All Over the Moon…

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When Mom has a large pimple (aka to us, probably an abscess…), its a family affair with a spectacular and explosive finish! Only a small bit of mooning involved, so it should pass the PTZ “JusSumCheeky” Rule… lol! Enjoy, my friends! Happy Popping, and may you be staving off those Winter blahs!!


RUNTIME: 2min 52sec

YT INFO: Published Jan 21,2013 by BREMYMAK5

24 Comments on “All Over the Moon…

  1. Tomorrow at church should be fun for this popped:

    –“Everyone, please stand.”
    –“Be seated.”
    –“Please stand.”
    –“Please be seated.”
    –“Please stand and sing with me.”
    –“Thank you, please be seated.”

  2. The family that “sprays” together…. stays together! : ) awesome spray at the end!!!!

  3. Zit Obsessed says:

    You know it’s going to spew like a volcano! I couldn’t help laughing with them! Good find poppintime. Thanks.

  4. part 2 please!!!!

  5. I wish he would have given it another squeeze after the volcanic eruption!

  6. poppintime, simply divine, my dear cyster! I love how they were having such a grand time together.

  7. Great spray! Does anyone else feel like this one could use a strong dose of antibiotics?

    1. mrtasteless says:

      Certainly bruised the heck out her… Unless properly drained and packed, the abscess will have plenty of external bacteria to get much worse. What a pain in the ass. ;-)

  8. Watchin’ that shiny, thin skin …. wait for it, wait for it …. keep waitin’ for it … SPLURGE !!!! Yes! Good video, love the family time! Not sure I’d want my son to pop something on my butt, though. Definitely need a part 2 …. Thanks, poppintime!

  9. justsqueezit says:

    Oh, people. You know when you mess with the bull you’re gonna get the horn… Nothing personal, Big Tull…

  10. There had to be something in it the knife came out yellow on the tip.

    Oh what a relief it is.

  11. I’m glad that he stuck it one more time, what a payload!!

  12. I was watching it and noticed that most of the time for the video went by , and I was like ” oh this sucked , nothing even happens ” , and then the spray shot through the camera , and I was laughing with the people there

  13. C’mon now!!! We want to see what else comes out of that cheek!!!
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

  14. wondernurse says:

    The reaction of her family was almost a good as the “splurt”!!! Loved it!!! Thank you for the awesome post!! I am new to the site (as far as making comments) and I must say that I have as much fun reading everyones comments as I do watching the videos that are my obsession!!! My family thinks I am crazy!!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      We might be crazy but,………..
      I forgot where I was going with this comment

    2. Welcome to the “comments” family wondernurse! Not only do my family think I’m crazy but most of my nursing colleagues think I am too! Ignore them, they don’t know what their missing out on! Thanks for another great post poppintime, you always deliver the goods :)

      1. wondernurse says:

        Lol!!! I know what you mean!! That is ok because I have someplace to come to get my “fix”!! Thanks for the “welcome” Kerryn!

  15. I admit it, I ducked.
    The relief must be amazing.
    Great find – 2 thumbs up

  16. oh the pain is better now with all that pus out I bet

  17. I love these last minute splooge vids. They lull you into complacency then BAM.

    Kudos to camera person for remaining on target, and thanks to mom for allowing this to be recorded for “posteriority”.

    Nice post!

  18. Great explosion, but it was definitely a little weird that the mom had her son helping her, considering the location.

  19. Man…everytime he squeezed the tension in my jaw would be terrible. Awesome…just wish it had been longer…

  20. Dr. Len in Hoover Alabama says:

    Wow……there is NO WAY possible, that I would have EVER touched my own Mother’s back side!!!! Even if it was to pop an abscess. Why wasn’t the guy allowing the sister to do it????
    Look……I may be from the South, but that is absolutely INSANE! Speaking of the South, I recently watched the Movie, Promise Land, with Matt Damon. At one point his partner said, “Man, this looks like the hills of Kentucky.” And Damon answers with one of the greatest lines I’ve ever heard….he said, “When you get 20 miles outside of ANY City in the U.S., they ALL look like the hills of Kentucky.” True, true, true.

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