Yummy Boil!

Hey, just going with the name here folks. I mean, not in what I would consider an edible delectable fashion, but if you consider what we enjoy watching as a form of visual candy for the mind… well, then… Yummy Yum Yum YEAH! Oh heck. Now I’m craving ice cream. Rich, thick, home churned vanilla with lots of emphasis on the bean. Top it with smooth, creamy, shade of burnt sugar caramel… warm, so the ice cream melts to leave a puddle forming at the bottom of the bowl…

…and don’t try to give it to me in a plastic bowl. That would be mistake numero uno. Mistake numero dos, in case you might be wondering, or even if you’re not ‘cos I’m going to finish this anyways (haha)… do *not* forget the sprinkles! And not those little non-pareil ball thingeys, or crunchy theme-shaped candy bits!!!! SPRINKLES! Rainbow colored soft little sticks!!! Not chocolate, because those, people, are Jimmies!!!

I am kinda partial to my ice cream served just so. Don’t get me started on the subject of cookie dough in ice cream…

And while I enjoy my midnight treat, enjoy this video!!!
~ H.S.

(Oh this one is good, my fellow Popologists!!! LOL!)
“This is me BigLukeBabyMaker poppin my mates Yummy boil which grew on his face over a couple of years. nom nom!! I think it was a sebatious cyst but im not exactly a doctor and for all I know he could have given an unsavoury female (most likely one which Frequented the night spots in taunton) a free mustache ride resulting in the terrible infliction of the puss filled sack that can clearly be seen residing in his cheek. Now the cyst has been removed and he no longer looks like quasimodo he can finaly return to his old hunting ground with aspirations towards securing a new young female to lumber him with yet another trophy infection to add to his encyclopedic list of contracted std’s hahahahaha good effort Gareth Field you are one of toy towns finest x.”

RUNTIME: 4min 34sec

YT INFO: Published on Aug 25,2012 by haworthluke

23 Comments on “Yummy Boil!

  1. This guy is trying to yank out the sack, and he’s like , ” this thing is like rubber ” They need a knife to properly get this extracted out for the poor guy, before they try and rip his face off

    1. Using a knife usually causes more infection, they were doing it in a safer way.

  2. The youtube commentary is a riot!!! Fun post & video Halph! Thanks!

  3. Brit buds. Best buds. Pop buds. They’re the kind that don’t mind hooking each other up with their Cysters.

    1. Armageddon says:

      These lads are squaddies (soldiers)…that is why they are cool with this lol

  4. What a delightful post, Halphie!! I was thinking if she yanked any harder, no telling what she might rip out…

  5. Great post H.S! Love your intro, as always & the YT commentary cracked me up! Love that thick chunky cheese & they even got the sac! Well done boys! Thanks again H.S for always keeping me happily entertained :)

  6. lovethatcreamcheese says:

    Nice little cyst. The guy squeezing his own face did a much better job of getting out the cheese than his buddy, who was pinching the hole instead of squeezing from down deep, but they were sure having fun with it anyway. And no screaming or gagging, yay!

  7. Boil boy is hot, but he probably already knows that, since he likes to give “mustache rides”!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Are mustache rides popular?

      1. justsqueezit says:

        Beats the heck out of the tilt-a-whirl, Puppy! And is a “J Bag” what I think it is?

  8. Nice Find “Cyster”! I hope they got the whole bag of treats out of there! Hehehe!

  9. …and what is a “J Bag”? Wonderful post…thanks!

  10. I like those that never give up!

  11. Nice little cyst. I do notice, a lot of the people, with a cyst, zit, or pimple, like to refer to them as a boil. I wonder if this wording is because they really think it’s a boil or are they in denial & just can’t come to terms with their pus filled reality?

  12. Fun post! The only meaning for “J-bag” I found that might apply here is well…a male with a small member.

  13. Fun video, nice cheese. The guy did do a better job squeezing than his mate did. Boil, pimple, they’re never quite sure what it is, but they’re gonna post it on You Tube! ;-)

  14. Zit Obsessed says:

    The poor guy is going to have one heck of a bruise and a scab, that’s for sure!

  15. insatiable says:

    Those blue eyes and full lips…what a cutie!

    Oh, the cyst was great too!

  16. Now that is what friends are for

  17. They got it! Well done!

    1. He certainly did even pulled the sack cleanly out!

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