House of Weird: Plastic Makes it Possible **GRAPHIC**

This Video Contains Unusual Subject Material
Involves Graphic Animal Medical Treatment.
Sensitive Viewers, Please Be Advised
Viewer Discretion Is Required.
~ Please, Watch by Choice and Comment With Respect ~

Congratulations, holybejesis!

You never know what’s in a cow’s stomach until you look!

~~ A “House of Weird” video if I have ever seen one, this had my jaw on the floor for several hours after the video had ended. So, fellow Popologists, dust off those floor pillows!!! Thanks for the outrageous and fascinating find, holyb! And welcome to posting!!! :) ~~

“A clip from Luke Gamble’s Vet Adventures, where he performs a field operation on a cow which has eaten so much plastic rubbish that it has become very sick.”

RUNTIME: 4min 30sec

TITLE: “Luke Gamble pulls 14kg of plastic out of a cow!”
YT INFO: Uploaded Jan 14,2011 by DogsBestFriend11
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40 Comments on “House of Weird: Plastic Makes it Possible **GRAPHIC**

  1. Wow HBJ! Great 1st post. Nice to have a another good miner on site. Wishing you happy hunting. (Kind of self-serving, I know, since we all get the pleasure from your hard work.) Thanks. Gimpysgirl

    1. If I’m right, that is over 28 pounds.

  2. Good Lord!!! I’ve seen some crazy stuff but this takes the cake… or should I say ‘plastic’!
    That poor animal!!! Very sad situation :(
    Great find though!

  3. That’s disgusting!! I can deal with pus, blood anything else in a video, but I almost hurled on this one! Welcome to the world of posting!

    1. I have to agree this post was very , very interesting , but I was cringing waatchin it all. I liked the information it gave though. And this guy deserves a metal for doing that , I know I couldn’t have

  4. holyb, welcome to our community! This is one brave man. He showed respect to the country and to the animal he was working on. I like him. Looking forward to more of your finds. poppy

  5. uuummmmmmm………. that’s like getting a c-section wide awake……wonder the poor cow didn’t pass out, i almost did while watching,lol

    1. why did i get a thumb down? geeeeeeeee

      1. I signed on just to counter those two stupid ‘thumbs down’. Bit of a troll hanging around, I’d say.

      2. Welcome to the “getting a thumbs down for no particular reason” club, pokat70. That happens from time to time. Actually, I’m kind of surprized that you made it to “certified popologist” status WITHOUT getting one! Oh, well, I thought your comment was just fine! :) I do agree with comedoness that at least one of the “thumbs downers” must be a troll!!

      3. You must have gotten 5 thumbs down from 5 women who got C-sections while awake?

      4. Not sure why you got a thumbs down, I hate it when people do that, maybe they got mad because they couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say. I thought the same thing about the cow passing out from pain. How can they do surgery like this with the animal wide awake? Amazing! Where did she get plastic and what would make her have a desire to eat plastic? That looks like tons of hay and fermented grass to me. WTH, plastic? I am glad he got it all out, that was pretty gnarly and my tummy feels all cramped up right now as I am typing..I will probably make it too the bathroom…

  6. Bravo to the vet for diving into that cow’s gut to remove the obstruction!!!
    Excellent find HBJ and congratulations on your first post!!!

  7. Wow these Aussies are tough critters; I love them all! Yep extra soft floor pillow needed for this, truly heartbreaking and disgusting. Cannot believe all that crap was in there, then he pours the liquid back in, that made me tum-tum swish a bit, have to admit it. Awesome find holybejesus! Love yer handle too!

    1. He is an English Vetenary Surgeon

    2. Sorry but this chap is definitely a Brit. They can be quite tough too!

  8. Congrats on your first post, holybejesis! And here’s to many more! I have to agree with bocat70…that it was like a c-section, but that poor cow didn’t get a calf. To go through all that and not get a baby…would break my heart.
    Thanks for the great post!
    mash on

    1. Sorry to pokat70 for not getting the nick right…I just washed my hands and can’t do a thing with ‘em. I’ll try to do better in the future.
      mash on

  9. That was stunning! Like a trainwreck, I could not turn away!

  10. The smell must’ve been horrid. Good job by the vet. Loved the nice pat he gives the cow at the end.

  11. Unbelievable! He held up at least 3 feet long section of the plastic the cow ate! I knew billy goats ate just about everything but learned something new that a cow will too. I hope the animal survived and sticks to grass and hay as a diet.

  12. invisible zipper says:

    Oh. My. God.

  13. It was amazing the amout of plastic the vet pulled out but just as amazing was how he poured back in the stinking nasty liquid.


  14. captaincarbuncle says:

    The look on the other animal’s faces was priceless. It was like they were saying “better you than me, bub”


  16. misspopington says:

    1st comment on PTZ. Been watching for about 5 months.
    I remember seeing this on Youtube awhile back. Still so amazing to see! I had no idea that cows can and will eat plastic.

  17. cheezysqueeze says:

    I am so grateful we can’t smell these videos!

    and I really appreciate the vet for offering a social commentary (and for patting the cow at the end).

    1. Agreed – one case in which we can be thankful that technology has yet to reach the sense of smell or I think I’d have to pass on some videos.

  18. As previously mentioned, a great british vet this guy, you can see he cares about the animals he treats and working for his excellent charity which works all over the world. his website is please donate if you can.

  19. Zit Obsessed says:

    14 kg = roughly 30 lb. Can you imagine? What empathy and care this vet has for the animals. It touches my heart.
    Although it may seem gross to many people, this video is just how things are. It is what it is.

  20. That poor thing. I feel so bad for it, oh man. I hope it’s ok

  21. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Holy Cow……………. so to speak

  22. Mr. McPimple says:

    That is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Then why do I keep watching it over and ove again? lol!

  23. Wow.. I can’t say this very often… but I could not watch this video after the initial “sqquuuiiirrrrrrrt” when he popped the stomach…. too much, just too much
    Just my opinion

  24. OMG!! I’m so rarely sickened by these vids but this one almost had me puking… ESPECIALLY when he poured all of the acid back in to the stomach!! I really hope they gave that cow massive drugs so it wasn’t in preventable pain from the procedure! And whyyyy was he not wearing gloves that at least went up to his elbows?? That stuff has got to have the potential to do some kind of damage to his skin.. Really hope the cows ok and the owners maybe pickup the plastic every once and awhile before the cows eat it!

  25. That poor cow!!!

  26. Oh my God! Poor animal! We all shoud think about our waste.

  27. awe poor baby

  28. Need more vets like this guy,gives a %100 no matter when or where type.Wish kids were exposed to more examples of true character like this instead of the degenerates the media promote in our culture.

  29. I watch this guy on tv he is an amazing Aussie vet that travels all over the poorer countries offering his services to those in need of a vet … he brings his own tools and meds as well because he knows that most of the places he goes won’t have anything to offer. He’s really something. He has done some amazing surgeries under the most deplorable conditions but I have to admit that was really something! What a crazy thing – who knew cows would eat plastic? Like one commenter said, I knew billy goats would eat anything, but I didn’t know cows would … learn something new every day I guess … glad he was there and able to help that poor cow .. if it wasn’t for him, that cow would have died a none too pleasant death! I’m glad he does what he does, but I don’t think I could be his helper … he does some pretty dirty jobs and under awful conditions at times … I really admire his dedication to the animals and people he serves. Thanks for the post and for a first… very well done! :)

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