True Love Begins with Pus

I did not listen to this, I keep my vids on mute over fear of losing my patience with high pitched squeals from those who pretend not to love the glory of gross things :) so fair warning!

True love; a wife poppin her mans infected leg!

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter That May Be Considered
Disturbing to Some Viewers
DIY Medical Care of Any Kind Is Not Recommended By This Site
And Should Not Be Attempted By Anyone As a Substitute for
Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

YT Commentary:
“My wife squeezing an infection I got; (and in responses): I know, the gloves were an after thought, but I did go to the doctor and they cultured it and gave me 2 antibiotics. It’s much better now thanks!”

RUNTIME: 2min 44sec

TITLE: “Squeezing puss & blood from leg”
YT INFO: Published on Nov 5, 2012 by RockinRob715

19 Comments on “True Love Begins with Pus

  1. Man, this thing looks angry.
    Decent amount of stuff in there as well.
    Love indeed lol.
    “Pretty gnarly huh?”
    “Pretty awesome!”
    How can you not agree

  2. Poor guy! The more he let her push on the most swollen area, the more pus flowed out, but I’m sure it hurt a lot. And FYI: there’s no swearing, screaming or loud music, so feel free to use your speakers.

  3. That’s one angry critter.

  4. Gentle squeezers both days.

  5. yankeedoodlepus says:

    A video with some good ‘ole running infection/puss/blood/and crud always restores my faith in the world after reading the nightly news online.

    In other words- This video cheered me up, especially after reading more about the tragedy in Kansas City.

  6. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Good wife.
    Good camera work.
    Good that you’re all better.

  7. Great post, Sirpimplenicker! I groaned along with poor hubby while wife with kind, soothing voice tenderly worked on his leg.

  8. Well done! Good camera work, nice bit of ickie stuff, no screaming… a well done post! Thanks! I want a man with one of these… I put it on my Christmas List!

  9. I’m glad he went to the doctor as that infection looked pretty bad, plus gravel in a wound is never a good thing!

  10. justsqueezit says:

    I wonder if this counts as one of our 12 Zits of Christmas? Nicely videoed, no screaming or retching, and a decent payload. So, Ladies, in this romanticized season of giving, would you rather unwrap gifts from under your tree from your significant other, or something like this? Enquiring minds want to know. Nice find, Sir PN!

    1. Oh a really nice cyst where I could snap out some good chunks would be all I would want for Xmas fersure!


  12. She looked like one of us. Seeing that it was the wife doing it I didn’t mind the no gloves as they prob share a lot more than just blood. It looked painful and I’m glad that he at least let her get some of it out and film it just for us. For me I wanted to see more and it was top quality both pic and sound wise.

    Great find

  13. Her hubby needs to put on long pants instead of shorts to work on the car or the drive way, or could be he tripped while teaching his kid how to ride their new bike!!!
    Excellent find sirpimplenicker!!!

  14. TD KOEPPLER says:

    I bet one extra cut towards the top area would have allowed more flow and more material to escape.

  15. one day i hope to find my true love with plenty of zits for me to pop he probably will think im totally bonker’s but soon will realize i have a popping fetish this couple makes me pus proud great find SIRPIMPLENICKER smooches hugs and audie bear loves

  16. If this isn’t perfect for a big saline or hydrogen peroxide flush, I don’t know what is. Gravel?

  17. I couldn’t keep my eyes of his clean white socks and thinking that maybe he should’ve removed them or folded them downward. (I just finished watching the pus/blood on the good towel video … lol.)

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