Squirt! Mirror, Mirror…. Squirt!

Volume Warning – May Be Loud
And / Or Contain Adult Language.
Please Proceed With Caution.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…
Whose ear is juiciest –
Of them all??
This guy’s! Well, he’s at least a contender for the “Biggest and Juiciest Mirror Art” category at this year’s Country Fair! Bwah ha ha! BTE and a messy mirror – ah, the finer things in life as only found on PTZ.
Have fun and stay warm, Cysters and Blisters!!!!

“Sickest ever. Worst ever. Best ever. Best of. Greatest.”

RUNTIME: 7min 06sec

TITLE: “Totally extreme zit pop. Mirror blast. Cam.”
YT INFO: Published on Dec 17, 2012 by cgahleitner

20 Comments on “Squirt! Mirror, Mirror…. Squirt!

  1. Zit Obsessed says:

    It would have been better had the cameraman filmed the guys ear, and then the mirror afterward.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      I think this qualifies as a “HAPPY NEW EAR!

      1. mrtasteless says:

        Am I hallucinating – or did that guy take a hit off a joint at around 1:21? If it’s a cigarette, it’s a mighty small one… lol

        Yet another case for medicinal mary jane… self surgery! ;-)

  2. That was amazing!!! Plus, he ain’t done YET!! I hope he posts the rest when it fills up again!!!
    Classic find poppintime!!!

  3. he looks like a middle aged John sauna you now the wwe smack down wrestler.

  4. Oh BTE’s how I love you so! But I feel just a little let down that all those BTE chunks were mirror squirters & I missed a lot of the action (especially squirt number 3-view totally blocked by the mirror chunks/juice). I think I’ve been spoilt by “Behind the Ear Cyst” from a couple of days ago-the best BTE post in history! But cannot complain-that was a juicy one! If I find out where that Aussie boy lives, I’m going to hunt him down & do it properly for him LOL! Thanks for another happy time post, poppintime :)

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Would this qualify for a new catagory…. UTE (under the ear)?
      Whatever, it was a thing of beauty!

  5. Well how ’bout that, it’s Brett Favv..vv..reh.

  6. Was this guy absolutely determined to get that stuff out …. or to entertain? Not sure which, but I too wish he would have filmed the ear instead of the mirror. Pus!! I want Pus! Not mirrors. :-) Nice find!

  7. Yah we popologists would have made beautiful work of that little gem, wouldn’t we have? He sure tried hard, and made some really nice squirts. We are now sooooo spoiled by that ear cyst of a few days ago, that’s for sure…

    I enjoyed this immensely.

  8. Pus pistol in action.

  9. A four finger squeeze on an >ear lobe

  10. In galactic terms, that was an exploding super lobe-a.

  11. Aussies are real men.

  12. seems he’s wanting papparazzi to follow him,lol freaking great squirts!!!

  13. Poppintime, I see a new category coming up soon – mirror art… I shall think of this one as a new contender. I couldn’t figure out whether to focus on the popping action or the mirror receiving the “art”!!

  14. Amazing, it kept squirting until the end.

  15. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Nice Find poppintime!!!!!, as usual!

    Love those BTE Vids.

  16. Vicky Barn says:

    He looks like Brett Farve to me, and a great mirror picture of pus for sure…….

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