PTZ’s Advent – Dec. 16th: “Sweet Popper Pops the Plug”

December 16th
“Sweet Popper Pops the Plug”

A little squeeze knocks out the plug on this hole and there is just a bit of blood after that. The popper is so sweet – she’s being cautious with her language and she’s *so*¬†apologetic when squishing the last of it. Now that she’s got one of these under her belt (so to speak!) and has some experience with being grossed out vs. getting the job done vs. hurting the poppee, I think she could be awesome. And still so sweet!
Unfortunately, I think this vid’s Original Title (“BIG ZIT/BOIL/STAPH/MRSA… “) is a side effect of the MRSA hype – not all infections are MRSA, kids. Sometimes a bump is just a bump.

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
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*** WARNING! ***

“I found a bump on my back and it just got bigger and bigger until it got to this video, it is 100% real with 0 effects. It is gross, it is contagious, it hurts bad! Special Thanks to Alisa.”

RUNTIME: 3min 11sec

TITLE: “BIG ZIT/BOIL/STAPH/MRSA… meets its maker!”
YT INFO: Published on Dec 11, 2012 by brettray94

44 Comments on “PTZ’s Advent – Dec. 16th: “Sweet Popper Pops the Plug”

  1. Love the comments:

    The adults:
    — “Oh, my heck!” (Twice — LOL)
    — “This is YouTube-freakin’-worthy.”
    — “Keep that one. That’s a keeper.” (About the pus plug that was removed)
    — “It looks like you’ve got a bullet hole in you. No, serious: that looks like you got shot.” (About the hole that was left on his back)

    The kid:
    — “Gross! Looks like baaaaarf! Looks like baaaaarf!”

    1. Sweet Popper, Cameraguy Danny, and Poppee Brett:
      Sweet Popper: Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry..
      Brett moans
      Cameraguy Danny: Just keep doing it, Brett
      Popper: Can, you, can you do it for just a little bit…
      Cameraguy Danny: It’s getting smaller.
      Popper: …it is getting a lot smaller, Brett. Sorry babe. I just called him ‘babe.’ I’m sorry Danny. I didn’t mean to call Brett ‘babe.’

      1. Ooo, wait. I think our Sweet Popper is actually called Alisa. Credit where credit is due.

    2. tracey harvey says:

      aaaaahhhh good ole MRSA

  2. Thunderstruck says:

    That video totally sucked. First of all she could have used soft tissue to do the wiping (not that stiff truck-stop crap). Secondly, squeeze the damn thing already, and stop babying it. JEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!!!!!!!

  3. Now now we are experienced poppers I’m just so glad they videod it even tho it was agonizingly not finished! Patience, grasshopper!

    That plug was awesome tho, is that truly a MRSA plug?

    I’m just hoping they watch more cyst videos on YouTube and learn how to really mash it up and do a continuation the right way. Imagine the shooters that could come out of that baby? Mmmmmmm sooooo meaty…

  4. One big pus and/or fibrin plug!!! It did leave a big hole :) The little girl was soo cute — out of the mouth of babes. Great find.

    1. The videos keep getting better and better and better!

      Notice the slight tug then the plug pops out? Ahhh to have such friends and family :(

  5. YEAH!! That was beautiful. When she pulled the plug I couldn’t help but imagine this guy flying across the room like a deflating balloon. (I watched too many Warner Brothers cartoons growing up). Awesome find and post @Genacyst. Going into my faves. :)

  6. Truly, one of the only times I’ve thought, “Now THAT is an impressive hole!” while not on a construction site…or watching questionable video. O_o

  7. love it!! video for the entire family thats not rated R :)

  8. That was great,
    I think they’re very smart the way they titled it.
    By saying “BIG ZIT/BOIL/STAPH/MRSA”,
    They should get hits from people searching all the individual words.

  9. what a lovely holiday gift…thank you for posting this Genacyst

  10. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Looks like they used a 3/8 inch drill bit to get a perfect hole.

    1. Oooo! A Craftsman Zit Driller. Only 19.95 with a lifetime warranty.

      1. That’s an excellent deal. I know what I want for the holidays!

  11. justsqueezit says:

    A nice, wholesome family activity. The only thing that would have made this better was if there were Christmas carols in the background, to compliment the PTZ holiday countdown. A nice find, G! And such a sweet popper, too.

    1. (To the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

      Dashing for the garbage can,
      It really does look like puke
      For the pus she squeezes
      We’re smiling the whole time!
      Videos Halphie uploads
      Making PTZ bright!!
      Oh what fun it is to push “replay” on this video tonight!

      Pus plug popped! Pus plugged popped!
      Popped all the way out!
      Oh what fun it is to push “replay” on this video tonight!

      Well, it’s not a Christmas carol, @justsqueezit, but it’s a Pusmas carol. :)

      1. justsqueezit says:

        My day is complete – now I can dream of sugarplum-colored puss tonight!

      2. For the rest of the holiday season, I’m going to be ruined for “Pus plug popped! Pus plugged popped! Popped all the way out!” I’m sure I’ll either be whispering it under my breath or smirking with one of those curious “I could tell you, but you wouldn’t understand” looks on my face. Thanks DrSpencer
        Probably next year too. Too bad my sister’s kids live so far away, or I’d teach them the new lyrics.

  12. That was lovely, Genacyst! Thank you very much for sharing it with us. I would have loved to see the whole thing, but what we got was great. I agree, with a little bit extra practice, we could have a mast popologist on our hands!

  13. Why can’t people learn to SQUEEZE!!!

  14. This one went straight to my favs. LOVE the pus plugs almost as true pus-filled abscesses!!!

  15. Great post, Genacyst!! I hope this finds you well!

  16. nice job, and good for you for pushing it all out.

  17. You know what I’m thankful for this holiday season? Like minded people who share this strange fetish of mine. No one I know personally has this craving of mine.

  18. Great video! The popper was being careful because the poppee seemed to be wincing. Notice how she ends with “I’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorry.” That bump was bright red, too. I’m sure she couldn’t put any force into the squeezing because he was hurting. When I’ve had an infected bump, the squeezing hurts like heck! This was no ordinary cyst or zit; pus + inflammation = PAIN, so all y’all stop your grousing.

  19. It seemed like it was quite painful, especially the way she kept apologizing to the “popee”. In this case I think a big ol four finger squeeze would have sent him into orbit. She wiped too much but she was trying to be gentle.
    I love it when she calls him “babe” then says “oops I called you babe, sorry”.

  20. Sweet! ‘Nuff Said!!!
    Great find Genacyst!!!

  21. Rookie poppers are SO frustrating!

  22. The only thing that could have improved this video would be if the doorbell had rung during the surgery and about a half dozen costumed carollers had walked into the room singing – and there could have been a contest of sounds. “Oh come all ye faithful”, “splurt”. “joyful and triumphant”, “splat”. Now that would have been a real keeper!!!

    1. Heh – the door rings and a guy with a clipboard says in a heavy cockney accent – “We’ve come for your liver”.

  23. That plug was so satisfying to see, imagine being the one pulling it out. I would dissect that thing for sure. And the hole it left…amazing.

    1. @Celine — you are absolutely right!!!!! Rewinded and rewinded to view those 2 moments.

  24. princesspustule says:

    I don’t know if anyone noticed that there was a second tiny head just above and to the left of the pus plug hole. You can barely see it. It would have came to a full head in a few days. That was a terrific video. I loved that big ol’ plug she got out of there. If she would have left it in there and squeezed a little more, she would have gotten alot more pus out of there. The pressure inside was causing the the bloody pus to come out which was awsome as well. I wonder if she would have squeezed hard enough if that plug would have shot across the room? that would have kicked a$$. Hope all you guys have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. Keep popping

  25. populationcontrol says:

    Not one of my faves. It was too slow. The effort of the popper was nice. I understand it hurts, but she was being way too gentle. Although the hole it left was pretty cool.

  26. Dr. Len in Hoover Alabama says:

    Numerous unbroken locules, here. If they only knew how to break those up they would completely clean the cavity and bring about much faster healing.

    1. @ Dr. Len — what could they have done to make it better? Was it a cyst plug or from a blackhead? Thanks!!! :)

  27. Ahhh, this is a nice one, a new fav for me! Yes I wish she hadn’t been so gentle on it but all is forgiven once that plug comes out! Also wish it hadn’t ended so soon, because it sure looked like there was another one there! Anyway, woo hoo!!

  28. does think its a spider bite cause I do

  29. I’ve got bad skin. It’s a bitch, but I’ve ALWAYS been prone to blackheads, whiteheads, comedomes, (sp? go figure), and stuff like that. I guess I was a LITTLE lucky in that I got all my ‘teenage acne’ early, like 5 YEARS before all of my peers, so, when THEY were all Pizza Face, I was much ‘cleaner’ looking, I had actually gone through that phase quite a bit earlier. But I tell ya, one of the things that I find fascinating on this site, is there are quite a few vids of people that look like they actually have pretty GOOD skin, and I get a kick out of how HUGE people let some of these things GET before they DO anything about them. I mean, If *I* had nice clean skin like a lot of people on this site seem to have, there’s NO FREAKIN’ WAY that I’d let a zit get that MASSIVE… but that’s just me…

    1. I guess you can’t use the word “B-i-t-c-h” here??? that’s why my first sentence makes no sense…”B-i-t-c-h”, like Botch ???

  30. Fond memories…

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