Behind the Ear Cyst *FIXED*

**Fixed – 2/4/2013

Welcome Out of Stealth Mode, Fedka! Great Job!!

I’m a long-time reader of this site but I rarely ever post and this is my very first submission… this BTE cyst is too great to pass up! The remarkable thing to me is that although the punctum was behind the ear, the cyst is huge and clearly visible in the front of his earlobe. And this older man stands very patiently in the kitchen while his huge BTE cyst is expressed.


“Espremendo a espinha atras da orelha do meu sogro kkkk”

“Squeezing a pimple behind the ear of my father kkkk”

RUNTIME: 11min 13sec

TITLE: “Maior espinha na orelha ”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 21,2013 by Daniel Tavares

72 Comments on “Behind the Ear Cyst *FIXED*

  1. That BTE had a massive payload and endless loculations!!! I hope we get to see more from this ear in the future!!!
    Excellent find and congratulations on your first post Fedkatheconvict!!!

    1. mrtasteless says:

      Epic! Velocity, volume – viciously vivisected.

      PTZ at its best!

  2. Big Tull, you are so right! A close to perfect BTE for a 1st post-bravo, standing ovation, Fedkatheconvict!!! (The convict in your name-does that make you an Aussie?). Man, that cyst was so big it was like a BTE & FTE in one! And the squirts! The chunks! The pockets popping out more thick wonderful BTE cheese! I’m in heaven. You’re my hero Fedkatheconvict-congratulations on one of the best 1st posts EVER!!!! :)

  3. Oops, forgot to add 5/5 & straight to faves-I get so excited & start doing the happy dance with BTE’s, I don’t know how I’m going to sleep now!

  4. this is an awesome video!!! great cyst, nice nails, payload on white tee!!! :)

  5. That’s one of the best BTE vids ever! Whatta payload! Great post Fedka. Welcome to the neighborhood. :)

  6. You knocked it out of the park for a grand slam home run!!!!!!!!

    Where is it all coming from??? WOW – that made my weekend. Every time she touched it – squirt, squirt, squirt – no tiny releases but volcano expulsions! They must be PTZers to show all the cheeze loaded on his white t-shirt!!

    World Series and Super Bowl post!

    1. OMG! I hope they at least cut the t-shirt off of him! That cheese was EVERYWHERE on his shirt.

      EPIC video!!!

      1. I wonder how much they would get if they tried to sell the shirt on E-Bay!
        I agree Standing O…Fedka

  7. I can’t really explain it but the earlobe is one of my favorite locations for a cyst/pimple, they just never seem to dissapoint. This thing just kept on giving. That clean white shirt with all the ‘droppings’ is a thing of beauty.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    You’re gonna have ta boil that ear, shirt, and them fingernails……..

  9. That’s a 5 on my scorecard.
    Great bedside manner from the nurse!!!!

  10. OK I must have died and went to zit paradise, this is 100% my favorite and worthy of the most OMGs EVER!

  11. 3cysterscafe says:

    Holy cow!! I am in love with the now new best BTE video of all time!! Everything about this video was Magnificent! From the Copious amounts of Chunky, stringy, cheddar cheese to popping all over that nice pressed white t-shirt to her Seductively, silky,velvety, and very pleasant voice! This was as Pleasurable to watch as it was to listen too! Simple 5/5 to give here, no question about it! And forget about your very first post, hell this was better than any veterans post that i have ever come across! Great job Fedkatheconvict! You rock the house!

  12. Great find, Fed. Kudos to the squeezer for finding the perfect garment for the patient.

  13. Boy Fedka, you sure have all the BTE freaks a-quivvering! It was a fine video–and yes, the blue fingernailed lady did a swell job, in spite of my misgivings about past “nail-poppers”. VERY nice post, Fedka!

  14. FedkaTheConvict says:

    Thanks for the welcome everyone; glad you appreciated this find. Although I’ve never submitted anything before I go back quite a ways. I started out years ago in the Zit Fetish group on Live Journal. It was quite a surprise to find that so many other people shared my secret love of zits (back then there wasn’t video, only stories). Then this site came along and most people migrated from LJ, and this eventually outgrew the older group. I mostly just lurk and watch the submissions although there are several I’ve found that I don’t think are on this site.

    Kerryn, I’m not Aussie; my “handle” comes from a character in a Dostoyevsky novel.

    1. Please submit those you don’t think are on this site, oh great one, pretty please, with green pus on top?

    2. Thanks Fedka, anyone from “Down Under” who was referred to as a convict was usually a poverty stricken person shipped over from the UK in the 18-1900’s for stealing a loaf of bread or a potato! It seems that the majority of PTZer’s are American (who I love!) but it would be nice to know if there is a few other Aussies around. Well thanks again for my now all time fave post & for educating me re the literature of Dostoyevsky :)

  15. Fedka, that was amazing!! I felt like one of the family, not that I could understand much of what they were saying. When it ended, I wanted an invitation for the next round, because it looked like there was loads more in there!

  16. How in the world could all of that be in there? GREAT FIND!!!!

  17. Wow! The cyst that keeps on giving! Love the pus, love the squirts, love the nails, love the popper’s gentle voice, love the BTE, love the video! Great find, Fedka. Welcome to the poster’s club! :-)

  18. Holy Virgin of Fatima! That thing was so pregnant with sebum the sac went clear across the earlobe to the front. Did everyone see how what was a bump on the other side of the earlobe from where the popper was squeezing had turned into an indentation by the end of the video? This was fun to watch. The only thing I would have wanted to see was more of the T-shirt with drippings at the end. They reminded me of candle wax drippings. Ah–the religious imagery that permeates my mind and soul at this time, after having experienced such a heavenly vision…

  19. AMAZING. I have no words, except replay, replay, replay!

  20. That thing had to sound like an atomic bomb to that guy.

  21. prunesquallor says:

    Wow. This baby seemed to fill up as fast as the popper could evacuate it. It started out with a bump on either side of the ear lobe too. The front went down for the count first, while the rear was on the ropes till the end. Too bad we didn’t get to see the sac showing itself too. But all this is merely nit picking, as any video with this much cheese, is headed to an honoured place on my favourite list. Thanks muchly Fedkatheconvict. Good handle by the way. Keep finding vids of this caliber, and you may hold a place of honour on PTZ. Pop on people
    Caio Prunesquallor

  22. The daughter/popper was SO kind and patient, I loved not just the endless payload but listening to her talk to and seemingly reassure her father through the process. Favorite!

  23. Fedka, congratulations on finding and posting this amazing video. It made my week!

    One of the great injustice of life is that I’ve never been able to grow a beautiful thing like this. It makes me sad… :(

  24. A nice little sac to be had in that ear .He will have repeats for sure.Great post !

  25. That was a thing of true beauty. The first squirt, that redecorated his shirt, was a classic!

  26. Awesome BTE! I LOVE the nails!!!! His shirt ended up looking like a craft project gone wrong!! LOL!

  27. WOW!!! BTE has always been my favorite. This man’s cyst was epic in the amount of pus that came out. Great find FedkaTheConvict. I look forward to more of your posts.
    Does anyone know the language? I sure was beautiful to listen to.

  28. The residue on the shirt is hereby declared to have been painted by Pablo Pus-Casso. They should have plastified it and donate it to a museum.

  29. Omg what a cyst. I reakon that has to be the best place to get cysts cause ya can get right under the cyst. That payload was jaw dropping. The squirts, not being afraid of it and no screaming and so on has made it the best so far this year. I always love seeing where it ends up. Just wish they showed it at the end. Looking forward to the next one

  30. You my friend have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
    If that was mine, I would have that T-shirt framed because nobody would believe me.
    Then again it would never be mine as I would have squeezed the hell out of it long ago.

  31. austinclaire says:

    Congratulations on a great first post, Fedka! That was quite a find.
    I had the volume off- I assume women of that age will be screamers/gaggers, but it’s nice to know a few are not. That was quite a cyst, and quite a payload- I do love those squirters, and that one had plenty of squirts. It seemed like there was no more, but she found more to squeeze, and made me very happy!
    Did that look like a *really* infected piercing to anyone else?

  32. that was some grand ole popping

  33. A new personal favorite! Great post!!

  34. That voice! Those hands! I’m in love!

    Oh yeah, the goo was good too.

  35. Please…help…can’t…stop…watching…hypnotized…mesmerized…

  36. Amazing quanitity out of that thing. It just didn’t look like it would contain that much. Her soothing voice was something different from the sometimes loud, OTT hysterics of the drama queens (male and female) in these videos.

  37. Now that truely was an era gusher/cheese factory!

  38. That was BEAUTIFUL! I was having a field-day sitting here watching those blue fingernails continue to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze! It just wouldn’t stop! Ahhh! I’m on cloud 9.

  39. Man, that sucker was PACKED!!! (I haven’t read any of the comments, so I’m probably doing some repeating.) It’s just been a long time since I’ve seen such a good BTE vid!! I’ll bet H.S. REALLY enjoyed it, to say the least, I know I sure did!!! Thank you, Fedcat!! :)

    1. P.S. I have nail polish almost the exact color blue, and I like it ALOT!!!! :)

  40. Wonderful stuff!! :-D

  41. that was the millenium falcon of BTE’s… peew! peew-peew-peew! peew!
    LOVE it!

  42. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    EXCELLENT VIDEO , FedkaTheConvict!!!!

    Congratulations on your 1st post!!
    Hope they are all as good as this one!

  43. Mary Kat Boothby says:

    Wow, just WOW!

  44. I KNOW there was still more left in that ear! This is my new favorite video! I lost track of how many times in a row I just played it. :D This truly is better than anything else in the world. Better than sex by far, but not as good as a nice long back-scratch. LOL

  45. it was like a small cannon!

  46. Hey watch where yer pointin that thang, yer gonna put somebody’s eye out!

  47. cannot see the video…. marked “private”…. huuuu

  48. Also cannot see video (see above comment) This happens quite a lot to me, don’t know why???

  49. You’re not going to believe this…went on YouTube and its been re-uploaded feb 1st and they blocked out the first squirt, the best one! Only thing I can think of is YouTube thought it looked like a nipple (which it really did, it was soooo ripe) that he had to fix it or they would ban it. Here’s the link:

    I downloaded the original in mp4 format if anyone is interested…I HAD to have that one for myself!

    And FYI he’s from Brazil so they are speaking Brazilian Portuguese!

    1. Dr. Len in Hoover Alabama says:

      Deb…would you please email that one to me?


      1. Will do later 2nite!

    2. Gliss-PussBliss says:

      Deb, You should email it to someone on the Staff of PTZ. Then they can put the original back up?

    3. thank youuuu :)

    4. Thanks Deb,
      that was delightful, loved those blue nails!
      ~ Mary ~

  50. Watched the whole thing and they blurred out a LOT of the video for what I don’t know!

  51. it must feel a fucking smell!
    to burst the dead!

  52. ZIT : F.U.C.K.I.N.G. haha

  53. yankeedoodlepus says:

    What a wonderful bedtime BTE story.
    I nominate it for our Top Ten of 13. Magnificent. Glorious.

  54. Can’t get enough of this one…combination of perfects: perfect pro popper, calm trusting poppee, endless squirts that have astounding payload in each pop, and camera on tripod. Pure perfection! As in a good movie, it ends way too soon. Fortunately we can replay it endlessly – hip-hip-hooray!

    Absolutely PRIMO!

  55. PurpleSatin says:

    I don’t know what language they’re speaking but I LOVE IT!!!!

  56. Deb p aka @lovesalsa says:

    Still a perfect BTE

  57. He had Stonehenge made from pus shoots! WOW! Ear looked deflated when they finished. I spied some wax build-up!

  58. Extraordinary BTE!!! The pus never stops spewing out. The gentleman is the best by allowing it to fall onto his white t-shirt. It accentuates the color and quantity of what he had in his ear. Always a good view.

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