Short Pimple Pop

Congratulations, sarah!

This is my first video! I hope you all enjoy this one ~ There’s even a squirt!

YT COMMENTARY: “Popping gregs back pimple”

RUNTIME: 1min 57sec

TITLE: “Dr.suyen”
YT INFO: Uploaded by deathnickelz November 20, 2012

13 Comments on “Short Pimple Pop

  1. I do so love to congratulate folks on their brand spanking new videos, so Sarah, welcome to the best club in the world!! poppy

  2. Allow me to add my congrats on your first post as well. Haven’t managed to do it yet myself, but it’s still fun to be here with y’all! No squirt too small! No pop too short, except when we are left unfulfilled!


  4. prunesquallor says:

    Never mind the shortage of pus that be the object of our desire. Your first video was an excellent way to break into the world of PTZ. We here sometimes pray for the big juicy kind, and forget the smaller ‘poppers’ that can be equally entertaining. I know it took guts for you to post your work to be critiqued by experts. So now you got your feet wet, keep ‘em coming, Sarah. Bye the bye, the camera work was pretty good too. Pop on people.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  5. Thank you for sharing that with us! There was more pus in there than I expected there to be.

  6. WTG Sarah on your first post. I cracked up laughing when she said it all needs to come out, then pointed to his butt and said, “not there!”

  7. Congrats Sarah on your 1st post! A lovely spot of bacne with more pus in there than I thought there would be! Our young popper did a lovely job & the CO was great for a young one too. So thanks for doing what I’m not brave enough to do yet-post something! Thank you :)

  8. That was the best 2 minutes of the day!!!
    Excellent find and congratulations on your first post Sarah

  9. Congratulations on the first post!!!

  10. You done good girlfriend – WELCOME!!!!!!!

  11. Congrats on first post.
    Had a giggle at the gagger. Lucky she wasn’t dealing with the massive underarm boil/abscess on the other post. ugh, sorry, ugh, I’m so sorry.

  12. WTG!! Nice, clean popping, awesome camera work and I was pleasantly surprised at just how much pus there was inside that thing… Thank you Sarah!

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