Butt Pus Fountain – Get Thee to a Doctor! *FIXED*

Its BACK! Hahaha!

**WARNING - This video contains partial views of a naked behind. Parental Guidance is more than suggested. Which means most of us shouldn’t watch it, given our death grip on our giggling, wild, child-like mentality!! WARNING ENDED**

Pilonidal Cyst – turns into a fountain. My favorite quote is at the end (ha ha ha): “That was disgusting – my bad!” The camera work is far from stellar, but butt pus fountain is worth it!!!

Skip right to the :32 mark, unless you want to gawk at the shower curtain and get a good dose of motion sickness!!! :)

Here’s to hoping this guy gets much needed medical attention – and let’s also give a little hope that the doctor is wearing the full riot gear facial shield before bending down for a closer look. That thing looks like it could go off at anytime… heck, he could stand in for Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful!!!! Although, Shingles Infection Back Fountain guy would be already in line for that job…

OK, time to rip in, fellow popologists! Watch and learn, sweet newbie popheads, the masters are about to give expert and sage advice here!! There will be a test, a surprise test at that… Muwahahhahaha!

~ H.S.
I live in my own world ~ but it’s okay, they know me here

Squirting from my second butt hole” originally filmed and posted to YouTube by thewrights1004 on February 5, 2011

49 Comments on “Butt Pus Fountain – Get Thee to a Doctor! *FIXED*

  1. MissTinkJordan says:

    LOL his wife didn’t wan’t to help :( such a shame It has great pus action

  2. Good find H.S.!!! Butt shooters! Thats a rare sight!

  3. lol…what kind of a wife wouldn’t help with this…all she had to do was hold the camera and he could have had a little more dignity! great shooter!!!

  4. Let me at him! Let me at him!! “You didn’t just see my nads..” LMAO Tooo funny! That thing was GREAT! Could’ve been so much more but, hey, we always say that, don’t we? Awesome pus flow, though!!!

  5. the infected says:

    He was awesome! So forthright. So unashamed. We should all be like him. Actually, I guess WE are all like him, but I meant the rest of the uptight people who won’t let us get an up close look at their grossness.
    P.S. I loved their shower curtain. I wish the camera hadn’t been whirling around so I could get a better look at it.

  6. MissTinkJordan says:

    I don’t know about you guys but the view from behind was great ROTF,LMAO,PIMP

  7. Judging from the grey goo I am betting that one was a stinker!

  8. That squirt at the end was too funny!

  9. I agree with the infected, very nice shower curtain..I feel we got a good look at it! Oh yeah the cyst..looks like they’ve been at that one before. Very prominent hole, with some healing at the edges. Suggests it’s been there a while

  10. Innaffitoften says:

    Wow oh wow, as I’ve stated before, I sure do not one of those pilondial cyst thingys. WoW!

    1. I hope for the poor guy its not a damn pilonidal cyst!!!
      Cuz these are…something.They’re real bad.

      Great vid with a super cool dude.I wonder how he managed to do it all by himself!!!KUDOS TO HIM ;)

  11. strongstomach says:

    That dude needs an ASS napkin!

  12. That was magnificent. Super job. Once the camera settled down it was game on.

  13. icky. seriously icky.

  14. popitlikeitshot says:

    at least we could see the pus clearly. Usually there is bad angle or the docs BRIGHT lights totally block out the cysts OR popper can’t quite seem to get a good hold on it without covering everything.

  15. OMG I don;t blame the wife that was nasty

  16. may be the best thing ive seen in a while. he was killin me with the “you didnt just see my nads”. classic. gotta agree with jordan

  17. That was great. Great pus. Great subject. I give it a 5 out of 5. This is entertainment.

  18. OMG I have no idea how my video ended up on this website. I originally posted it on Youtube. Thanks for all the great comments! I shot it with my cell phone so the video is very bad. My wife was asleep and didnt want to help me, I dont blame her she is pregnant and couldnt stand the horrible smell. I went to the dr that next day and they finished draining it. Sorry no video of that. I get one every 6 months, so I will be sure to post another.

    1. Gliss-PussBliss says:

      Thanks for making the video thewrights1004.
      That would be nice if you filmed another one!!!
      Did the doctor say what kind of cyst this was?

  19. *Five* *Five* *Five* *Five* *Five*
    If I could give you fireworks and the Star Spangled Banner I would! This is in my Favs for sure! Wish we could put them in ascending order based on our own personal ranking rather than when we happened to see them.
    Thanks for another great one Halph.
    Take care.

  20. Now that’s some crack juice, wish I could of seen all of it!! MORE

  21. what a rude wife, she couldnt take 5 or 10 minutes to hold a camera for her ailing husband??

    1. Diane G.- Have you never been pregnant? Let me tell you, when I was prego with my son, smells were ridiculously heightened, and almost any strong odor would bring on massive vomiting! Not to mention, the stuff coming out of his abcessed a#* was infection…something someone prego with eggo should avoid at all cost! So I don’t blame the wifey for sitting this one out.

      1. justsqueezit says:

        To this day the smell of seafood makes me sick and the “baby” is 32!

      2. Exactly Angel. She didn’t need to be any where near that mess.

  22. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    cute smile

  23. I missed this one! Sometimes if these are allowed to drain long enough they heal and go away, but others that are true pilonoidal cysts need surgery and meds.

  24. Oh man it was gone, I always seem to miss the good ones. I was just wondering is there some secret to finding the video after it is not posted anymore?

  25. is there a way to mark when a video is no longer available?

  26. encapsulated says:

    I just reported this video not working.
    Here is a link:

  27. encapsulated says:

    Sorry guys and gals. That link no longer works either.

    I never saw this video either. :(

  28. That may not have been a pilonidal cyst. It looked like a run-of-the-mill painful abscess. Not sure but don’t the pilonidal cysts start around the coccyx and have numerous sinus tracts. Many are full of hair from what I have seen and actually hair is said to be a contributing factor. I’m no doc but that booty did not look all that hairy… Just painful.

    Poor sore-booty Man. Get better soon!


  29. and you didnt video it at the doctor? that was a great pussy shooter!!!!

  30. Why didn’t he do the squeezing in the bathtub so he doesn’t make a big mess! And if I had something that looked that angry I would have gone to the dr. And stop waiting!

  31. I’ve heard of golden showers, but this was more like jade/alabaster/amber showers. Wanted to see more of the spray.

  32. Wow! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch! I’m glad he went to the doctor & hope he’s feeling a whole lot better! I’ve given birth to 3 children, so I absolutely understand his wife not wanting in on the fun. Speaking of childbirth, I think I’d rather give birth than to have to deal with a Pilonidal cyst, especially every 6 months. What a pain in the butt!!

  33. Thanks to thewrights1004 for enduring this on camera and to Halphie for restoring this “yeesher”. I wish you didn’t have to get these so often, but of course, share any future offspring with us!!

  34. encapsulated says:

    I was just looking at this video last night. It was not working. I found another link online for it, but that was no good either.
    Thanks for re-posting the video HS!!!!

  35. That was way TMI even with volcanic pus eruptions.

  36. Zit Obsessed says:

    If I were his wife, I would have been at it before it got this ripe, that’s for sure!
    Good video – I just wish it was longer until blood ran out. Oh well, can’t have it all.

  37. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Glad PTZ had a copy of video so they can restore it!

  38. I believe and hope that this is not a pilonidal cyst. I think it was an ulcer, boil, or how you correctly say in English, you know those painful and rich pus-filled pimples that we need to squeeze while their solid core pops up, these are very common in that area of the body.

  39. I think it is a pilonidal cyst. I’ve had my share of them in my younger years. Seems like every time I came home from college (for the summer break), I would always end up with a pilonidal cyst. I think it was all the heavy lifting and packing, etc…
    The last one I had grew to the size of a softball. I couldn’t walk and obviously I couldn’t sit down. I had to lay on my tummy and crawl everywhere. I still lived w/my folks.
    My Mom called our doctor because I was miserable and in pain. He told her to either take me to the hospital or give me one of her tranquilizers and some other pill for pain. He said to put me in bed with moist heat on the cyst. Well, I crashed from the effects of the pills and woke up in a bit of a puddle. The moist heat had done it’s job and the cyst drained completely a bit later. I would tell you how, but it’s kinda gross.
    Anyway, it’s really hard for me to watch these videos. Brings back crappy memories.

  40. mrtasteless says:

    Now, there’s something you don’t see every day. :-)

  41. These cysts can get nasty when left untreated….my husband had one that burst during his teens that left him with a horrible scar.

  42. Oh, gobs of gratitudes to you, Halphie–I too was unable to view it until today. Def worth the wait!

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