Facial Cyst Undone

Gloves, technique, close-up shots… fingers close in and pus comes out. These are the things that create a decent DIY cyst removal. Learn it, live it, love it ~ Popology. It’s the only way to pop! *giggle*

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This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
DIY Surgery of Any Kind Is Not Recommended By This Site
And Should Not Be Attempted By Anyone
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*** WARNING! ***

“My son had been begging me to pop a sebaceous cyst on his face while he was home on leave…. razor in hand we lanced the bad boy…. gross pus just kept coming.”

RUNTIME: 5min 16sec

TITLE: “Huge Face Cyst Popped – And he calls himself a Marine”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 13,2012 by strouslot

17 Comments on “Facial Cyst Undone

  1. better some than none!!

  2. good vid thanx pt

  3. Nice little cyst and cheese, spoiled by bad camera work. Such a shame. Popper’s technique could have been better, too. Poppee was was able and willing.

  4. When they put the first string that came out on the paper towel, it had the same M like shape as the constellation Cassiopeia–

    Or should we say, Pus-iopeia?

    Anyway, cute lad. Lou-Pus like.

    1. yankeedoodlepus says:

      very cute lad, indeed.

  5. lovethatcreamcheese says:

    Practically every time she’d start squeezing, whoever was holding the camera would totally forget that they were supposed to be keeping the cyst in the center of the screen and it would disappear off the bottom of the picture. SO annoying! Unfortunately, I think this was another case of camera work by a young person not really old enough to know how to do a good job. Parents, I appreciate your attempts to include your children in the family delights of cyst-squeezing, but please keep the viewers (and their incipient nausea) in mind!

    1. It was like slow motion.
      Just as she’d start to squeeze, the camera would start drifting down, a little further but you can still see it, she’s just about to squeeze, and it moves down little further, but you can just barley see it, then BANG, just as squeezes it, the camera’s off of it.
      After about the third time that happened I turned it off.
      I couldn’t see the point in torturing myself any longer.

      1. It actually gets a little better after that first few downward drifts. Kiddo even does a few close-ups later in the video. He even admitted his camera skills were not very good, but bless his heart, he was trying! I bet even Spielberg’s very first film wasn’t stellar, either!

  6. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Just can’t beat that four finger squeez grip to get the job done………..

    1. Right on Puppy! And as she appeared to be a first time popper, well done her for discovering the golden technique of squeezing by herself. Thanks poppintime for another good post :)

  7. O.K. If the point of this was to point the camera in another direction when they started to squeeze the zit, This video would come in first place !!!!!!!!! Soooooooo very annoying , and I’m sure I’m not the olny one bothered by this ……………………

  8. Bah… Four Finger Frenzy.
    She had to clean or change her gloves, a slick grab.

  9. Great post, poppintime!!…will she get the sac out…stay tuned to the sequel…puleeze have a sequel! I love their relationship…do kind to one another.

  10. ARGH! Kept wanting to move my laptop so that I could see what was going on. Yeah, nice little cyst and pop, HORRIDLY annoying camera work. I wonder if the girl doing all of the “EEEEeewwwww”-ing was the one doing the camera. It seems as though as soon as it became gross and the Eeeeewwws started the camera would drift. Almost like the camera man was looking away.

  11. Why do I feel like I was watching that T’Pau video from the 80’s?

  12. What was the deal with that camera work? Every time you squeeze, camera pans up. Waste of a good zit!

  13. The tiny cyst put up a good fight but not strong enough to beat the four finger squeeze!

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