‘Cyst Zilla’

What more can one say with a name like ‘Cyst Zilla’!?!? :-D I think the name/title says it all!! ;-) Y’all are really gonna enjoy this I think! We don’t get to see the entire draining of ‘Cyst Zilla’ but it’s still a good’un! ;-) HAPPY POPPING!!! :-D

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
DIY Surgery of Any Kind Is Not Recommended By This Site
And Should Not Be Attempted By Anyone
As a Substitute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

RUNTIME: 4min 19sec

TITLE: “Cyst Zilla”
YT INFO: Published on Oct 27,2012 by LunaRayne25

26 Comments on “‘Cyst Zilla’

  1. 3cysterscafe says:

    Wow, That was a lot of chunky pus! I so wish we could have seen more! I was just getting into it! I’m thinking there is a slight Indication that there might be some assisted-living going on in the home?? That must’ve hurt like the dickens!! Thanks for sharing and posting Buford Pus-er! Great job as always! ;)

  2. Good Heavens! Looks like brain tissue they’re squeezing outta there. Magnificent payload. Thanks BP. Nice find.

  3. I’m glad they got some light on the subject half-way through!!!
    That thing had great chunks and they weren’t finished, so I’m gonna hang out for part 2 to arrive!!!
    Excellent find Buford P!!!

  4. Great mining, Buford!
    Do you think it was empty?
    Neither do I.

  5. Being someone who has had three spine surgeries I get re scared for these DIY people when they are so close to the spine. I had three cervical lamina bones removed from that area of my neck and all I can think of is the word ‘pith’ every time I see sometimes stick a needle into the back of the neck. A simple needle pushed too far and you have a quad.

    1. I agree with you completely CystFace…Im gonna tell a very sad story told to me by my husband as it happened before I met him. This was way back in early 70’s. My husband just got out of the Navy and one of his friends that he grew up with just came home too. He had a cyst on his neck right where this one is. He went to the VA to remove it. Now this is what the VA says happened, but I question it. They tried to remove the cyst with sack in tact. However, (they said) the cyst broke and the “stuff” inside went into his spinal cord. Personally I think they cut too deep, but it caused him to be totally paralyzed from the neck down. He could not breathe on his own, or anything for that matter. His only way of communication was blinking. He died about 2 years after that. So every time I see one close to the spinal cord, I cringe. I alway think of that fella, even though I didnt know him. Sooo Sad. And I think unpreventable. But no one will ever know.

    2. That is exactly what I thought when I saw where the cyst was located. They should have gone to the dr to have it treated even if it wasn’t located where it was. I don’t think that you can get the sac out with a straight pin either.

  6. lovethatcreamcheese says:

    That was kind of strange. She was pushing SO hard but wasn’t really getting much result, it seemed like, and it sure looked like there was a lot left in the cyst so she should have been producing at least five times what she got out. But I did like the way the guy was singing along to his headphones! That’s one way to be distracted. :) Thanks, BP, that was interesting — and I, too, hope there’s a part 2!

    1. I wouldn’t exactly call that singing. He sounds as bad as me. They need to get him to a doc and get the rest of the puss out so it can heal.

  7. CystFace, that was my exact thought! as much as I love a good squeeze, something that big, that close to the spine..and brain..would have me headed to the doc.
    quite an interesting post, though, and a whole lotta pus! :)

  8. prunesquallor says:

    Oh Boy. With this baby being so close to the spinal column, the subject should get a proper Physician to tend to it. So much to go wrong. That looks big and bad. Let me say also, that every popper should be equipped with a hemostat, for breaking up loculations. It’s truly incredible, the knowledge I have gained from this zit site. PTZ forever.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  9. Why do these people with band aids on their fingers pop with no gloves? Skeeves me right out…

    I think the capsule was very thick and they didn’t cut deep enough – maybe that’s why there wasn’t much pus production. Awesome cyst!

  10. so much more potential.
    By the way she talked I wouldn’t hold my breath for a part two.

  11. Steaming hot and moist heat packs ASAP to get the mess inside OUT!!!!! And YES a visit to the doc as well. A coworker of mine had a nasty “neck space” infection and was hospitalized. I pray that poor soul has no problems.

  12. That was a ok video.

  13. yankeedoodlepus says:

    place your bets. there is no way that bad boy is done aggravating the patient. it is located in a sensitive area. I do , however hope that the camera operator in the next part of the series is someone else.

    i am having some car sickness.

  14. Was that for real, or a moment of horsing around in the Hollywood make-up department? Had to throw it out there…

  15. great cyst weird video,lol tyvm!!! for sharing!!

  16. Is there more?

  17. Honestly, few things get to me… my ER used to be my part of the county’s morgue back back when I was the tech and guess who was body bag opening girl; I’ve done hospice nursing for years… But between the neck space and the saturated dirty bandaid and the finger picking and the ‘vocalizations’ (cuz I’m not going with singing)… I’m queasy. It’s gonna stick with me.

    Gosh I hope they see someone or he has a hell of an immune system.

  18. What is it?
    this is from the brain?

  19. I was surprised when it ended too soon. I moaned “Wow, its over already??” I was expecting a big all at once pop out….Im sure everyone remembers the one with the guy that had the lips tatooed on his neck…that was what I had invisioned to happen. One big squeeze in the right place and the entire contents come exploding out. Oh well…you cant have it all…what we did see was very good. But I, like many others think there was more to come. Actually, I did like his singing (if you can call it that, LOL) Only because I think thats what I sound like. hehehe !!!

  20. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    So……, this wasn’t done at the Mayo clinic?

  21. don’t know if it is my pain meds, but damn that soundtrack made me think i was watching eraser head or something! cool. also, i don’t get grossed out too easily, but i really wish folks wouldn’t wipe up pus with a terrycloth bath towel. all i can think of is drying my face after a good exfoliation and getting scraped by some chunk of gunk that dried into the loops of fabric whilst it languished in the laundry. blarg!

  22. OMG! What was that? What did i just watched?
    The cyst was awesome, but the guy singing? It sounded to me as a cat, choked to death. Hope not that this guy ever make a cd. My hamster just freaked out hearing this video.

  23. Buford Pus-er, thanks for the post. I love how these bring out the funniest comments from our resident armchair poppers!!

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