The Grain of My Brother

This one goes out to our fearless leader, who seems to really love this type of pus popping – lots of stringy squeezes followed by a surprise volcanic blasts of tiny puslets! he he ha ha – puslets!! Do you love it, yes? I hope everyone really enjoys this one!

RUNTIME: 5min 22sec

TITLE: “El grano de mi cuñado”
YT INFO: Published on August 31,2013

30 Comments on “The Grain of My Brother

  1. That guy needs to have the mole adjacent to the cyst checked out. It has irregular borders and color. Those are two of the ABCs to look for when you analyze a mole to see if it might be skin cancer.

    1. FOR REAL!! that’s the first thing i saw

      1. mrtasteless says:

        Diddo. Not looking normal at all. This was an enjoyable video primarily due to the popper’s unyielding grit. She thumbed that sucker with vise like tenacity. Why she didn’t elect to my a small incision over the punctum I can only imagine… perhaps he was cruel to her as a child. Personally if it were me, I’d be howling in pain for the squeezing she’s laying on him! She’ll never get the sac through an opening that size… Rest assured this one will be back… pardon the pun… ;-)

  2. 3cysterscafe says:

    You’re not kidding El Niño!! It was like waiting for the grand finale at the Fourth of July fireworks!! And just when you think you seen it all, SURPRISE!!!!
    Great find and post Diamondgirl!!

  3. the kid yells “it smells like shit!”
    and runs away
    what a beautiful volcancito!

    1. actually, i wrote shit

    2. Sure it wasn’t “caca”?

  4. Ah, Exploding Cheese, how I love it!

    1. Yes, it’s the human body’s equivalent of a roman candle fire cracker!

  5. AWESOME!!!! That had a bit of everything & so much to enjoy. And no screaming!!! My mind thinks “if only they knew about PTZ & how to do this properly”-but then we wouldn’t get the part 2 that may be brewing as we speak! Thanks diamondgirl for the fantastic post, I think you will be in our fearless leaders good books!
    PS. Love the new avatar, it’s gorgeous :)

  6. It looked so sore at the end. One little cut would have produced so much better results. Pity.

    1. I thought the same thing as I watched it. Great pus and squirts, but one little cut would have made all the difference. Bet the poppee was bruised after that! :-)

  7. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Make a Bigger Hole!!!

    1. justsqueezit says:

      Maybe we shud patent that phrase – or make it a logo, with t-shirts and all?
      Twas a nice squirtin’ one – dang, how I love those!

      1. I love it.
        MABH on the pocket.

    2. I was wondering if someone was going to quote that video. I would have if you didn’t.

  8. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    You’ll put your eye out kid…………..

    1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Love this kind of video…..Great find!! Im not quite sure…but it seem to me (at least on my computer) that the film stops 3/4 way thru????? Tried it 3 times stops in sam place…now the video might just end there, but from the tracking it looks like there is more film. Anyway…I loved what I did see. Thanks for posting.

    1. I have the same problem, odd. I would have saved myself some time if I scrolled down and read the comments instead of sitting here staring at it for a while waiting for it it come back on!

  10. That thing got to shootin’ like a Ma Deuce in a WWII movie!!!
    Excellent find Diamondgirl!!!

  11. cysticsister says:

    At least the popper’s nails were clean.

  12. The cyst needed a warning label reading, “Caution, contents under extreme pressure.”

    1. Did someone say Under (extreme) Pressure?

  13. Thanks for the heads up, diamondgirl. Here’s the original link to guide those who found themselves stuck in the middle, so to speak!

    1. austinclaire says:

      It still freezes in the same place. : (
      That was a good (3/4ths) video- lots of our beloved string cheese, and the squeezer was quite enthusiastic. It probably would have been better, as others have said, if she made a small incision.

    2. Tried this link above…the one on YouTube and it stops in same place :(… Also I read the comment from Lou-Pus and Im glad to see the translation. As I was watching for the 1st time, right at the beginning, I was telling myself…boy this is a stinky one I bet…LOL ! Something about that kind of cheesy consistancy you know it has to smell.. Great kind of pop !! hehehehe !

  14. The original title of this YouTube video clip is “El Grano de Mi Cunado,” which means “My Brother-in-Law’s Zit,” in Spanish. But for PTZ, they translated it, “The Grain of My Brother.” It’s a cute translation because “grano” means both “zit” and “grain” (perhaps because a zit grows under the skin just like a grain of corn or wheat grows under the ground). Then, they probably didn’t know brother-in-law in English, so they just translated it brother.

    What is never lost in the translation, however, are the wonderful squirms and squirts of the sebum that comes out.

    Loved the comments made toward the end, when darker sebum was squirting out: The darker it was, the more it stunk!

    Quiero oler! I want to smell!

    1. @Lou-Pus – Yeah, the Google translator isn’t the very best, although having said that, none of the many online translation programs I have tried are very good. But at least it does come out rather humerous like this one “The Grain”, so yup, humor is the driving force behind just accepting the translation given.

      I do appreciate your proper translations though, thank you for sharing them!!! Keep up the good work! :)

      ~ H.S.

  15. cheezysqueeze says:

    great camera work, even a close-up that didn’t blur out.

    great two fingered approach, but would have liked to have seen the four-point squeeze to get even more gunk out.

    no hyper-wiping, and while gloves would have been better, no reaction to getting some gunk on the hands and who knows where else.

    and I think the little squirts look like grains!

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