
Around 20 types of keratins are found in human body.
Sebaceous cysts are not comedone (i.e black & white heads).
Structure of keratin is similar to a helix type.”

RUNTIME: 1min 37sec

TITLE: “Forehead Sebaceous Cyst”
YT INFO: Published on Feb 3,2013 by Vikram Yadav

24 Comments on “Dr. Yadav’s “Forehead Sebaceous Cyst”

  1. Very nice, Dr. Yadav. As usual you inform as well as delight. I had no idea about keratin vs sebum. Which one is stinky? Either one looks great oozing out of a well squeezed cyst.

  2. yankeedoodlepus says:

    Thanks Dr. Yadav!!!! I learn so much here.

    1. Yes I must agree , I learn more in your video’s , and as usual you never disappoint us , you always have great videos , and you are so nice to do this for us to watch , Thanks again Dr. Yadav

    2. I agree with the above also….my entire life I thought that ANYTHING that came out of a bump, pimple, cyst..etc..was always “pus” Everything was pus…If you squeezed it out, it was pus. Period !! I definately have learned so much from this site and from Dr. Y. He is a wonderful teacher…he explains things so the layperson can understand completely..Thanks.

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Enough goo there to make a web………..

    1. justsqueezit says:

      Wrong keritin Puppy – but wouldn’t it be neat if we could be our own Spiderman? Mom’s would have it made! Kid runs into the street, whap, momma snatches him out of the way of the speeding bus…
      But I am SOOOO hoping for the video of when he squeezes that one monster on the guys eyelid… Nice video, Dr. Y; we love you…

      1. Me too but I think that boulder comedone is way too big to be squeezed – it needs to be extricated using the jaws of life :) I wonder if they are able to open their eye fully or does it act like a door stop? Just thinking (and hoping)! :)

  4. Oh my yes, Dr. Y KNOWS what we like! That was gorgeous…

  5. Loved the still pics at the end -his popping artistry!

    This was abfab! Luv them springy coils!

  6. 3cysterscafe says:

    You always deliver top notch goods! I enjoyed this one as much as any of your other videos and that’s because they are all wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us folks! I’m so glad to be a part of the same group as you here at PTZ! There’s no better place to be! Thank you Dr Yadav
    Much love and appreciation,
    Lee AKA 3cysterscafe
    PS my picture can be found in the box above, for a short time, of the people that have liked this page. I’m the first one! I’m saying hello to everyone! :)

  7. gonna be a sore forehead the day after that squeeze, the smallest hole to get cheez out of,,,, but i loved it!!!

  8. That was satisfying!!!
    Thank You for posting Dr. Y!!!

  9. He never fails to satisfy our need for squeezing cysts. I think I love his videos the best. This was just so good…..love how thick it was. Thanks Dr. Y !!!

  10. cyst with cheesy sebum are a personal favorite to watch being popped.Great video

  11. Yeah, hip hip hooray for keratin silly string!!

  12. OMG! I loved it…especially towards and at the end, the strings looked like RAMEN NOODLES!!!! :-)

    1. Or angel hair pasta?

  13. The last still picture with the broad piece of keratin reminds me of the Sea Monkeys (shrimp) that we had as kids. Both look to be just as fun! :)

  14. Make a bigger hole!!!


    Most excellent video

  15. Thanks again for another great video, Dr. Y! I love how you take your time with a good cyst and let us see it all!
    I’m having dreams about antelopes with gigantic sebaceous cysts where their horns should be… :D!

  16. I love that you would take the time and make the effort to upload this stuff for us, your devoted audience, awaiting the jewels you offer up. Always educational, always great technique, and a sense that you are enjoying what you do. Am I right? Thanks from a great fan!

  17. Thanks Dr. Y, you never fail to make the videos enjoyable and informative. I am thinking that people with horns are producing keratin much like deer or other antlered animals? Anyway, thanks again. I always look forward to your videos because you seem to enjoy making them for us as much as we enjoy seeing them.!

  18. Thanks for your new delight, Dr. Yadav. You know how to get the job done. It was fun to watch this method, but I also enjoy your “tools of the trade”.

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