Definitely Cannot Hear You Now!

Well, really… what to say… other than… WHOLLY CRUDOLA! That **MUST** feel better!!!! Can you spell relief? Sure! R-e-m-o-v-e H-u-g-e W-a-d-‘O’-W-a-x!!!! **titter! giggle!** Prepare yourself, jaw pillow for floor may be of use!

(Title: “A maior cera de ouvido do mundo – Remoção por vídeo – Imagem rara
– Publicação temporaria”)
“Ainda não tirei uma maior…
Desafio os internautas a acharem maior.”

(Title: “Most ear wax in the world – Removal by video – Rare image
– Publication temporary”)
“Still have not gotten anything greater …
Challenge netizens find the largest”

RUNTIME: 2min 34sec

TITLE: “A maior cera de ouvido do mundo – Remoção por vídeo – Imagem rara – Publicação temporaria”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 3,2013 by Reinaldo Cóser Neto

64 Comments on “Definitely Cannot Hear You Now!

  1. Zit Obsessed says:

    Amazing! Stick a wick on it and light that puppy up!
    The amount that was excised reminds me of the amount that Shrek pulled out of his ear and lit up in the first Shrek movie!
    Good find for a slow day!

    1. I was thinking more along the lines of salt water taffy when it was coming out. How do you not notice that much ear wax building up? It deformed the mastoid process for goodness sake.

      1. justsqueezit says:

        When you are cooking toffee, there is a stage where it has the same color and consistancy as that wax; now I know what I’ll be thinking about when making xmas candy…

      2. @ justsqueezit…I was so thinking the same thing. It looked at one point when they had it hooked, just like a taffy pull at a carnival. LOL I was just about to leave almost the same comment as you. Great minds DO think alike.

      3. zittylover says:

        In France we name these candies : “Berlingots”! :) Bon appétit

  2. that wax was there since that person was born

  3. @diamondgirl mind boggling find!

    Salt water taffy fer sure YUK

    Fav for sure!

  4. Happy New Year, Diamondgirl and thanks for the wonderful post!! It’s hard to believe so much goop could live in such a small house…

    1. I thought the exact same thing ladypoppington!

  5. jarhead1967 says:

    For a few seconds there – when the light was hitting it exactly right and when the person was holding it at the right angle … I thought for sure that i was looking at the head/upper boddy of a small mouse that wedged himself in th ear somehow then got covered with was. Of course I am 99% sure it was not a mouse but for those few seconds I was flabburgast at the idea a mouse had died in this guys ear.

    Go back and watch it again – pay attention to the texture on the side of the wax as they are pulling it out – doesnt it kind of look like hair? And then just after they set the wax down on the peice of white gauze and show it from above – it has the general shape of a mouse . finally, the most amazing part – when they zoom in on it sitting on the gauze, they catch a glimpse from the side and there are two openings that look exactly like empty eye sockets of a mouse and what looks like a long nose …

    Now again – I’m not saying this is a mouse – just that it had me fooled for a few seconds – go back and watch it again and pay attention to the parts I outlined … I am really curious to see if anyone else sees the same thing.

    1. PassDaCheez says:

      Ditto…looked like a mummified mouse!

      1. I saw the mouse sign
        And it opened up my eyes
        I saw the sign

      2. diamondgirl says:

        ok Jarhead and passdacheeze…step away from the puter…there is no mouse in that ear..LMAO…j/k guys…yes, I saw what ya’ll are refering too…just thinking about the possiblity makes me want to claw at the side of my head…

    2. yankee candle mouse

    3. yankeedoodlepus says:

      I kept saying………looks like a dead rodent…………….!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. diamondgirl says:

        An opposum…that is what it looks like after seeing it 10 times..

    4. princesspustule says:

      I saw it as well. That was cool. Man what a wad of wax. Wished I was the one getting it out.

    5. Gliss-PussBliss says:

      Me Too!!!

  6. PassDaCheez says:

    I thought for a moment they would need to get the fence pullers to deliver that wad of wax!

  7. That was a HUGE piece of wax! It tore up the ear canal leaving lots of raw spots. Who was a relief that must have been!! That is ear wax that I’d save in a jar to prove what came out!

    1. Most definately, NMGAPAOH, most definately!!!! :)

  8. Let’s have a moment of silence and a prayer for all the microorganisms–bacteria, yeast, fungus, waxy secretions, blood–that lost their homes and lives in this intervention. Hope to see you all again someday in Heaven–PTZ Heaven. Amen.

  9. Wow oh wow-what a post diamondgirl! Thanks for the jaw pillow warning, it was needed! I’m still shaking my head in amazement-5/5 & straight into fave’s for me! Thanks diamondgirl for this superb post :)

  10. lovethatcreamcheese says:

    Wow, that was *enormous*!! Impressively so, I must say. And I totally saw the mouse — even when it was laying on the gauze afterwards, it looked just like a little mousie, tail and all. And it was big enough to be one, too! Dang, I wonder how many years that gunk accumulated?

  11. a caramel mouse,lol,,,,,frealing awesome!! now i gotta clean my ears again,lol

  12. Holy Crap! You couldn’t pack more stuff in an ear if you tried. Absolutely amazing. 5 stars!!!

  13. man, that was like an ear stuffed with salt water taffy. same texture too

  14. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    The actual retail payment for that thing from the “Ear Wax Fairy” would be $43.00
    That thing was the size of a Roast!

  15. If that came out of your nose, I would have to say, “You just picked a winner”!!!!

  16. Wow. That was cool! It kinda looked like a miniature mouse head that a cat had regurgitated! Lol. I do so luv muh earwaxie vids.


  17. Good grief!!!!!

  18. comedoness says:

    Lend a hand, we’ve hit pay dirt, Boys!!

  19. invisible zipper says:

    I thought for a minute some kid had stuck a dried fig in his ear. Yikes!

  20. Wow definitely going to need the mega jebson horn tool thingy for this!! Awesome video! Securing a strong hold in my favs!!!

  21. YIKES!!!! OMG!!!! YUCK!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME? Can you hear me now?
    how about now?

    1. yankeedoodlepus says:

      can you imagine how great that person’s hearing is now?

  22. princesspustule says:

    Did you guys see the busted ear drum. It was the mebrain that was torn close to the back of the ear there are tiny bones back there that vibrate so we can hear sounds. I know that has to hurt. They won’t be able to get their ears wet or they will get infected since that membrain is busted. Great wax mouse. I just can’t get over how much that looked like a mouse. Its like finding pictures in the clouds when you were small. Hell I still find pictures in the sky. LOL!!!!

    1. I still see pictures in clouds, too, princess p., but, I swear, that WAS, or had been, a baby mouse!!!

  23. Sweet Screaming Cerumen Plugs! All delivered in one single violent tug, unlike some other protagonists who simply scrape it out. This one would have warranted a tunnel boring machine like the Swiss used to bore their new transalpine rail tunnel!

  24. 1biglilboy says:

    Should have used a wax vac just to see how good they are..

  25. My God I thought some one had stuff a wad of gum in there ear.

  26. I can only imagine what that must have felt like coming out of his ear…

  27. Earing Sea Gold

  28. I’m not a fan of ear wax category but this is really something special.
    Thank you Diamondgirl!

  29. Let me make a pie crust for a serumen pie!!!

    1. Oops!!! I forgot my manners,
      Excellent find Diamondgirl!!!

  30. Gliss-PussBliss says:


    Excellent find Diamondgirl!!!

    1. Gliss-PussBliss says:

      That was a packed House!!!!

  31. That gunk was so huge, it was actually fighting back! Whew! After the doctor put it down, I was expecting it to grow legs and run away, looking for its next victim!

  32. zittylover says:

    oh damn! tympanic membrane is gone, isn’t it?
    so hard!

    1. Zittylover,
      I don’t know much about ears- is the tympanic membrane required to be able to hear out of the ear? I hope the wax did not permanently deafen this person!

  33. ultraworld says:

    I have seen a few Indian Dr’s on YT saying this is all hereditary and has nothing to do with hygiene.
    I’m sorry, those ears have never been wet! let alone soap.

  34. I saw the mouse!!!

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this site and wow, did I choose a great video to come back to.

    I missed you, PTZ!

    1. Welcome back, Rosy, and you sure did pick a great video!!

  35. In the name of all that is holy, that is the most ear wax I have ever seen
    in 5 people combined.
    stick a wick in that and it would burn for a week!

  36. I also thought that it was never going to be delivered the natural way, I
    was thinking C-section for sure.

  37. Yay! I always feel disappointed when I visit the site and don’t see a new ear wax video (I know good ones are hard to find). This should hold me over for a while! That taffy mouse was awesome!

  38. That was absolutely awesome. The fact that the wax had the tensile strength to be pulled out like that suggests this was super strength cerumen.
    There looked to be some serious damage there. The canal was more a cave and you have to wonder what that person’s long-term hearing future will be.

  39. That thing seriously looked like a rat when it was placed on the gauze pad. That had to drive the guy nuts with pain. How can you let a skull-potato grow that big and wait so long to deal with it? Friggin ouch!!!

  40. I was SO glad when jarhead1967 said he thought it looked like a mouse because I was pretty sure I was seeing things!! Then, like Popamatic said, how on Earth could ANYONE let something like that stay in their ear long enough to do so much damage??? In my opinion, that was definately a 5 star video!!! Thank you so much, Diamondgirl!!! :)

  41. Question: Did the patient let that grow for a long time, or did his earwax just grow at a very fast rate?

  42. It looks like taffy!

  43. popitlikeitshot says:

    The tiniest amount of ‘wax’ tickles my ear too much to ignore! Looks like he stuffed his ear with cripsy skin off of a fried chicken!

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