If this is a pimple, then PTZ is a site for birdwatching… if you are waiting for me to chirp, it isn’t gonna happen, lol. ;) Great exploding shoulder pus – just beware…


Awesome video, my Cyster! Thanks! Now, on with the show ~ Ye-tah!!! :) :)


RUNTIME: 5min 52sec

YT INFO: uploaded to YT on Dec. 10, 2012 by Adam Borlina

BONUS! Action Shot!!!

>>>CLICK on pic for larger view<<<

65 Comments on “NASTIEST PIMPLE POP EVER!!!!

  1. Nice! The cameraman is such a wuss though! Would’ve been easier if he would’ve squeezed, but noooo, he’s too disgusted… Nice share, thanks!

    1. Awesome CHUNKS……..Yeah!!!! Cameraman….. u stink! Wouldn’t hurt u to offer some assist there!

    2. DUDE! there was 30 ‘dudes in there..dude LOL

      1. Hynote69 I agree – we are amidst a dude convention.

    3. diamondgirl says:

      Wow, he is acting like a little girl isn’t he? I am almost annoyed with him constantly whining about the darn cyst! On the other hand, I wouldn’t allow anyone to squeeze something like that all over my furniture. They could go into the tub and do it OR into the garage, but not at my fricken kitchen/dining room table! There isn’t that much love in the world to allow a friend/family member to do that…Nice post 3cysters. I think I heard it tumbling out one time…maybe not, the camera guy was screaming so much…LOL

  2. Too bad his friend is so disgusted. He could use more hands to get all that pus out, not to mention the sac. Too bad the doctor wants to charge him $900. I’d do it for free!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      I’ll pay $10 ……… any takers?

      1. Yes, I was thinking I’d pay him money to squeeze out the cyst :)

  3. This definitely was a good video, I was just curious as to what did that guy’s tattoo say, I couldn’t figure it out, anyone know ??? Just wondering.

    1. princesspustule says:


      1. You got the wrong person. Reply to Sandy.

      2. Ok…first let me appoligize…I read everyones comments broken up, instead of the order in which they are posted. I have a real problem about that. Now I read that his tatoo read Secrets of War…and that makes more sense…because I think that was a granade in the middle..I know that has nothing to do with the video…but my mind does wonder about these things. LOL!!

      3. princesspustule says:

        Sorry Buffsmom, this is for Sandy.What is up with the alinement?

    2. princesspustule says:

      Sandy, sorry I need to reply to you instead of buffsmom. The tatoo says “Secrets of war.”

    3. diamondgirl says:

      SECRETS OF WAR with a hand grenade in the middle of SECRETS and
      OF WAR!!

      All in all this was an awesome vid and the first time I had viewed it. Camera guy, I really do understand you wanting to keep your furniture clean, me personally, would have never allowed any time of pus filled infected to be squeezed or squirted all over my kitchen. The only place that would be OK would be the bathroom, preferably in the shower OR the garage, but DUDE you could have helped out your room mate? I mean DUDE it was your idea since the doc was going to charge so much money. I would have popped that bad boy for free. Great find Cyster!!

  4. LMAO!! I laughed through the whole video DUDE!! These two cracked me up! I agree it would have been better with a two handed attack! Great action anyway Dude! While I thought ‘Yeah I live in Canada and I wouldn’t have to pay $900 to have that done’ I was also thinking ‘I’d pay to play with that arm!’

    Great post 3Cysters!! Thanks!! =)

  5. We have just witnessed a divorce that will end in remarriage, because Adam’s Cyster-wife (perhaps her name is Eve?) will definitely come back. Can’t wait for them to be together again.

  6. Oh the potential! Oh the great squirt shots! Oh the annoying camera-dude!

    People are irritated when girls scream but this guy gave them a run for their money. I think even the popee/popper was a bit disgusted with him.

    There w a lot more funky chunky goodness and a sac to be had but alas…’twas not meant to be.


    1. I turned the sound off..was tired of the F bomb and dude being every other word. He needs to grow a pair and quit being a sissy girl.

    2. I
      know what you mean about the camera man. Exactly what was he expecting to shoot outta there? “Oh man, that’s disgusting!”—yea, its pus you wuss. Don’t film a cyst draining and expect chanel number 5 to ooze out.

  7. princesspustule says:

    Oh my goodness there was so much good stuff left in there. If scared -de-cat would have given him a hand and did some squeezing, then, that good ol cheese would have pored out of there with a vengence and then camera boy would really have to steralize his table. BUFFSMOM, the top of his tatoo said Secrets and the bottom looked like it said F4var or F evar. It was to hard to see. I know the top said Secrets but, i’m not sure about the bottom. Maybe some other popees’ out there can tell us.
    Great video though. Just wish we could have gotten camera boy to squeeze for us then it would have been spectacular

    1. Wrong person. Reply to Sandy, please.

    2. princesspusture…I kept trying to read the tatoo also…but I do that every time I see a tatoo. Couldnt figure it out either. Oh well! LOL

      1. princesspustule says:

        Maloralw, I don’t understand what is up with the alinement problem either. I don’t think it use to do that but, who knows it may have. I wasn’t sure about the second line on his tatoo so I had to go back in slow-mo and read it. I first thought it said secrets forever, I just thought forever was spelled funny, then, I went back and looked at it and realized what it said and yes it made sense to me too after that.

  8. What a good job the popper did for his first ever “pimple” pop. So much to love! Thick cheese, squirts in all directions-excellent! The cameraman saying he was the “best director ever”-what a laugh! There is sure to be a part 2 this this cyst, when he makes a bigger hole & gets a non-wuss friend to help out. And $900 to remove a cyst? Am I glad I live in Australia where the cost would be $0. 3Cysterscafe-dudess, what a excellent post! Thanks heaps :)

  9. 3cysterscafe, glad to see you back posting!!! This can probably be considered the first installment, unless he continued popping after the filming stopped! poppy

  10. That was great…Thats the kind I really like to see…Thanks for posting.

  11. crylittlecyster says:

    I wanted to get in there and pop it for him. Grab a hemostat and dig it out as well. ahhhhhh oh well!

  12. This was sooo good had to watch several more times….I wanted to add…The doctor wanted to charge him $900.00 bucks????? Was that Dr. crazy ?? Good for us he did go that way…and we get to see this lovely video. He just saved himself a “way overpriced”procedure. And as far as I can tell, he didnt get out the sack so there might be another installment? He is always welcome here.

  13. lovethatcreamcheese says:

    Dang, that could have been done so much better! Dude did an okay job, considering that he didn’t have a clue what he was dealing with and his friend was a total wuss — that wasn’t a boil, it wasn’t pus, and they left at least half of it still in there, I’d be willing to bet, plus of course the sac. Anyway, when it comes back, maybe he’ll get someone who’s willing to help him more do a better job — I’d have love to get my hands on that one, too!

  14. $900 to remove a cyst?! Thank god for the NHS here in England!

  15. Nice find 3cysterscafe!

    Your foreword is also nice, but if it is the pus (instead of the keratin or sebum) then you could start to chirp. ;-)

  16. pussbuster says:

    That was some good one handed squeezing.

    1. @Pussbuster — GREAT avatar name!

      This reminds me of the guy sitting at a table squeezing a cyst while his friend watches and the family cat tries to eat the stuff squeezed out. Both were great one handed popper :)

  17. Nice find my Cyster! Love the part when it pops him in the face that had to be a Surprise!!!! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

  18. Katie Hernandez says:

    Nice find! I was hoping to see the two handed squeeze on it though. Maybe in the next installment? :)

  19. justsqueezit says:

    Wow! A hot guy and big ole cyst – 3cysters, you have made my day!

  20. zittylover says:

    ooohhhh GREAT! lol

  21. I really cant stand the name dude now.

  22. unclelarry says:

    He got more out of that cyst than I thought he would.

  23. I just clicked my first favorite for that one! LOVE!

  24. jordan1870 says:

    Excellent pop but am I the only one with a sore hand from smacking the screen and telling him to stop wiping and SQUEEZE?!?!?!?!!! That one definitely still had a couple of good pops left! The guy didn’t happen to post his address, did he??? Lol

  25. Saw this on Internet a bit back. Wondered why it wasn’t on here. I find these newer unseen ones a lot. Can’t post em myself but would love to send links to people who can

  26. DUDE,LOL heavenly shots!!!!

  27. Joachim Nyseth says:

    What a pussy the camerman is!

  28. Camera “dude” needed to shut up. Apparently he only knows 4 words/phrases and can only repeat them dude, repeat them dude, repeat them dude. Can’t believe the popper is even friends with this fool.

  29. I wanted to crazy glue the camera man’s feet to the floor!!! For Pete’s sake stand still, stay focused on the action, and DON’T stand behind the cyst! Geez…. That feel’s better, I had to vent! That being said, what a lovely, gooey, chunky, arm cyst. We should all post our cities of origin, that way, when the cystie has nothing but big baby wusses available for extracting & filming, all they’d have to do would be to log on PTZ & ask for help. I believe we’d all make ourselves available to help with any and all pus filled extractions.

  30. That was definitely a 2 hander!

  31. Has anyone been able to stop enjoying the pop and count how many times cameraboy says dude? I get too drawn in everytime…

  32. Gee, I thought that the poppers name was ‘Dude’, snerk!! Agree, cameraman was a giant wuss. Great cyst, lots of cheese, great post! Next time I’ll just watch it with the sound off, dude.

  33. Zit Obsessed says:

    The “cameraman”, I mean “camerawuss” belongs with the screaming females when puss emits from the body and they get grossed-out and excited! Although he was annoying, he did take decent shots with the camera.
    It was great when the pus hit the patient in the face! I loved it! I want more! Give me more! There’s more pus in there! Let it fester a day or so and let me go at it!

  34. If that bloke says dude one more time, his camera is going to end up where the sun don’t shine!
    Seriouly folks – would you really have to pay $900 in the USA to get that sorted?

    1. No way! I have had a cyst removed and they do it in the Dr. office unless it is badly infected. They charge a visit fee (30 – 45$) and then submit the rest to the insurance company. You pay the left over or a percentage of the bill depending on your insurance but I have never heard of it costing 900$.
      I think I need to squeeze the wuss’s head like that cyst, between the “dude” and the f word I got so irritated I had to turn the sound off and start over with it muted so I could enjoy it.

  35. That camera ‘man’ was worse than any girl I ever heard on these posts! What a HUGE wimp! He could have helped his buddy and gotten that all out! Put on some gloves and your big boy pants and help your buddy ya pussy! I’m with everyone else on here that I would have been more than happy to give a ‘hand’ to him and would have either done it for free or paid him to let me do it! I can’t believe the dr wanted $900 thats just completely absurd! Doctors are getting worse and worse about getting all the all mighty dollar they can! Who cares about actually helping people they just want the $ and if you dont have $ or insurance they cant help you! Sad world we live in!

  36. That friend sucked. MAN UP & HELP YOUR FRIEND YOU WANKER !

  37. Awesome video, but I agree this roommate is mute-worthy. It’s good this guy has more patience than me and continued popping instead of telling this guy to be quiet – can’t believe he passed up the opp to pop!

  38. Very cool…. Glad he saved some serious money and we got to enjoy it with him! Thanks a million for the post!

  39. Forget disinfecting that table. How could they ever eat there again? Might as well burn it and buy another one.

  40. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    That is one word I will not use anymore!!! (Dude).

    Still was a good video as far as puss goes.
    Nice find 3cysterscafe!!!

  41. austinclaire says:

    (Happy smile) That was a good one! I needed some nice, squirty pus after my long,hard night at work. A shame the cameraman was on the squeamish side, but still that was quite a payload! Thanks for sharing.

  42. Can I help you with that??? ;-)

  43. Cystr and theButtPimples says:

    I’m amused by the descripion saying “if this is a pimple then PTZ is a site for bird watching” and up in the right hand corner of my page is an ad for “Bird be gone” good thing we aren’t bird watchers or that advertizer would go broke trying to sell their product to us. haha.

  44. Nice cyst!!! you know that’s coming back, most people don’t know about or don’t worry about getting the sack out.
    I think it’s funny when you hear people talk about the “Seed” like it all grows from some sort of a seed and all you need to do is get that damn “SEED” out…

  45. popthatzit7 says:

    It needed a ‘bigger’ hole…lol

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