Good Grief… Gross and Great!

I have seen other quite nasty looking boils and cysts, but this is sure one to rate towards the top of that list!! Hope you guys enjoy!!

“Foi muito tenso e não doeu nadinha ;)”
“It was very tense and not hurt tiny bit;)”

TITLE TRANSLATED: “Popping a pimple disgusting!!”

RUNTIME: 3min 47sec

TITLE: “Estourando uma espinha nojenta!!!”
YT INFO: Published Jun 29,2012 by DaviAraujo9

45 Comments on “Good Grief… Gross and Great!

  1. that thing was any bigger it would have its own moon.uber zombie cyst

  2. Yikes!!! One NASTY infection rather than simple pimple :<

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      So much for wispering sweet nothings in that guy’s ear………

      1. mrtasteless says:

        Lol @Pick_That_Puppy touche! That guy needs to stop messing around with that cyst and get it the hell out.

  3. That was enormous and the film ended long before it was empty. I would think that this should have been treated by a doc with some antibiotics.

    1. Absolutely! It looked like he had been picking at that mess for awhile. What might of been a small pimple or cyst is now definitely a nasty infection-hope he saw a Doctor! Thanks for the post justsqueezeit.

  4. That was one huge and nasty infection! I think he was also operating the camera, which would explain the less than stellar filming.
    Boil=5, camera work=2.

    1. He really needs a “Popping Buddy” to either hold the camera or (and this is the job I want) to two handed rubber gloved squeeze that thing!

  5. justsqueezit, thanks for the new post. I had a tough time figuring out whether work was being done on the boil due to the camera issues, but hopefully, the patient will heal up nicely.

  6. Wow – what a nasty puss filled sore. He left a whole lot in there though – I kept waiting for him to just give it one good push and force all that nastiness out … hopefully we will see a part II.

  7. look like someone shot some of his brains out, only if i could get my hands through the screen it would not be there any more,lol

  8. yankeedoodlepus says:

    there is no way i could have let something like that alone. i would have dug it out, then again, there would be nothing to see. good thing others have patience. i hope there is a part two.

    1. I know!! How frustrating was that to watch! I want part 2 now!

    2. Teenaged boys! ‘my son was just the same, would walk around while that bubbled on his face. A girl would have carved that sucker out a week ago!

  9. Definitely not just a pimple. That there is one infected … something 0_O Would have been so much better if someone was holding the camera but still got to see a nice amount of pus so i’m happy :)

    1. I noticed that there were other acne-like bumps. I wonder if it’s not some crazy cystic acne with an ingrown hair cross.

  10. 3cysterscafe says:

    That was an infection that most definately needed a doctor and a better cameraman to boot! Lots of nasty smelly infection in there. Great post though! Thanks!

  11. Circus side-show grotesqueness.

    I kept thinking of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” as I watched this video.

  12. Yeah, I certainly hope that guy went to a doctor to get it taken care of properly. That was one of the most inflamed boils I’ve ever seen, especially on a person’s face. Also, when an infection is that bad anywhere near the ear or the temple, it makes me really nervous… He could get some kind of infection in his brain if that infection makes it through the bone! Which, given the sinus videos we’ve seen where the infection DID eat through the bone, it’s a distinct possibility!

  13. In this day and age of technology, for the resolution on that vid to be sooo bad, it almost had to be on purpose. Like if it was a fake.
    I know, cynical me….been watching too much Utube again!

    1. That is exactly what I was thinking! This thing isn’t real, some kind of makeup ’cause it didn’t look real even with the blurry camera work.

      1. I pondered that too when I went to publish it – but what won me was how he pops it – if you watch how the skin moves around the furuncle, you’ll see that it has to be real. Fake applications won’t tolerate squeezing and sliding into the eruption, that is where the make-up edges would be and they would invariably pull away from the skin. To get stuff to flow from a FX boil usually requires squeezing from both sides near the center. Realizing it was a true burst furuncle (boil, yadda yadda) made the video all that more icky. :) But its fun to sit there and go “Really? Really?!? Ewwww!!!” lol

        ~ H.S.

  14. Video quality sucked!!!!! Made me dizzy!!! I wanted him to put his thumb on one side & a finger on the other, then squeeze it like his life depended on it. That thing looked infected & what was the black stuff under it? Hope he gets antibiotics & a non squemish friend to help out next time. I would have liked to have gotten a good look at his infected pus bomb.

  15. No accompanying inflammation of the surrounding skin, no effect on the surrounding skin at all. If you look closely, you can see where they attempted to blend the “pimple prosthetic” into the skin. Yes, it is fake.

    1. Yes I agree but a great fake! Really had me going until I read the comments and rewatched it. Nice-n-juicy tho!

    2. I’ve had a huge nasty on the side of my face right in front of my ear before, and didn’t suffer from localized swelling or redness. Why? That area of the face is practically just skin over cartilage. Hardly any actual tissue.

  16. I vote real, it’s just an older camera phone.

  17. Zit Obsessed says:

    Put a matching one on the other side of his face, he could go as “Herman Munster” for Halloween!
    But seriously, it looked so very painful! If it were me, it never would have gotten to that size as it would have been popped long ago…

  18. I thought everyone would’ve seen what I saw! In the “pimple” I totally saw a tiny little dog’s face looking to its right, like when dogs put there head out of the car window!

  19. diamondgirl says:

    Hey JUSTSQUEEZEIT? They shoulda JUSTSQUOZEIT!! lol..I know, that was very lame. Great post, camera work was a bit shoddy. Man that thing is really infected though. Stacey, I looked for the pus filled pup face and I think I saw it, right in the beginning of the filming..Is that where you saw it?

  20. OH for the love of GOD jut squeeze it already!! Had to stop watching before it was over because of the blurry footage my eyes ached :-(

  21. Arg-g-g-g…squeeze the d*** thing already! This big teaser made me very tense and made my toes curl up!

  22. Oh, that poor darling. How do you HIDE something like that? I can’t imagine walking around like that for very long. I want to scoop ‘em up and get both hands on that (film way!) and get that down to surface level at least.
    Those can hurt like crazy in that spot – BTE skin is kind of durable, but this spot is tough) , so if it could get to flat, pulling at the scab would toughen it up for more home-work. Maybe there was some fear about how badly it hurt? *sigh*

  23. Holy good gob of gooey goo batman.I would say this incident started with a crude razor blade job.

  24. rebornmoron says:

    show off

  25. Looks almost like an infected squamous cell carcinoma of the skin.

  26. ~ okay, show of hands: how many of y’all were reaching thru your screen with both hands to give the guy an assist and just SQUEEEZE IT ?

    (raising hand, looking around)

  27. kill it! kill it with fire! lol.
    that was one mean, angry, nasty looking… boil / cyst / zit / intergalactic space creature. Props to the popper for at least being able to hold the camera– I think I would have wussed out… that’s a -very- sensitive area!

  28. I also wished he would have tried to squeeze the stuff out, but I also, as a nurse, was somewhat concerned that that could be something worse than a sebac!~ Like CA, skin CA, which as some above also pointed out, could quickly go to bone and brain from that area. I think this person should DEFINITELY see a doctor (that is if the poor soul is in this mean country of the US has HEALTH INSURANCE!! SOCIALIZED MEDICINE FOR ALL!! God knows I try not to get too political, but the current climate is getting me angry, we are the last people in a “first world country” that doesn’t have it! Or are we now a “second world country? :) P.S.- It was a Fake!? Wow, think so?

  29. If it were real, as a mother I would have had him seen by a doctor way before it got to this stage.

  30. Infintigo, contagious, ER, Dr, antibiotic!!!

  31. popitlikeitshot says:

    Definately real. The skin along his cheek bone/jaw area was slightly swollen from acne, gradually getting worse as it got closer to the infected area. I suffer from cystic acne and would recognize that pattern anywhere. Also, take into account the hair line, it extends into the “boil” with expected thinning from squeezing etc… It’s real and he REALLY needs to deal with it or leave it for a professional because he has caused unnecessary, not to mention permanent, damage to the skin. Cystic acne only gets worse with every pick/pop.

  32. ZealousZitZinger says:

    Okay, first of all, HOLY MOTION SICKNESS!

    Second – GET THEE TO A ASAP!

    1. ZealousZitZinger says:

      DOCTOR…I was so motion sick I missed a word in my comment up there.

  33. I just wanted to jump in there and pull the whole thing of his face!

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