Encouraging Words During Finger Pop

par·o·nych·i·a [par-uh-nik-ee-uh]
NOUN: inflammation of the folds of skin bordering a nail of a finger or toe, usually characterized by infection and pus formation

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Pops can really hurt. Some of our favorites around here come from nasty illness or injury and I’ll speak for many in saying one of the reasons I like to see a pop is to witness the relief and release of something causing so much grief. Plus, the physics of the whole thing is pretty cool to me.

Usually I feel right there… right with the popper AND the poppee. More often than not, I’m leaning into my screen with all kinds of observations about technique and camera angle with side notes to the witnesses carrying on in the background who are helping or not helping the situation at all. I am there with them! I know how they feel and where they are coming from.

But not this time.

In this vid, we’ve got the poppee, our cameragal, and the popper. The poppee is pretty quiet. The poor thing seems to be enduring the discomfort just so he can feel better – just a few quiet moans and “oww’s”. The popper has that gentle calm of someone who knows what she’s doing – plus she comforts the poppee by telling him what’s happening, and how well it’s going. Our ‘Cameragal’ is trippin (to use the parlance of the young people.) She is enthusiastic about the whole process, but I’m not sure who’s team she is on. Sometimes she’s laughing, sometimes she’s encouraging, and sometimes she’s a little sadistic. She’s lost me.

Commentary isn’t everything, however! There are some really great misty-squirts. I LOVE misty-squirts. And then our poppee starts to faint…

RUNTIME: 3min 57sec

TITLE: “Paronychia skin infection drainage.”
YT INFO: Posted on Dec 6,2012 by Kristan Lagman  3:57

19 Comments on “Encouraging Words During Finger Pop

  1. ouch, loving the squirting!!!

  2. 3cysterscafe says:

    Oh my heck! That was nasty and must have been so, so painful! That infection was a 10 on the wicked scale! Ouch!! Boy, what a squirter too! Thanks for posting Genacyst, my dear! Great job!

  3. what is the cause of this? ihave smashed my fingers and had to drill threw the nail to relive the pressure before, makes great squirt and complete insatnt relife.

  4. That looks pretty sore. Betcha he felt a lot better after it was drained.

  5. That bad boy looks like it will fill up again. Pretty painful stuff.

  6. Hold Me Now, Squeeze My Thumb
    by The “Popson” Twins

    Well, I have a picture
    Pinned to my wall
    An image of you and of me
    Holding hands
    And we’re loving it all

    But look at my thumb now
    It’s swollen and sore
    I can’t stand the pain
    Feel like I’m gonna faint
    Like it’s going to explode

    O—-h, hold me now
    O—-h, squeeze my thumb
    Stay with me
    Relieve the pain, Drain out the pus…

    O—h, hold me now
    O—h, squeeze my thumb
    Stay with me
    Don’t let me faint, Drain out the blood…

    1. invisible zipper says:

      Awesome! I found all my old vinyl albums when we were cleaning out my parents’ house this weekend, and this was one of them.

    2. OMG Lou-Pus, you just took me back to high school! I loved that song & like invisible zipper have it on vinyl. Those were the days! Must say after watching that very painful paronychia pop & drain, I like your lyrics more than the Thompson Twins :) . Thanks for the memories Lou-Pus & thanks for the post Genacyst!

      1. Thanks, Kerryn and Invisible Zipper, for your comments. That just goes to show that on Pop that Zit…

        We are family
        I’ve got all my squeezers and me
        We are family
        Come on, Everybody, squeeze!

    3. yankeedoodlepus says:

      Holy Crap! I just went back to nineteen whatever!!!!!!!!

      thanks for the memory reminder.

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    “Are you gonna faint on me? Take a deep breath.”

    It’s not brain surgery people………………… sheesh!

    1. It doesn’t matter what’s happening, it isn’t that abnormal for people to feel faint when they get hurt and it’s bleeding a lot, or when they see themselves getting operated on, with lots of blood, or just enduring a lot of pain.
      When I was a kid I passed out just from a nurse trying to get a blood sample. They stuck me about 10 times in my arms and wrists trying to hit a vein.
      The next thing I knew they were waking me up.

  8. lovethatcreamcheese says:

    That was an ugly looking infection. Here’s hoping it clears up; this may have been DIY surgery, but certainly seemed to be more carefully performed than many (if not most). Mom definitely seemed to know what she was doing. I wonder if the camera person was the sister of the poppee? That would explain her moments of sadism!

    1. If it was one of my brothers (all older than me) I would probably enjoy him being in pain just a little-it would make up for all the Chinese burns, towel flicks, headlocks & more than a few blood noses! I think you hit the nail on the head lovethatcreamcheese-it has to be a sister filming. If she’s not…..I’d be more than a bit worried about her sadism!

  9. Terrific post, Genacyst. Some folks (like poppy) have a lower tolerance to pain, but please don’t think badly of us!

  10. I feel for the poor guy. Ive had badly infected ingrown toenails. Ive never fainted though :P

  11. That might feel better but it looked like it was swollen on the underside of the thumb in addition to the top. That may need real medical attention. Sometimes it’s just better to be safe than sorry.

  12. digger kahn says:

    What happens if you have to pick your nose with one of those things on your picking finger?

  13. yankeedoodlepus says:

    if that was me, I would have smashed the digit by now, trying to get rid of that.

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