The REAL Dr. Spencer VS. Kitty Cyst!

DrSpencer Presents:
“My Namesake Gets a Kitty Nipple Cyst!”

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My PTZ name comes from my awesome kitty, the real Dr. Spencer. Well, not long ago I was rubbing Dr. Spencer’s tummy. I could feel a small lump around where his first nipple should have been. Spencie has a lot of fur, so after wading through all of it, I found a hole with what looked like a piece of extremely dry skin or part of a cat’s claw.

For those of you who don’t have cats, sometimes when they get too long, a cat’s claw can splinter into two pieces. It’s kind of like when a human nail cracks. I honestly thought that’s what was stuck in poor Spencie’s nipple- half of a claw! So MrDrS and I got out the tweezers and tried to remove the claw piece to no avail. We left it alone for the night.

The next day, after I fed Spencie his dinner, I got out my best tweezers and took Spencer away from the other animals. I then applied some antiseptic, pain relief spray to the area and gently started to remove “the claw”. To my surprise the “claw” piece was actually dried sebaceous material from a small cyst. Previously, our vet had told me that if the cyst has cheesy material, it’s okay to gently squeeze it out. Well, I went for it, and Spencie was a total trooper the whole time!! After I was done, I sprayed the now visible nipple with disinfectant spray.

Pictures include shots of the material removed. You can see the hard, yellowy part that was the in hole- the part I thought was a claw, then there is white “cheeze”, Spencer’s very red nipple, which was literally pushed into his skin, under the pressure of the sebaceous material. I’m just sorry I didn’t take a picture of the area before I started tweezing! And there’s a picture of Spencie post procedure giving me an annoyed but relieved look.

Sorry about no video; it was just me taking care of it myself. But I thought my PTZ family might appreciate the real Dr. Spencer’s cyst story.

13 Comments on “The REAL Dr. Spencer VS. Kitty Cyst!

  1. Happy New Year to you and Spencie, Dr. Spencer!! We love our popfamily and will take anything you may have to offer!!

  2. What a trooper Spencie is! It amazes me how long an animal can be in pain and not show it. Humans tend to whine at the smallest of owies.
    Spencie is lucky to have such a caring human for his pet.

  3. Excellent story DrSpencer!!!

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Good Job Dr. Spencer!

  5. 3cysterscafe says:

    Poor baby kitty tat! She’s probably been licking at it and its all cleared up by now! Thanks for giving us a peek at it Dr Spencer!


  7. justsqueezit says:

    Thanks for thinking of us and sharing.

  8. Great contents Dr.Spencer Kitty!!!!!!!

    1. Did your other feline friends hide out fearing they two would need a cyst removal? If one of my dog gets some kind of treatment, the other disappears like a Navy Seal and Ninja for at least 2 days hoping I’ve forgotten what I wanted to do.

  9. Poor Spencie! Well done Dr Spencer on taking care of your beautiful cat rather than immediately thinking of getting the video camera out. Thank you for taking the photos of what was removed from Spencie-it is amazing what animals will tolerate without any indication that anything is wrong. Thanks for the post & story Dr Spencer & Spencie :)

  10. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  11. Thank you, everyone! I’m glad you guys liked it. :)

  12. LIKED it? We LOVED it– in spite of no before and after, and in spite of it being photos instead of a vid–it’s from one of “ours” if you know what I mean. Thanks for thinking of us and sharing it. BTW, Spencie is sure cute!

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