*Major* Horse Hematoma Drainage!

Did I say major? This video is incredible.

***** WARNING!! *****
Graphic Animal Surgery!!
Equine Hematoma – LOTS of Blood!!!
Sensitive Members, Please Consider Carefully…
Viewer Discretion Is Advised!
***** WARNING!! ******

RUNTIME: 0min 23sec

TITLE: “Rehab- hematoma drainage”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 15,2013 by EponasPathInc

33 Comments on “*Major* Horse Hematoma Drainage!

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Is it just me or does the guy in the blue shirt holding this horse have strange red testicles?

    1. had to watch again to see what you were talkin bout,lol

    2. justsqueezit says:

      More like amazing Christmas balls

    3. Had to look as well. I believe he goes by the name of ‘One Hung Lo’

    4. Never noticed before. —– I am battling a back injury/surgery that has me laid up in bed. Therefore, I have had more time to “mine” for great videos like this one. If you watch it more than once, notice the blood bag before they release the flood of yuck. It behaves likes a — bag full of fluid. I thought you all might enjoy the action of the “bag” if you knew to watch the video several times. Hope you like it!

      1. Had to go back & watch it again to see what you meant. You can definitely see the “bag”of fluid deflate as the abcess is drained! Too cool!

    5. lolol. Took me a sec to see where Mr. Swingin’-Red-Balls was. Too funny! I LOLd when I saw it!

    6. M. Papeziam Dabaruschko says:

      Nah, it’s just the Red Bag of Courage…

  2. Wow, that was a lot of fluid.
    Hope the horse felt better after that.

  3. 3cysterscafe says:

    Omg! That’s insane!! How long must that have been brewing to end up that big?! That poor horse musta been in some horrible pain! Looks like she’ll be ok though, or is that just wishfull thinking? Thanks fr the post gimpysgirl! What a shocker!

    1. crylittlecyster says:

      Honestly they can do that within a day.

    2. I felt so sorry for that horse… You could tell it was in a lot of pain because of the way it was holding its leg. The vet said at the end of the video, “well, we know this blood is out of circulation, so he shouldn’t die of hypovolemic shock, at least not right now…” I certainly hope that the horse made a full recovery! Poor thing!

    3. You are welcome. I, like other “miners”, must spend way too much time on the internet searching high and low for good videos. For each one that I choose to submit, I have searched for and viewed many others only to reject them for one reason or the other. Of course, I am addicted and can’t help but actively seek a great video that’s new and amazing. Regardless, we really appreciate it when a viewer takes time to post and to say thanks, acknowledging that the time spent finding the video is appreciated. Thank you for saying thank you.– Gimpysgirl

  4. wow, what an explosion! is that horse’s tail docked, or is it my imagination?

    1. The lady on the other side of the horse is actually holding it. I was wondering what she was doing there at first, until I saw that the tail wasn’t straight across.

  5. I think that’s how they did oil changes in the old days–like before automobiles.

  6. invisible zipper says:

    Wow! You could see it sloshing under the skin as the vet opened it up.

    It reminds me of this video: http://youtu.be/H17mWrB9RbY?t=58s

  7. diamondgirl says:

    I have never seen anything like this apparantly they have. I am still freaked out over the horror of this. Surely the horse didn’t live…there is no way..

  8. Un-Freakin’-Believable!

  9. Lizzie Borden was ‘ere

  10. Holy Crap. That is a horror movie amount of blood.
    If you saw that much anywhere you’d know something was dead for sure.
    Poor horse. man

  11. That looked to be about 5 gallons of blood!!! Glad the horse didn’t need it!!!
    Excellent find gg!!!

  12. Clean up at stable number 5, please!

    It made me think; “Wow, thank God it stopped leaking before the horse turned into a little pony”. Thanks for finding this video, gimpysgirl!
    Hope your back doesn’t hurt that much. Get well soon, gimpysgirl!

  13. Hope horse is out running the pastures with all it’s friends again!

  14. Gimpysgirl, get well soon! I always want to believe the animals heal up after surgery. It would be awfully hard to watch if I knew ahead of time they didn’t survive.

  15. Nothing like the glop-plop sound as that stuff hits the floor.

  16. Holy cow. I loved watching the space it was in go from wobbly and large to flat and empty.

  17. And what looks like white things floating around in that blood would be??

    1. Naebug, I think they are just air bubbles

  18. I bet buckets would be all the rage at this stable if they knew about them.

  19. Crypto Dentist says:

    Wonderful vid. And to the people thinking the horse couldn’t have survived, that was a hematoma. As the doc said, the blood wasn’t in circulation; it was old dead blood that didn’t have a way out of the body (until they made one). No, they didn’t just cut into the horse for the heck of it.

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