Cheek Pimple

Really big pimple or infection on this guys cheek. Lots of nice thick chunks, leaving a big ol’ crater at the end.

“auhuaha ‘ Nunca tenho espinha , quando nasce , é pra se fuder mesmo SDAOIAHIODHAOISDH ‘”
TRANSLATE: (Google… rough)
“haha ‘I have Never (had?) pimple, when is born, is to get **Bleep** over even SDAOIAHIODHAOISDH'”

RUNTIME: 4min 51sec

TITLE: “Espinha Gigante ~ HD”
YT INFO: Uploaded by Lucas Rosa Aug 23,2012

23 Comments on “Cheek Pimple

  1. yankeedoodlepus says:

    I watched with the sound off. Poor young man. Quite a bit of the cyst came out, but I think a part two will happen. There is still a good bit left.

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Yup, they need to come back to that one soon…..

  3. It looked like he was pulling instead of pushing.

    1. I thought so too. Momma didn’t put up with any of his guff. That was one big hole it left behind.

    2. princesspustule says:

      Thats what they were doing and that drives me nuts. Pulling isn’t going to get much out. There was still alot left in there. They needed to squeeze gently.

  4. Yeah, very frustrating watching that lousy squeezer. There was more stuff in that hole. Maybe next time he got it all out with a different squeezer or just did it himself.

    1. I agree. Not only was the popper lousy, she had an attitude. This could’ve been soooo much better.

    2. I hear ya. I really bugs me when people act afraid of zits. It would’ve been so cool to see someone just jump on this thing and squeeze it like a lemon over a vodka martini. Bom!

  5. Did you notice how beautiful the kid’s skin was? No zits, blackheads or whiteheads except for the one they were working on. I think I’ve seen on here and you tube where a few Doctors have recommended pulling the skin apart and out (like in this video) to remove the pimple or cyst contents to cause less trauma to the affected area. But I’m not a Dr., so I’m not sure what the correct way to do it is. Does anyone know what country they are from or what language that was? Just curious. Great post!! Thanks!

    1. Jim, I don’t know the language but I do remember a post with a Doctor using the same technique. Search PTZ for “Please milk my pus teat!”. Cheers :)

      1. Thanks Kerryn! “please milk my pus teat!” is an awesome title! :) haha! – Someone below said it was Portuguese! cool!

      2. goodtimebob says:

        They are in Brazil. So much sun and so many skin types produce a multitude of things. At the end where they were pushing down on the hole would have forced remaining material deep into the skin…bad. The money shot we missed due to the camera operator forgetting what they were doing.

    2. diamondgirl says:

      I said the same thing about his wonderful skin. I think his mom (popper) was hesitating because the kid was fussing about his wonderful skin in their language, so she slacked off. I saw the same thing about pulling the skin. I do hope they get that thing off of his perfect face, the kid is very handsome. Gonna be a heartbreaker in a couple of more years!

      Great post pussbuster!!

  6. Boy, that kid was loaded and ready to fire, eh? I remember when my pores were that small and my skin was that tight. Used to fire those things at the mirror. It was great. Every now and then I a real pop, but it’s just not the same.
    So how about that popper, huh? Someone needed to get on the other side of that kid’s head and hold him in place so they could just rip into it. alas
    A little ice, and hour or two, and that sucker will be good to go for a nice squeezecleanout.

  7. I agree with a previous post, other than the offending infected pustule, that kid had seriously gorgeous skin. I think it was his mom who was doing the extraction work, and I wonder if he might have gotten a bit more out of the area if she’d one a bit of pushing instead of just the pulling the skin apart. I doesn’t look like that will fill up again and return. But I wouldn’t mind looking at that young man’s face again on a video. Such lovely skin.

    1. I guess a lot of people are tough, it’s not good to pop a pimple by squeezing it, they are told to press down, and away.

      1. tessiemay says:

        They may be told that but it is an incorrect method. Odds are higher that the pus will be pushed back on the skin by pulling. I have heard various explanations “it won’t leave a scar” or whatever but the proper way is to push rather than pull. Much more likely to scar as well.

    2. I agree with you Zitgoddess that his mother was the popper (or puller!). Maybe in that culture it’s impossible to say ‘no’ to Mum & that’s the way they have been shown how to do extractions. Amazing that on that beautiful, flawless skin just one big pustule came up (? pimple or cyst). Despite her technique, there was some lovely chunky payload happening there! Thanks for a great post Pussbuster :)

  8. I love to listen to Portuguese. Sometimes I think I can understand the words that are similar to Spanish, but I have no idea what is going on in this clip! The camera had me standing on my own head…so to speak…trying to follow the action. Wonderful post, Pussbuster.

  9. That was a bug bite, no doubt about it!!!
    Excellent find Pussbuster!!!

  10. Definitely will have a return visit. Why do people think that getting SOME pus out is all that it has to give? Also … I don’t want to view blood on a cotton ball …. I want PUS! ***Rant over.***

  11. This was a terrible video! Didn’t they realize that the money shot wasn’t even on camera? All we saw was the final product! Very disappointing.

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