Everything Sounds Like Maggots!

Oh Most BIG Warning!
MYIASIS – Maggots, Larva, Nasty Stuff.
Please, Viewer Discretion Advised – Nay, Required! ;)

Here is one for you BTE lovers and the bug lovers too. Not quite long enough, as I’d like to see them clean this fellow up good. Yet still, it will make your skin crawl and your ear itch. I have no clue how you get into a situation like this. Would personally like to avoid it. (Ditto, Imwithu2!!! ~ H.S.)

RUNTIME: 3min 21sec

TITLE: “Miasis”
YT INFO: Published on Dec 2, 2012 by fabian torres amaya·

25 Comments on “Everything Sounds Like Maggots!

  1. 3cysterscafe says:

    Oh my God, that poor man was in so much pain! You could hear him trying to control his breathing. You got me on this one, I have an upset stomach!! That usually does not happen with me! I hope and pray that this man heals quickly And fully! Thank you for posting this Masterpiece!

    1. I hear you, 3cysters! Part of me wondered if there was any chance this was possibly MDT (maggot debridement therapy), but more likely, an infection or other serious issue in the ear canal which eventually moved outwards is my best guess. And really, guesses are all I have, because I just can’t concentrate past the thought of the pain and the noise!!! GAH!

      I may need to break out the brain bleach for this one. May I offer you a cuppa plus some sani-wipes? ;)

      Wonderful find, Imwith, thanks!!

      ~ H.S.

      1. Well this one was interesting. It told more about it and that was one thing that I loved. It looked like the little helpers were having trouble the closer that got to where the ear stopped. Please keep us in the circle.

      2. 3cysterscafe says:

        Yes please HS!

  2. I feel for this man, this can not be a good time in his life. But with that said, I understand medical care is probably more that he can afford. I know he probably couldn’t do anything about the infections setting in. But the maggots??? That’s where you loose me. Even without professional medical care, somebody is going to tell me that a person can’t keep a family of maggots from making a home behind their ear? Like I said I feel for my man & I’m glad he’s at the Doc’s now, because something went real bad or he just said ” fagidabouted it ain’t no big deal.”

  3. pain is not the word for that…can’t think of one at this moment…..

  4. Watched 10 seconds then turned it off. Poor guy needed surgery to remove the infestation. I would be surprised if he was able to keep his ear. I hope things worked out for him.

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Maggots PLUS behind the ear? 5 stars for each!

  6. Considering the difficulty with which some of those maggots were pulled, is it possible that they could be botfly larvae?

  7. justsqueezit says:

    Ok, the first thing that popped in my head (no pun intended) was :Oh, that poor bazt*rd!” That is a man that has an inkling of labor pains, as anyone that has waited for an inner ear infection to rupture can attest; now magnify that…

  8. Imwithu2, I wish we could have seen the entire extraction, but I will pray he got better after these unwanted guests were kicked out of his “hotel.”

  9. I don’t know if this guy was in pain , or just freaked-out by his situation , or a little of both. By the looks of his ear he must of been in pain, and the way this poor man was breathing sounded like he was totally freaked-out by having maggots in his ear. Either way I hope he gets better and some relief soon

    1. I was thinking the same thing.
      The breathing may have been more fear than pain.
      I’m not saying it still didn’t hurt like hell, but maybe a little less than it seemed, if the breathing was caused by fear instead of pain.
      The doc was being pretty gentle, sometimes they just start digging with situations like this.

  10. Does anyone remember Rotten.com?

    1. Oh! I do. I do. Is it gone?

  11. Were the maggots placed there to help stop the infection or did they just show up?

  12. BLAAARGH!!!! The breathing did bother me, too. I wish there was more backstory to this video. How did the wound occur? Is it healed now? How frightening to have a wound like that, I hope he is doing much better.

  13. I want to irrigate the wound with hydrogen peroxide to get everything (and everyone) moving right on out! Poor guy!

  14. MistressOfSqueeze says:

    Dear god that has to hurt!

  15. OK… Now THAT turned my stomach and I can assure you I can handle pretty much anything after 11 years working in a nursing home :-/ GAHHHHH!!

  16. aww man it was just getting good ;)

  17. Where is Dr. J when you need him?

  18. goodtimebob says:

    Not botflies. The maggots weren’t used for debridement. It looks like he got hit by a machete or similar. That was a straight cut, no ripping, so it was a blade. The maggots were feeding on living tissue, hence the pain. Dead tissue and you don’t feel anything. By the accent this probably was somewhere in northern Mexico. Given the level of treatment I’d say in a small clinic.

  19. OMG it look so painful O_O

  20. Awww why does it always happen to me that I come across videos that I really want to view and then when I click “play” nothing happens, and all I get to see is a still pic :-(
    By the viewers comments it would seem that is is definitelty a sight for sore eyes..awww shucks
    it won’t be my eyes

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