Ah! Dry, Dark, Bacne Squeezins’!

There is something about these been-in-there-fermenting-for-longer-than-you’ve-been-alive poppin’-Grandpa’s-back videos that I absolutely adore. Coupled with a teenager who is a natural born Popologist with a flare for share (the “Show-Me Finger”), and I am downright giddy with anticipation to see just how much can be gleaned from this miracle Bacne well of goodness!! (The answer to that question is a satisfactory amount, I am pleased to say.)

We’re kicking off the weekend right, folks! Stay tuned! More is on the way!! :) :) :)!

~ H.S.

PS! Is this not the picture of Happy Family Popping? LOL!

“nossa um cravo muito grande veio lokooooo”
“our one very large clove came lokooooo”
(?? I think more likely…. “We got one very large pimple to come out…” Umm, anyone else? hehe)

RUNTIME: 5min 24sec

TITLE: “Espremendo o cravo nas costas do meu avô aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggg”
TITLE TRANSLATION: “Squeezing the nail on the back of my grandfather aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggg”
YT INFO: Published on Dec 4,2012 by Rafael Marques

14 Comments on “Ah! Dry, Dark, Bacne Squeezins’!

  1. Thanks for the translation of aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggg. That cracked me up. Great video. Good depth…

  2. 3cysterscafe says:

    Thanks for the video post halph staph! This was a wee bit fuzzy and was hard to see but from what I could tell it was pretty amazing! I love Families that pop together because they always seem to stay together! He certainly sounded like they were enjoying themselves, I know I was!

  3. How do you say “use the viewfinder” is Spanish (or Portuguese)?
    Once the CO started paying attention to the extraction, we got to see a really nice load of dark cheeze out of dad’s back!!!
    Excellent find H.S.!!!

  4. Halphie, looks like I’m gonna haveta take up Portuguese in order to understand these new wonderful posts!! Thanks for a great one!

  5. Black is beautiful. Y tu popper tambien.

  6. Kudos for him being brave enough to not be a hyper wiper with tissues. He touched that goodness with his own fingers! Wished the camera had better resolution. That grandpa has been growing that thing a long time… just for US! : ) Good find!

  7. thank God for grand kids :)

  8. It’s Portuguese and I believe the translation may be” Huge crazy looking pimple found/seen “?

  9. Squeezing with all his might! Showing the contents like a game show hostess :)

  10. I LOVES me some grandpa stringers!!! Aaaah…

  11. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    How to have fun with the “Elderly” ……….

  12. Lovely Bacne. Thanks H.S :)

  13. QUICK! Somebody come look see if I’ve grown any of those while I wasn’t looking!

  14. cute still shot in description! Grandpa had had enough!

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