First BTE of the Year… and Second!

A nice behind the ear (BTE for those of you new to PTZ! Welcome!) popping session, where you can tell this guy likes his popping… and especially the pus! He does some great “show me” fingers, plus his technique isn’t half bad. Good camera work, no screamin’ me-me-me’s on the scene either, LOL. There is a younger person present, who despite a few “Ewww!”statements and a bit of coughing (not full gagging, so it might be unrelated), seems like a Future Popologist!! Calk up another one folks!

All in all – an enjoyable BTE from a guy who we will probably be seeing again! Enjoy everyone!

BONUS!: Found a prior pop, same ear, different pus pocket. However – minor warning that there is some >>ADULT LANGUAGE<<< in this one (just in case you have the youngsters within hearing distance!). I guess Grandma's house has some rules on swearing, perhaps? :)

“Check out this action packed never ending pimple! Make sure you wait for the mirror blast lol!”

RUNTIME: 9min 39sec

TITLE: “Pimple Popping at Grandma’s House LOL!!”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 2, 2013 by jillzy10

BONUS! “4am Pimple Popping Session WIN”
“Stayed tuned..we think its going to refill lol!…”
RUNTIME: 4min 39sec

TITLE: “4am Pimple Popping Session WIN”
YT INFO: Published on Nov 2,2012 by jillzy10

23 Comments on “First BTE of the Year… and Second!

  1. I liked this one. We will be seeing him again because I think the mother load is still in there.

    1. The first one

  2. yankeedoodlepus says:

    Thank you to both poppers for sharing. It was wonderful to watch (no volume) and have the feed be still and easy to enjoy. The first really kinda entranced me, it gave payload after payload. Plus, he wore my favorite color, Orange. The second was good, and I believe had a great start!

  3. Happy New Year, justsqueezit and thanks so much for finding this great post. I hope 2013 brings you happiness.

  4. Nice find Justsqueezit. BTE is my favorite. Mainly because you get a nice payload in a small space.

  5. Mirror, Mirror, on Gram’s wall,
    Who’s the juiciest of them all?
    Todd’s, grape-colored ear-boob,
    That’s who!

    1. It’s a family affair, and even done in Grandma’s bathroom , Ihope that they cleaned up after they were done.

  6. Zit Obsessed says:

    His wife asked “why do you keep getting them?” He didn’t answer. Bad for him, good for us!

  7. Crickey mate, Todd’s a cyst machine! LOVE this couple except for the swearing in front of the kids

  8. Covered the whole finger nail is thick pus!!!! It looks like the core is still inside waiting to fill pack up for rounder 2!!!!!!!!

  9. Two BTE’s in one post-I’m in heaven! It’s great to see a man who loves his BTE’s as much as us & I’m sort of glad he doesn’t realise he has to get the sac out to stop them recurring! More fun for us & him! Thanks justsqeezit for these brilliant posts-Happy New Year to you :)

  10. Long and happy sigh of contentment over here.

  11. lovethatcreamcheese says:

    I wanted to see them try to clean Gram’s mirror, too. Now that would have been some great comedy! Excellent BTEs, and it looks like Todd is priming another one as we enjoy these two. Perfect!

  12. why do people who gag watch these things? lol

  13. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Did this thing have everything we need or what………?

  14. Great post, and fun to find a guy who is definitely one of us! I liked the second video best, not only for the bigger hole for egress, but also for the comical comments…”That was nasty, but awesome at the same time!” “It looks like my Grandma’s tit!” Now just how would you know that, young man?!?
    Thanks so much for sharing, and keep that camera close by. I bet we get to see more of this popper!

  15. It IS beautiful!

  16. The first vid was a classic with the multiple shooters!!! But ya gotta give him props for doing a pop at 4 a.m.!!!
    Classic find justsqueezeit!!!

  17. This guy likes pus as much as we all do. Bet he is a member !!!!!!!!!!!! thanks peggy

  18. Nice quiet tone and good action. Cute kid. But I’m definitely not a fan of the play-with-my-pus crowd. Just my personal preference.


  19. insatiable says:

    LOL My favorite quote was from the second video when she said “why is it bleeding so much” and he answers “because there is a lot of blood in there”! These 2 are too funny!!! Keem em’ coming!!

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